Meray Paas Tum Ho Episode 15 | 23rd November 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

alright … call Roomi … Today, I will only meet him of course, that’s not a problem let me go & call him you can wait in the next room, there you can meet him thank you… so, why shall I get married to such a boy, who is always upset? hmm? be a man… I am a man then come … your mama is here to meet you no … what? I said “NO” ….
I won’t meet her you shouldn’t say NO, for your mama you have to meet her I won’t meet her… ever hmm … she will cry a lot, after listening this and she’ll think, that your father has asked you… not to meet her NO ….
my papa, has never said to me… not to meet her hmm … but still, she’ll think this why she will think this? when he hasn’t forbidden me,
then why she’ll think like this? don’t you miss your mom? yes, I do miss her tell her, not to come to my school ever
I won’t meet her… ever sign here … press your thumb here, for the fingerprints next that’s it … take these … give the money … these are 10 lacs ( 1 Million) please, count them now, I don’t count I weigh to check thank you … what! are you crazy? my son will say, that he doesn’t wants to meet his mama? impossible! take me to him, right now…. excuse me! first of all…. you’ll not address me by saying “YOU” and secondly, whatever your son has said to me…. I have told you and being his teacher I cannot force him…. right? who the hell are you? a responsible teacher … thank you … Oh…! so, all of you are unloved with Danish Akhter fine… I will see… all of you Listen! you won’t be allowed to meet me, with this kind of attitude next time, school guard won’t allow you to enter in the school… have you understood? bye! why are you worried? don’t you pity on such type of a woman who will shout & tell his son….
“THAT I’M YOUR MOTHER” understand that, from here the punishment starts for breaking up the family *indistinct noise* Hi, Sir good afternoon… tea or coffee? nothing… yes … nothing … Mr. Danish, you are coming late, since the last few days yes … why? because I won’t come from now on Oh man…. what kind of ill-tempered person he is I asked him, why do you come late? so, he replied…” I won’t come now” it means, he won’t come late anymore…. no… you are unable to understand since his promotion is done… so, he is saying like this someone tell him…. that Mr. Mateen is no more and someone should not stare me bye, everyone… bye! do you people know this … Mr. Danish has resigned Mr. Danish has given the resignation?
how can this happen… and why? I’m sorry, dad I have sold this flat forgive me … *phone ringing* Hello! Hello! Mr. Danish… Hania speaking yes, Miss Hania I was worried since afternoon
I was thinking to tell you or not tell me, if there is any problem huh … there is a problem, Mr. Danish your ex-wife is a problem what happened? she came today to school, to meet Roomi and she wanted to take Roomi along with her after school gets off but maam, refused her…. so, she got furious then she got convinced that she will just meet Roomi
but Roomi did not get convinced he did not get convinced? he didn’t meet her? yes … but, this is not right Mehwish is his mother, he should have met her Mr. Danish, I have called to inquire about this that Roomi will decide to meet his mother, himself… or his mother’s husband? means? Mr. Danish… it is very clear if he doesn’t wants to meet, then he shouldn’t be forced I have talked to his hostel’s warden… just a while ago he is been sleeping since 5’o clock from the evening do you know, why such kids sleeps so early? why do they sleep? because they fear… they want to forget, that nothing such has happened whatever he does, Ms. Hania he has to meet his mother alright, then I will not take the responsibility of his next progress report your son will keep fearing…
and a scared child never performs well take care….
bye! *phone ringing* Hello! oh man… what is all this non-sense? why are you getting yourself into trouble? who? what! so, you even don’t know… who you are talking to? Mr. Shehwaar! tell me, what do you want? what, do I need? oh, stop pretending all this… tell me… how much amount shall I give you?…. so that, you stop doing all this non-sense what have I done? why don’t you let Mehwish meet his son? no, no… Mr. Shehwaar… I swear by God..
