MOQI Gaming Phone / MOQI i7S – FULL REVIEW

This is the MOQI i7S, or the MOQI Gaming Phone
as they call it on Indiegogo. This device is an Android smartphone and gaming handheld
hybrid housing a Snapdragon 710 and 6GB of RAM. This phone was announced in November 2018
and came out in February 2019, it is an upgraded model to the MOQI i7, a device with an identical
build and design but with a way slower mediatek chipset, the i7s is pretty much just an internal
hardware revision, like Apple with their iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. So the MOQI i7s is a phone first and foremost,
it features a 6 inch oled screen in 1920 by 1080, with 64gb of storage, 2 back facing
speakers, a 16 mega pixel rear facing camera and a 5 mega pixel front facing camera. It
also has dual SIM card slots like many Chinese phones do. The battery is 6000milli amp and
a liquid cooling similar to Xiaomi’s Pocophone is also present here. However It doesn’t feature
any fingerprint sensor or water proofing. Signal isn’t half bad and it is on par with
other standard android phones out there. MOQI i7S also has a microSD card slot, a headphone
jack and an USB C supporting quick charge 3.0, but not display out. Both ports are on
the left side of the phone if you are holding it vertically, or bottom if you are holding
it sideway like a PS Vita. Speaking of Vita, the Gamepad on the MOQI
i7s are quite similar to a Vita, featuring 2 analog sticks, a dpad, one set of shoulder
buttons, and 4 face buttons with ancient Chinese symbols representing sun, moon, water and
mountain instead of the standard ABXY, and 2 capacitive select and start button.
The Analog sticks most resembles ones on the Switch. While the Dpad feels like the one
on the Vita, but in my opinion actually surpasses it. Minus the Start, select, all the buttons
are clicky like a PS Vita. And it feels like it can take some abuses. While I personally
wish the start select buttons are physical instead of capacitive, and it could’ve used
another sets of shoulder buttons and clickable sticks. Software wise it’s running Android Oreo 8.1
with a proprietary launcher from MOQI called the MUCH UI. Which very frustratedly ties
app launching to this launcher only. Meaning if you ever installs any other launcher like
the NOVA launcher, it disables any apps you installs until you go into setting, then power,
then auto start, and manually toggle individual app back on. Their reasoning behind this is
apparently to save battery but I find this very annoying and there’s unfortunately no
way to not use this as of now. The colour contrast also seems to be calibrated badly,
with image appearing way to dark, and I had to use third party apps like Colour Calibrator
to adjust manually. Since this is a Chinese branded phone, which was shipped from China,
it doesn’t come with Google Services out of the box, instead it has their own store which
apparently looks like it has pirated APKs on. However you can contact the staff over
at MOQI with the built in forum app, email them or give them a text on wechat and send
them your device Serial number, and they will send you an update with all the Google play
services. It is super weird but that’s how I got google services on mine. Comes included with MUCH UI are 2 apps, MUCH
Helper and Key DIY. Much Helper lets you map any on screen virtual keys from a game onto
the physical keys, adding controller support for games that don’t officially support it
like PUBG. It lets you adjust even the finer controls such as sensitivity and movement
speed. It also has a feature called Key Macro that lets you set a combination of keys into
one button press that helps with pulling off combos in fighting games. Much helper also
lets you share and download layout created by other users. Giving support for some of
the even more obscure games. The other app, Key DIY, lets you swap any
of the physical buttons, to any buttons on a full size controllers. This app is meant
for apps and games that supports gamepad natively, like GTA, Minecraft and all sorts of emulators.
So for example let’s say a game requires secondary triggers and the I7s only has one set, this
app lets you swap any of the keys to those triggers and the game will recognise the key
press as the secondary triggers. Which is really helpful. You can also use this app
to map keys as system buttons, so for myself, I’ve mapped the start button as home button,
and the select button as the recent apps buttons. So the elephant in the room, how well does
it play games. Some of you might think the Snapdragon 710 isn’t quite fast enough for
emulation or games in general. Yes, it would have been nice to have the Snapdragon 845
