Most Expensive Vehicles – GTA 5 Vehicle Facts Countdown

Hello everyone I’m Broughy1322 and in this video I’m going to be showcasing the most expensive vehicles in GTA 5 as of the doomsday heist DLC. These are their online full-priced values without any discounts and to put what we’ll see into bit of perspective the most expensive regular supercar is the X80 Proto costing 2.7 million dollars and would fall into 29th place in the overall most expensive list. You can also see positions 6 to 20 in the description but now it’s time for the top 5. The 5th most expensive vehicle in the entire game is the relatively new Tula, setting you back a not insubstantial 5.17 million dollars. The Ruiner 2000 is up next in 4th place costing 5.75 million dollars and being the most expensive car in the game. A small difference for 3rd which is where the RM-10 Bombushka falls at 5.92 million dollars and when you look at the all time list it is interesting to see that the majority of the most expensive vehicles have come with the most recent updates. For second place we actually have the Lazer, because although you can steal this in Fort Zancudo for free Rockstar made it available to purchase for a whopping 6.5 million dollars successfully blending an old vehicle with new pricing methods and making it the second most expensive vehicle in the game. However we have to go all the way back to the Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1 DLC for our number one vehicle which is of course the Luxor Deluxe. This plane will take a huge 10 million GTA dollars away from your in game bank balance and has an equivalent shark card value of 125 US dollars. It’s kind of fitting that both this is at the head of our top 5 list since the DLC in which it was introduced started the trend of the increasing vehicle costs in GTA Online and the Luxor Deluxe is the most clear example of a vehicle being in the game that serves no other purpose than to simply be expensive. If you keep watching you’ll find out how much you’d need to spend in the game overall to own every vehicle, but also feel free to subscribe for more videos like this and let me know down below what you’d like to see next. So, bonus fact time. When the game first released the most expensive car was the Adder at a now seemingly cheap 1 million dollars, with the most expensive
vehicle overall being the Titan costing 2 million dollars. These previously most expensive vehicles in the game would only fall at 102nd and 47th places respectively on the overall list now such has been the rampant inflation of vehicle costs since the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC added our number one vehicle into the game. In the supercars class alone there are now 23 vehicles more expensive than the previously most expensive Adder. With it now being possible to store 120 vehicles in regular garages, 10 bikes in a Clubhouse, 12 vehicles in a Facility, 5 vehicles in a
Bunker, 43 planes & helicopters in a Hangar, 8 special vehicles in a Warehouse, and 31
boats and other vehicles with Pegasus, the total amount of money you can spend on vehicles now is quite high. To simply buy one of each vehicle to fill the aforementioned storage areas would set you back 317 million, 986 thousand, 549 dollars. Which is almost 4000 dollars in Shark
Cards. If you’re dedicated, have the right businesses, and know the game well enough you can theoretically earn up to around 500k per hour, in which case it would take 636 hours of pure playtime focused solely on grinding money to earn enough to buy all vehicles without purchasing Shark Cards. Even if you focused on only grinding money for an hour per day, it would take nearly two years to afford everything. Any time you spend loading the game, buying cars, or dong other less profitable game modes would obviously increase that number. And all of that is without adding the costs to customise or upgrade vehicles or to buy the garages, bunkers, offices, and so on in the first place or buy clothes, weapons, or anything else that this game allows you to spend your money on. GTA 5 was a great game worthy of 60 dollars. I’m not sure GTA Online holds up to that 4 thousand dollar price tag though. So that’s pretty much it for this video. For all the calculations used here check the link to a cost analysis spreadsheet in the description and remember to read the full description for more info, comment with your thoughts like the video if you enjoyed or found it helpful, and subscribe for more. Thank you all so much for watching I really do appreciate it, and I’ll see you next time.


  1. – Update to the values at the end of this video:
    – For the 2000 or so of you who were watching this video yesterday – this is indeed a reupload of that video except it is now fixed. Within the first half hour of it going up yesterday someone pointed out I had the Ruiner 2000 down as 4.7 million instead of 5.7 million. This changed the make-up of the top 5 and actually made me realise I'd made a sorting error in Excel on a lot of the other values too. I went back and re-did everything and now this video (and accompanying spreadsheet) is accurate. Sorry about that! <3
    – It has also been pointed out that I was incorrect with the amount of vehicles that can be stored in a Hangar, with the maximum being 20. That doesn't actually change the overall figures from the bonus fact section though, since there are only 16 vehicles that have to be stored in a Hangar exclusively. So the rest simply go to Pegasus instead. Therefore the number I quoted in the video for Pegasus vehicles increases to 58, and decreases to 20 for the Hangar. Everything else, including overall cost to buy everything available, remains the same. Since it's a smaller issue I'll simply fix the spreadsheet for that. I don't think it's worth re-doing the whole video for a third time. This video has been so stressful to make XD