I haven’t stopped him I just got to know, that she went there to meet him, and he has refused to meet her I have said to school management, that he has not done right look…. I am giving you 2 days time both of them should meet on the 3rd day else, my lawyers will snatch your clothes I’ve sold the flat also I have resigned from the job I will start my business and this business is a full time job have to work a lot, in the beginning if you keep being stubborn… and don’t meet your mama then both of them will think… that I have taught you this I’ve asked you not to meet her who both of them? your mama, and his husband… look at me I know, you won’t like that man you don’t want to meet him but Roomi, you have to do this for your mama I don’t want to meet my mother you are being stubborn, without any reason they are very influential people & they have a lot of money tomorrow, if they goes to court… then? what happens in the court, papa? nothing … yesterday, I met my lawyer I had a word with him… he has said that …. I won’t be able to fight against them
so, I’ll loose do you fear them? I don’t fear them if they’ll come in front of me…
I’ll say, “you are a dirty man” don’t be stubborn please Roomi you don’t understand, how influential & powerful he is he has given me 2 days time if she comes…. then, meet her if she takes you… then, go with her she won’t be coming daily though why are you laughing? you are not my strength, papa… you are my weakness It’s time for my class…. give me a hug I love you, papa…. and whatever you’ll say… I will do I love you too waiter… give me one tea & bread let me get for you, Sir … why are you laughing? you are not my strength, papa… you are my weakness I’m giving you 2 days time 3rd day, both of them should meet else, my lawyers will snatch your clothes your health is fine, right sir? yes, yes… I’m absolutely fine let me get the bread alright then I won’t take the responsibility, of his next progress report your son will keep fearing…
and a scared child never performs well are you fine, sir? yes, yes… I’m perfectly fine four breads OK, let me get them Mr. Mehdi, strike will be done what does he think of himself? share will come on the face value, if unit will remain closed for 5 days he is scoundrel, the most he buys people from our side he’ll give the money to them… but will not raise our salaries the one who’ll get sold this time… won’t be seen ever what’s the update? just bringing … there is a news from office….
nowadays, he is again after a new girl and spending all the money on her you know, she was someone’s wife
he got her divorced to get her it is the one Mr. Chairman… to whom he has made the board secretary oh… brother yes … do you have a match box? no sir… shall I bring one? no, no… if you don’t have … then leave it listen! yes! Umm…. yesterday, my Mrs. came at night yes! she is not my Mrs. anymore she has taken divorce from me ….
Talaaq (divorce in Urdu language) also, Roomi has not gone with her I have got him admitted into the boarding school boarding means….
Umm …. a hostel along with the school…. that one OK, sir I just wanted to tell you this *phone ringing* Hello! Hello! is this Madam Atiya Muneer speaking? yes … this is Danish speaking Roomi’s father
Danish Akhter yes, please I want to speak to Roomi after 15 minutes… he has just got awake….
he has gone to freshen up OK fine…
I’ll call after 15 minutes *phone ringing* it’s your father-in-law calling (sarcastic) yes, Mr. Danish have I disturbed you? no, please say… what is it? that …. yesterday, you had said in anger…
that you can’t take Roomi’s responsibility so, I got very upset but …. now, you know I’ve decided, that I will become a brave man after becoming brave, what you’ll do? I will say to Roomi, don’t meet you mother… if ever I force you to if he wants he can meet, if he doesn’t wants… he shall not when you’ll say? yes! when you’ll say this to Roomi? I had called Roomi his warden told me… he just got awake…
and has gone to freshen up I’ll call him again, as soon as your call gets over OK, I’m disconnecting the call no… no… one minute yes…. since, I have accepted what both of you has said then you also, get over from your anger means…. say that, I’m taking Roomi’s responsibility so, will you take…. Roomi’s responsibility? of course, I will thank you, so much it’s OK you can disconnect the call bye… bye … why he calls you a lot? because he is father’s friend I got to know this from father’s diary and father use to love him so much some days ago, it is revealed that I’m his son’s teacher it is … but I feel, the matter is different there is no other matter I’ve checked how? he doesn’t even looks at me, even at that time… when he can look at me, safely and if he looks, his eyes are blank he fakes his smiles, and gets glad in the true manner and father had written, that I’ve never seen in the past months that he had smiled with his heart but he tries to be first, to smile ask why? why? his wife has killed his smile somewhere father has also written, “pity on that man’s smile,who has started to doubt his wife” this is so weird sometimes I think, a powerful man from outside is just like a water bubble from inside he gets shattered, by just one blow of a woman father use to say …. I laugh… if a woman, doubts a man but I cry, when a man doubts a woman how is she look wise? terrific I’m saying this…. she is beautiful else, “if one woman does not have a dignity…. she doesn’t looks beautiful” then say it straight away she is not beautiful…. but an evil will he get convinced, by day after tomorrow? who? please Mehwish or else, tell me…. where shall I take you? so, that you forgets all this I had said in front of you… that they should have met by the 3rd day else, my lawyers will tear you apart but still, you are not believing this threat, is not given by you I have given and when I say something…. I mean it Ok, I’m sorry by the way I know him… he is a coward he doesn’t get to sleep for the whole night, if one threatens him he wakes up again to drink water sorry … Hello papa oh Roomi…. you slept so early are you fine? yes papa are you angry with me? why? why would I be angry with you? really… then why did you say…
