1. why did they add flash when u hit someone ? i think the game is PERFECT but the flash thing is not really noice 🙁

  2. Xbox User: will this be out for Xbox?
    Insomniac: ….NEVER…..😂😂😂😂


  3. let's see what insomniac came out recently, sunset overdrive, rachet & clank remastered. Could this game be bad?

  4. I can't pre order the game…idk why it's not showing in the playstation store
    Btw my psn acc is region Singapore

  5. Already pre-ordered. God of war coming soon then Detroit. And red dead redemption pre orders will soon be open. Good year to be a gamer

  6. This'll be a good time to have a spiderman web of shadows, and spiderman 2 remasters, just to hold me over til september.

  7. I’ve been with Xbox for years. Ever since Xbox 360. This past Christmas i decided to switch and get a PS4 just for this game. This just shows how much i love Spider-Man and not only that, but the fact that Insomniac is making this game with a lot of heart and time into making sure this game is gonna be the best Spider-Man game ever.

  8. Im a PC gamer and imma be honest and say I would buy a PS4 just for this game…..who knows insomniac or Sony might be nice and put it on PC

  9. The Collectors edition statue is mostly obscured, covered by a box labeled "RAFT" which in the comics is a maximum security prison in the middle of the ocean, as seen in Cap. Civil War. Is it just a coincidence that Harry is "overseas" due to business concerning Oscorp or is he locked up for crimes his alter ego committed?

    Can't wait for this game.

  10. God of war
    Red dead 2
    Days gone
    Last of us 2
    Smash bros
    Kingdom hearts 3

    Too much fire coming. Need to finish too many games still

    Arkam knight
    AC syndicate
    MGSV ❤❤❤❤❤
    Mafia 3

  11. The game looks great. I wish the game would come out during the summer time, like maybe in june because summer is the best time.

  12. If I didn't know Boys Iron Spider is the next official revealed Pre-Order Suit. Man it's so nice.😂 I am so excited for September man!

  13. for seeing such awsome upcoming spiderman game like this how i wish one piece world seeker was polished and dramatic like this game but nope i think i just need to say this rip my dreams by the way sorry for my bad english grammer

  14. Gonna be funny when this game releases. Competes with tomb raider, and everyone completely Forget about tomb raider.instantly 😂

  15. i don't understand why this game is not releasing for pc. insomniac please release this game for pc also ……

  16. Pre-Order Spider-Man PS4 today and get 3 exclusive costumes and an exclusive gadget. It also comes with a Spider-Man PS4 theme, a Spider-Man Avatar and 5 extra skill points!

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  19. So. The city that never sleeps will be available as soon after launch, or is that the "March 2019 DLC" it mentions.?

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