NBA 2K19 PlayStation 4 Gameplay Ep.2 (Road to NBA 2K20 My Career Offline)

family not have I had yet what an
opening – alright so welcome to another episode of Mo NBA 2K19 PlayStation 4 Gameplay so
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also we will like it really helps me a lot that we’re facing North Carolina in
this game last time around we actually lost not the best game out there this
time around we gotta stay sharp as you can see what are we losing to –
University of North Carolina they made the wrong path there oh nice ball
movement over there that’s how you move the rock that’s how you move the
basketball selfless basketball right there come on I nobody gets a rebound
over there and now they scored two points I should have been two points for
us but doesn’t matter sometimes you know that’s how the game works God be
prepared you guys stay sharp at all times come on Linda come on I’m always for
three by we’re within for now so as you can see
the crowds mostly on on on Carolina blue there are feet up and fans in the crowd
really arts pot but you gotta stay you gotta pay attention to really understand
that but yeah you know okay don’t let him don’t let him don’t let him shoot No
Country for threes news that was my rebound Bruno you still my rebound they
don’t matter imagine that we are enough to decide
about offensive three seconds come on man you got the bad back and I loved
apparently no I’m still in maybe also a position change or something because I’m
still in the game manly are you manly enough come on you
gotta do better than that that was a bad shot contested he couldn’t tell you
really got do better than that whoo-hoo wide open towel one and he gets
a basket net the basket to go so yeah I’m playing like an 8 mega
quarter something like that something out of the blue I’m all black
are you manly enough manly man he’s this eyes wide open splash dang
pretty bit further now all right you got a stay sharp pay attention and make sure
that we don’t screw up all right I’m not really in a position to shoot let’s just
make a good Pascal for three and get two lucky belts over there within four again
wearing on the back and forth action here in North Carolina no all right
we’re playing good defense don’t let him go no get that stuff I damnit nothing I could say that I was
actually covered and no defense whatsoever and outside of the ball so
basically that was a waste of time and that’s gonna be a foul on me so no
no we’re not go to the and we’re not going there yet do not go to the line to
shoot two all right let’s go get some screen all right so we gotta make sure
okay the speed didn’t work because all right getting a three bow to go no good
so the video seems like it’s a bit bad it had a bad cut over there it’s because
the TV decide to be a complete a hole and just ruin everything and that’s you
know the first I didn’t we see the clock there my bad but that see on the well
it’s technically like a timeout if you think about it because in college in the
onion Nancy that way there is no quarters it’s more like halves let’s
just say this is like an unofficial time out per say the only NBA gave you the ability to
change between halves and quarters oh yeah no Smith for three
mine never than five you gotta keep things moving now
come on Brooks okay Fernando let the rebound and you’re AB changed my shot
and she’s not shot there even with leaving then my shooting still sucks
however three mine it’s time to step right up no no you’re not going it and you’re not
doing me I’m not letting you get passed on and oh no this sucks and I oh man this this hurts a lot look
look at the score now I mean the points in the points just keep on floating last
I checked we were with didn’t within range shoot within striking distance and
now it’s not even close it’s like the offense disappeared the defense
disappeared once I was gone I’d be ironic since I’m not really the best for
the team in fact I’m the worst pair of with the worst player on the court right
now god damn it – Kay you keep on known as to me it’s always happened they pass
it to the player that don’t wanna pass it to my cafe del let me pass it this
guy but 2k says nope I’m not gonna pass it there because I’m gonna screw with
you and that’s just an a roll move and again with that I didn’t want to pass it
to a yahwah didn’t want to pass it to the big man over there came for his
efforts but no apparently not I have it I had yeah what an open link – basket
but don’t matter since I get two points I mean their branches outs for hours by
13 that’s how bad it is and now in order to make a comeback we really need to
start stepping up and our roster doesn’t exactly have the best pieces to me to
make it all work I’m gonna say that we’re kind of screwed yeah long bender oh my attending a swing over there nice
screen King three-pointer nope still shouldn’t shoot but for some reason I
still do why I’m not sure maybe it’s just something tano maybe it’s some sort
of mental parts of the brain part really wanna shoot bad thing because I don’t
get the ball enough but then I realize I’m just not that good or shooter yet you know I’m bumped over very easily and
once I get back in here now I’m at me and I don’t have nearly to shoot I get to point over there talk about as
much as I can do right now but something’s burning nothing which
students 35 percent from the field in there shooting 63 if that’s not an
indication of how fat this game so first I don’t know what is good defense right
there you’re not the past events but hey he
missed which counts I’m a mine i’ma get it on on accepted play come out
men Dick Smith on set up play here Lindo oh no I knew what kind of Miss that I
was first that shot was from too deep no and they decided to get another brain
fart because reasons and that’s you know the first time and
that that first ad was just downright horrible I mean that was disgusting all
around I mean overall the first act was basically a showing of who was the
better team which she needs to work on their overall talent white scored 19
points on us tan overall a shitty night sucked a defense is non-existent
everything’s out of whack basically we need to step it up if we want to have a
chance to get back at this one start of the second half here and when we’re way
behind it well and we lose and the course we get beating the hell out of us
so just like that we are in an O and to record and we walk to the locker rooms
disappointed in our loss on another big-time loss of that last time around
we lost badly and today I lost was even worse so a lot of questions heading into
a locker room if we want to have a chance to get back in in shape we have
an over to record and bulk without losses so far have been disgusting
overall like it just sucks looking at the standings and if you got
people outside talking to me when I look at the point and look at the
differential there’s this team and then there’s us we suck
he has next time we subscribe and hit that no I can’t offer like this video


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