papa you are not my strength papa, you said this yourself…. Roomi you are not my strength.. you are my weakness why are you laughing? you won’t believe you’ll think, papa is lying to you no, my papa never tells a lie then listen I’m your strength I’m not your weakness don’t you believe you are joking papa ask me, why I’m saying this why are you saying this? because, now I’ve decided that now.. you’ll decide whether you want to meet your mama, or not I won’t decide this papa, what about them? they are very powerful.. they will annoy you they’ll annoy me right? then see, how much I will annoy them you are thinking less about your father’s strength really! you just wait & watch I will break his face why are you laughing now? because you are my strength, papa you are my strength *phone ringing* good morning! I was waiting for your phone call so, what have you decided? I’m coming to you why? I’ve thought to decide for once so, that there won’t be any problem in the future OK, come then I’ll be there in next half an hour *greetings*, Mr. Danish *greetings* you are looking very dashing today it’s been so long… that I’ve seen you dashing, sir now, just buy a car this suit…. spectacles… and the car will suit you a lot thanks yes, he is coming he said, we’ll discuss this issue OK listen… don’t call me
I’m in a meeting listen yes… go ahead I forgot to say one thing say it … I love you me too so, what I was saying? day after tomorrow…. Rs. 2.65 tomorrow, Rs. 4.40 and just today, after market opened… share has dropped by Rs. 2 yes sir that’s it? by saying … “yes sir”…
the work will be done? what you people will do, if I will look after share price to production plant? will take the salary for free? excuse me sir, we have informed you that the union has called upon a strike from tomorrow and since last 15 days, they are doing alarming strike for the 2 hours if the plant doesn’t operates for 2 hours, it means plant is working on the capacity of 75% and all these news are spread in the market… discussed with the stake holders shut up with due respect sir… your shut up will not work out if we will not revise their salaries this time…
then we’ll have to face the music people are very furious this time… that you won’t be able to buy them please, go from here please, you all go from here stop tell me, the impact for raising the salaries… sir, let me give you after calculations Hi! Hi, sir Danish … I’ve a meeting with your boss 1 minute, sir *phone ringing* yes .. Sir, Mr. Danish is here what shall I do, if he is here
make him sit make him sit, for the whole 1 hour OK, sir please sit….
sir, is busy in a meeting, at the moment don’t tell a lie he has said, ask that scoundrel to wait for an hour sir…
listen, sir what is this happening? what is all this? what are you doing in my room? how dare? you people, keep sitting
sit I’ll kill the one, who’ll gets up from here yes, Shehwaar Ahmed Chairman, Shehwaar chemicals we have to talk about something you don’t have any idea, with who you have messed with I will make that condition of yours, that low class people like you will learn the lesson this is my dialogue…
I will say this today what you guys are looking at?
call the police what are you doing?… what police comes after the incident let me complete the incident so, you say… before that say… say, whatever is in your heart tell them… what you have said on the phone tell them Mr. Danish, leave my collar…. and talk to me in peace say… say it now if they won’t meet in 2 days time, then what your lawyers will do to me? they will strip me? so look…. I have come wearing a suit so, that I can wear good clothes… before being stripped *door knocks* don’t disturb me….
a meeting is going on, inside come here what is he doing…. come here… Danish
come here….Danish just think for 2 minutes when you’ll strip me… you’ll be needing your lawyers, and hooligans it will take time, when you’ll call them and ask to come but I’ll strip you… and it will take just 2 minutes look the one who is with you, my Ex-wife she is sold you have bought her so, I said… alright which can get sold, why can’t be a buyer but now, you have started the matter on my son but my son, is my left over pride you said, your lawyers will tear me apart you did so wrong you have made me remember, that I’m my son’s strength… not weakness so remember, Shehwaar Ahmed if you threaten me, today on wards or tried to come in between me & my son so I’ll drag you, holding your tie and I will strip you, in front of everyone….. for sure and you people will get benefit from this incident he cannot fire you if he will shout on you, then go outside & tell everyone that what happened with him today understand! have a nice day! Shehwar Ahmed


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