  2. Ya know… years ago when the Adder was the most expensive car. A huge (back then) 1 million dollars! Then the T20 and Osiris came out. I was mad when I didn't have THE most expensive car. I got a shark card as a gift for Christmas so I bought both of them. NOW, I had the most expensive car! Hahaha! A whole 2.2 million toward the most expensive car! With active aero (I still love the active spoiler). Then a few weeks later the freaking X80 Proto comes out. I'm like 😑
    REALLY? Then I gave up trying to get the most expensive car. Lmao this is a based on a true sad story 😞

  3. Wait what do you mean by 5 vehicles in a bunker? Do you mean the 4 carts and the semi? If so it should be six because you can also store a vehicle inside the MOC.

  4. IMO the grinding isnt that hard when you are at a Point when you have the Drug businesses and the bunker. Im playing the NoDo weekday playlist everyday i can, just with that playtime i can sell my businesses every 2 days and my bunker every 4 days, thats 4 000 000 GTA$ all 4 Days just with Racing and sell missions 3 Hours a day

  5. But u don't need 4000 to be a king pin. Negative Nancy. Without GTA u r finished. And u talk bad about the product….

  6. Prices keep going up while the payouts for jobs/heists/missions/races etc stay the same. Cannot believe the real life money to shark-card conversion prices of some of these vehicles. It's unethical!
    It's only encouraging people to cheat and exploit money/duping glitches.
    I was against money glitches for so long and I even (ashamedly) bought a few shark cards but, after the recent updates with the ridiculous prices for vehicles (and required residencies to unlock them), the way they fucked up the racing classes of nearly every new car (pariah, sc1, sentinel classic, streiter), the older cars that are still in the wrong class which they refuse to fix, and the Viseris bug (re7b all over again), I turned my back on R* and turned to glitching.

  7. While I agree that the prices are too high for anyone attempting to have a life outside of playing GTA if one wants to own everything. I question whether the game overall would benefit at all from a 'everyone owns everything' way of things. The racing community is prob unique in feeling a need for having 120 vehicles on hand since racing oddball cars in agreement races are a lot of fun. Majority of players don't have this need, just clocking a few hours of driving time in 120 vehicles is more time than most players will spend on the game. If one keeps a smaller vehicle park and trade in old vehicles the grind can quickly be cut to a fraction.

    Levels in GTA are utterly meaningless (after 130), PvP combat is largely meaningless and highly cancerous (EWO, passive mode, consequence free deaths), I would not still be playing this game if there wasn't the sense of progression provided from expanding and upgrading the vehicle park. That said a better idea wouldv'e been for GTA online to have pay-walled exotic car modifications and clothing as pure vanity items for grinders to strive towards while allowing the functional content to be more easily accessed.

  8. As a player who has almost everything in game : the game is fucking boring now and i have nothing to do except for griefing others and laughing at them and play some adversary modes or player created jobs :/ so enjoy the game as much as you can when you still have things to do.

  9. Broughy, I have a question:

    I am in a competitive racing crew and everyone uses the Vagner because it’s the fastest in their opinion. I wanted to know if a skilled driver in a XA-21, Osiris, Tempesta or Autarch can consistently beat a skilled driver in a Vagner. I really want to buy the Tempesta or the Osiris but I just dont wanna waste my money because idk if they can compete. I’ve got 2 million now and I am able to get the 375k more for the XA-21. Which car should I buy out of those 4 thats worth my money and can beat the Vagner?

  10. It don't matter what them cars say look like do or cost I still walk that Banshee 900r total carbon fiber and yes my car is lighter there for all attributes are now changed I own two of them one non carbon fiber one carbon fiber please argue with me and then add me as a friend on PSN under this same name and you can drive them for yourself and then we'll be arguing with everybody else including this YouTuber in all his fanboys

  11. What do you mean 5 vehicles in a bunker? Are you counting the golf carts?
    1. MOC, 2 Vehicle in MOC, 3. Anti-Aircraft Trailer. What are the other two?
    And you can only store a maximum of 20 aircraft in a hangar.