instead, but if you put the raw benchmark score aside, it actually performs really well
in real world uses. On top of that, with a 1080p panel, there are way less pixel to push
comparing to phones with quad HD panels. And personally, I’d say this is the ultimate Gaming
phone, it’s really nice having the option to map virtual keys to physical ones to games
that don’t support it. Demanding games like PUBG runs at around 60fps, with medium setting.
And playing games like Minecraft and GTA with an actual controller just makes it feel so
much nicer, and it’s really cool playing some smaller indie games on this device like hotline
Miami and all. What this device stands out the most to me,
and one of the main reason I bought this device is for emulation. Some games seems like it’s
just meant to be played on this device. So first up, both PSP and DS emulator plays really
well on this device, both being able to run at high resolution, with some DS games having
widescreen support like Mario Kart DS and Mario 64 DS and some PSP games having dual
analog and 60fps patch Like GTA and Kingdom Heart, I think this is the perfect device
for these older games. I also believe DS emulation is more mature on Android than on Windows
so it’s one bonus point for this device over the original GPD Win. But what surprised me was this device plays
Dolphin. Outside of GameCube, it runs a handful of Wii titles as well. Yes some games will
run better than other and most Wii games are hit and miss, but ones that do I have a blast
playing on this device, like Monster Hunter Tri, Resident Evil 4, and Brawl. Surprisingly
Mario Galaxy, a game that sometimes struggles to run on my laptop, runs at a decent framerate
but I still wouldn’t call it playable. One thing to mention is the liquid cooling of
the i7s never gets the device more than mildly warm so it never gets uncomfortable to hold
like GPD Win. I’m not gonna go over some of the older consoles
like the Super Nintendo and PS1, since if it runs Wii it’ll run other older ones just
fine. Also don’t expect running PS2 on this device. Battery on the i7s is really good, I’ve been
using the device for almost a month, and playing demanding games like PUBG or Dolphin should
be a batter killer. But even playing it extensively everyday for about 4-5 hours,i was only able
to get it down to 70%. So It goes to show If you are not playing games on this device,
I’m sure you’ll be able to get more than 2 days of battery on it. For users that are looking to root the device
or install custom roms, the lack of exposure right now means there’s pretty much no way
to install custom recoveries or custom roms. But if there were ever any, the i7s is ready
to do so since buried within developer option is a toggle to turn on OEM Unlocking. Comparing to similar devices, like the GPD
XD+. The i7s has its pros and cons. Pros being the way better specs and build quality, and
I personally prefer the PSP form factor over the 3DS Clampshell. While cons, having an
awful proprietary launcher and the lack of secondary shoulder buttons. However since they both cost about the same
with the i7s being just a tiny bit more expensive, I’d personally go for the MOQI i7s any day. Speaking of price, I personally got the device
on taobao for 260 UK pounds, or 340 U.S. Dollars. Which is way cheaper than what they were charging
over on Indiegogo back when they were hosting their campaign, for 400 dollars, as an early
adopter price, with the full price being a whopping 700 dollars. I personally would never pay 700 dollars for
this device. And I don’t recommend any of you do unless you can find it for a good price. Unfortunately on taobao they only ship units
within China. So overall I think this phone is great from
a gaming aspect, if you are looking for a phone that does phone stuff well, this is
probably not for you. But for ones that are into emulators and playing some PUBG and Fortnite
here and there, I think this phone beats out all the other gaming phone out there. Should you get this device over GPD Win 2?
Well it depends, you are not going to be able to play PUBG on the Win 2 as well as you can
on the i7s, but then you are also losing support for PC Games. But in terms of niche Chinese Android Handheld,
despite my gripes with it, I still think it is the best out there, beating out even the
GPD XD+, or anything from JXD. So there’s my review for the MOQI I7S, thanks
for watching! If you like it, please help share the video, or subscribe as I’ll be uploading
games running on this device in the future. If you got any questions just leave a comment
below. Anyways thanks for watching and see you guys next time.


