My Time at Portia – Announcement Trailer | PS4

MAN: Product not yet rated. [MUSIC PLAYING]


  1. My boys and I have been playing the Alpha version on PC for awhile now. We’ve really liked what we’ve seen of it so far! Can’t wait to play more of it!

  2. Im so excited for this game it looks adorable! I love chill games! Had a blast with Stardew and Yonder, cant wait for this new world! ♥

  3. well goodbye family when this comes out cause if stardew valley has thought me anything its that i dont own these games these own me

  4. This looks like the sequel to Yonder. If this gets a retail release than I'll be purchasing it if not then I'll be waiting for a digital sale.

  5. I am so glad to see this is coming to ps4. I had no luck running it on pc .. I purchased it twice to try it again. So i'm very excited to see this come to ps4

  6. Did you guys hear about the new game that the makers of Stardew Valley are making? It looks insanely cool.

  7. It's been way to long since we had a proper harvest moon/rune factory console experience. I know Stardew valley is a thing but it's like a phone game. I wanna see the genre make graphical improvements. I'm excited for this.

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