  12. 5 Vehicles in the bunker? Does he mean the MOC, AA trailer and the 3 buggies? You can also store a vehicle in the back of an MOC as well if you have the personal storage option btw

  13. My problem with this video is that you seem to be of the opinion that one "has" to buy everything. This is just not true. I own the majority of what's available, minus some of the newer stuff (so far) and I've not spent a dime on shark cards, I just enjoy playing the game with friends. If others want to spend their money on shark cards, bless em for keeping my favorite game full of new content. Further, what you call "inflation" is only natural considering Import Export and subsequent DLC keep adding in ways for a savvy player to make more money per hour. Please stop whining, Broughy, it's not why I'm subbed to your channel.

  14. God damn… I know some games nowadays are adopting that mindset of a long-term time and money investment from players, despite having already bought the full-price game in the first place, but DAMN! Who the fuck is going to spend this much time or money to get everything this game has to offer. Even I, a casual player only interested in many a third of the overall content of this game, will be nowhere near the point where I'd be "finished" with GTA V Online by the time some other, probably better game comes around. I can't wait to see if GTA VI is just a totally better game, but the only way to get anything is to grind for years or spend hundreds of dollars.

  15. I can confirm that, Im lvl 410, with 1500 hours playing gta v since 14 february 2016, now I have almost all the things that I wanted, I grinded PS from lvl 30 to lvl 200 I think, the another 100 lvs I was grinding with hangar, bunker, etc. etc., at lvl 300, I started with modded money, R* doesnt want modders in his game, but they dont say anything about their sharkcards movement in the game, if you are a new player in gta, play from 0 to lvl 150 – 200, and next browse modded money, if not, this game will become a job, literally grinding for virtual money, you can work in real life for real money and buy real items, that way you can enjoy the game and his lifetime (every game become boring after a while), and have all the DLC content without literally living in gta 🙂

  16. $500k an hour is about $200k off what you can actually make. If players havent figured out how to make cash yet 4 and a bit years into the games lifespan then thats on them. As for owning everything theres absolutely no reason too. Other than saying "I own everything". If thats something you want to say then cough up the money or the time. Complaining about a company making money is ridiculous. You make/monetize the same sort of videos again and again and again. You're doing the same thing as rockstar. Dont be hypocritical.

  17. This is why I glitch. I used to grind but after Smugglers Run, I stopped. I reached my peak at grinding. And also, 100 bucks should get you everything or permanently have everything 50% off.

  18. I love every time I drop a comment about carbon fiber and a famous YouTube car aficionados channel I always trigger people with the truth and do you have problems comprehending things cuz the sugar pill will help for that

  19. A bit off-topic….
    I thought the Tula would be practical… well, it will be when a "water" DLC comes through. Right now, it is completely irrelevant. All the missions involving a Tula were more easily completed with an APC.

    The same deal with the Chernobog… that heist mission with this vehicle was so INFURIATING. I could be using any turreted vehicle, like an Insurgent, or even the WEAPONIZED TAMPA, and they would fare better than the Chernobog. Even the old school SAVAGE would be excellent on that mission in particular.

  20. I was grinding on Sunday (GTA 5) got bored after making a million. Then went and played Fornite (Save the world), the free one does not interest me, apart from you tube content made by my other favorite you tubers 🙂 . I still think GTA 5 is a better game, but my patience is wearing thin. There have been several minor changes that have made it slightly harder to make money which are starting to bother me. The hackers and modders are becoming more prevalent. It took me 2 hours on Saturday to log in and find a server not infested with cheaters. Played for a while got bored again then left. I have 2009 hrs of play time but spending three weeks saving enough for another necessary vehicle is starting to bother me too.I can't really blame the modders for creating their own money as long as they don't disrupt public sessions. I still prefer playing the game and achieving goals. Just buying everything and showing off to others would give me no sense of achievement.

  21. I think its better to be rich in online than to have all of these vehicles, in 2017 i managed to keep 100M of the money i grinded in my bank account. I now have 109M in total and i could spend it all in one hour on vehicles i have yet to purchase, but you never know what might be added in the future so i just keep building that empire with a daily goal of 500k. It does not make much sense to me to know i made hundreds of millions over the years, and still be broke all the time.


  23. 1:20 You can buy the Yacht for 10,000,000 exact with the right upgrades to so the Luxor Deluxe and the Yacht is tied. This channel sucks!

  24. Anyone know what businesses I need to run to make roughly 500k an hour?? like broughy1322 said…as of right now I make 300k-330k an hour doing sightseer(vip work) and I/E

  25. I remember being give a billion dollars gta. The fact that i could spend half is just sad. Yet there people who will still defend rockstar

  26. Wow. Man I didn’t realize how expensive this game has become and you did good in breaking this mess down. Other you tubers did this comparison, but your made sense. Liked the video. Also the only thing I have in this most expensive class of vehicles is the ruiner 2000.