  1. Alright guys, I have no idea how to fix it, so here's a re-upload. Hope it works this time! Please let me know!

    I've also added subtitles so if you didn't catch my accent, turn on captions! 🙂

  2. I am looking forward to watching this when I get off work. One thing I am curious about is the pocketability of this device with those thumb sticks. How is that?

  3. That’s one heck of an Android device? PS2 and Wii games anytime,anywhere?! Dang! I want that phone to practice Mario Kart Wii and Crash Twinsanity glitches on my school! Also to download free GC,PS2,DS,PSP,GBA,Wii and 3DS games!

  4. My only complaint about this phone is that the size is too big. Everthing else is awesome. Battery life is superb and you can change for the alternative.

  5. Great video!  Its awesome that it can run gamecube.  Quick question. Could you explain how you got the play store on this device?

  6. Ummm im trying to get the Google play store on my Moqi i7s phone do u have a way or an email to contact the moqi i7s phone customer service support team, please assist with any thing??

  7. Can you make a list of the games that work almost perfect with the moqui i7s (dolphin emulator/Wii) I can't wait for my moqui i7s to arrive 🙂 thank you (:

  8. Can you test the game Honkai Impact 3? I'm interested pretty much just for that 🤪 thanks for the already in depth review !!

  9. If only it had Snapdragon 855 or at least 845 it would definitely be worth it but 🤔 Snapdragon 710 just doesn't make sense for a gaming phone like this in 2019 😥

  10. Hopefully we can see a better version of this phone down the road with an up to date android version+snapdragon chipset,a 90HZ+refresh rate screen,wireless charging, 5G and WiFi 6 connections, and another set of shoulder buttons.

  11. The only thing my S9 needs to be absolutely perfect is physical buttons for gaming. Seems like the gaming phones are getting close!

  12. When playing Wii/PSP or any emulators, are you able to use online features for games like Monster Hunter etc?

  13. I want it so bad, damn I wish there still was an 800 series snapdragon… The device still runs games really great, I think I am gettimg it just for emulations…. Especially re4 surprised me…

  14. how do u put emulators in that system?
    i want to buy 1… where can i buy from u.s..?
    how many games does it comes with?

  15. When I saw the PS2 emulation, I'm not quite sure if the Cutscene render normally… I mean, with same spec (except the battery), I can't run Ar Tonelico 1 & 2 normally. Even I crashed when reach the opening song… Can you try to play that game on your phone?

  16. How can i see store of these device (games)? And is android androidfull ?man can all application in android install? Thanks

  17. I would consider buying this if it had Band 12 for Verizon, and if there were cases to protect the front face buttons. I don't think I'd be able to have it in my pocket with the sticks being forced in once direction. I would be scared I'd break it, lol.

  18. Your last point is now basically irrelevant because even on aliexpress the moqi i7s runs you back £312 whilst the GPD XD Plus sells for quite literally half that price on aliexpress. Sucks that profiteers got their hands on the hardware and are now trying to ship it out for a completely ludicrous price range. It's good for what it is but it's not £300 good. For the price of one I could buy a second hand switch and the GPD XD Plus. It's a nice console and an amazing concept with arguably some of the best specs on the market. But that isn't enough to justify its ever growing price.

  19. People complaining about the price tag, y'all know much it costs for these smartphones, but this is a whole smartphone/portable console. It would have been better to have Google apps out of the box. And not being able to install launchers is sad. Google needs to take not of this because they could make a pixel gaming phone. The market is there.

  20. I have an iPhone but I would definitely buy this if it had been made by another brand with better specs. Is there any vibration motors in this thing?

  21. it's shit i got and sent it back cause every time i installed an app it worked once after every restart never worked again, then there is a feature that disables app after install it is stupid phone part was good and does read 256 barely works with 128 can't root it no twrp, no root no way to fix it yet.

  22. Hi, how can I contact them?
    I can’t update my phone nor download pubg. I formatted it and restarted it but nothing worked.

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