    I don’t need the another stuff cause it’s definitely a money grab to buy shark cards. when I brought the vigilante, I forgotten all about the ruiner 2000.

  27. I just read the description and check out the spreadsheet and broughy you went above and beyond the call of duty when you made this video and made that spreadsheet. Yeah it took me two to three years to get most of the stuff. but I don’t have everything but I’m just happy to get every property in the game and every car. But when it comes to Pegasus vehicles I pick and choose which ones I want. Half of them are decent and the other ones are Junk and they are a waste of money. Also I wait until rockstar gives out a discount and then ill buy it to sale money.

    Who is the Best GTA you tuber on you tube? Broughy 1322 hands down. Awesome job. Keep up the great work and your channel will grow because nobody cant hold a candle to you. 😎

  28. I do, of course, agree that prices have gotten out of hand in this game. And they should’ve updated older content, such as Contact Missions, to pay better. Wages have not kept up with inflation, so workers are getting screwed in the game as well as IRL. Nevertheless, I’ve been playing for four years and have never purchased a Shark Card. I have all of the different types of properties, (Bunker, Hangar, Office, etc.), I don’t know how many cars, several helicopters, several “special vehicles”, (Oppressor, Vigilante, Ruiner, etc.), and in short, I have pretty much everything I want in this game, and some things I don't, (Yacht, anyone?). 
    My point is this – you can have all the stuff you want, it’s just going to take many, many hours of gameplay to get there. Don’t look on this as a bad thing. This way, the game doesn’t go stale, like it would if you got everything at once, and maybe you’ll learn to defer gratification into the bargain. That’s a good life skill to have.
    I can see why it pisses Broughy off, though. He’s kinda forced to use Shark Cards to do what he does, since he can’t wait for new things while he grinds the money for them, and he literally has to buy every new car that comes out. That’s gotta run into some dough.


    Great video, however I think you should do one with the bare minimum I.e. what you need to access most content. So say one apartment w/ garage, ceo office(1 warehouse, 1 Vehicle Warehouse), bike club house(1 business), bunker with MOC (Cheaper than Avenger but the same, include the area which allows you to launch bunker missions tho) , hanger, weapons workshop, vehicle workshop, facility(Doomsday Heist) and the best vehicle from each vehicle type. So like best, Sports, Super, Off-Road, Sedan, Utility, Military, Plane, Helicopter, Compact, Coupe, SUV, Motorbike and Cycle.

    New players this sounds unaffordable but I've been playing online since launch and these are all attainable without Shark Cards.

    I support Rockstar to an extent as they have servers to run, marketing costs etc. But the Gold Luxor just NO.

    Tip you can get started online for like $80.00 if you buy one of the packs that include a Megaladon Card, a few free vehicles, bunker, clubhouse, apartment etc.

    Yachts are not needed for anything.

  30. It's absolutely amazing to look at the rockstar games release timeline. I love how the release of games from 2008 to 2013 included 5 major titles (4 of which were critically acclaimed) and 4 expansions. Note that 2013 through 2018 covers just one release… incredible what money does to the development of content. Also, the 4 expansions produced from 2008 to 2013 all were priced at anywhere from $20 to $30 each. Now look at the overall price of content released for a single game from 2013 to 2018… I'm shocked

  31. Personally Broughy, I think you're on to something there. I have been playing since 2016 myself and I still don't have everything. And it seems as though there's been better option out there for racing games or for people who play the game for progressing through the game. R* apparently wants us to not play GTA the correct way ever since 2017 and they don't even want us to be able to run our businesses no nothing without having to get our KD up one way or another. I have this idea where we run businesses for 1/2 profit in Private lobbies. Now that sounds like a good compromise considering what we want and what R* wants to put us through right?

  32. How can you park 5 vehicles in the bunker? One that just sits there, then the MOC and a car inside the MOC thats it

  33. I only own 1 out of the top 5 and 8 out of the 20 but had trade price for all of them and 6 of them were on sale ruiner was half price black Friday sale which means the most I've ever spent to purchase a vehicle is a hydra for 3mil

  34. My nightclub has $500k and climbing! Waiting for it to hit 1mill and see what my cut is! What I have yet to do is get my business's fully stocked assemble my crew and make that bank!

  35. An hour of grinding is worth €7,50 in GTA online, but about 5 cents in Pokemon TCG Online, so it's not too bad. xD

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