NBA 2K20 My Career Gameplay #1 – LET THE RAGE BEGIN FAMILY!


  1. Brethrem Chase hit em with that EWWWWW step back 😭 been waiting for a video, glad to know you good. Hope the year turns around for you.

  2. Yo chase I have a 100% working way to play Jet Set Radio Future on your PC and its running at 60fps on my alien alienware alpha so I KNOW your computer can handle it effortlessly. I can send you the emulator and iso files or something if you want

  3. Chase u should try n edit ur videos with funny skits n random edits like when ur ankles get broke throw some sound on thm💯

  4. yo chase you can take ankle breaker down because if you have a shot creater takeover ankle breaker badge is not really worth having up

  5. Y'all know the NFL is rigged? Ray Lewis gave that speech on Madden13 before the Superbowl and then he won the Superbowl and retired

  6. So Kyle Lowry gets a ring and he’s all of a sudden Steph Curry with the shot? Kyle ain’t never been built like that, he ain’t no deadeye but Kawhi wins Toronto a ring and now Kyle is a point GAWD?! 2K gotta stop letting this happen, making players all of a sudden play like gods name

  7. Say FAM u a goat I'm glad u back chase 😔 I'm always watching your videos even when sum things happen s I'm always here👍✌

  8. Can u please tell me what things u used to build your myplayer ex: attributes, position, height that kinda stuff

  9. Bruh I thought going to the Nets would be OP cause KD and Kyrie would help out but they really ass on 2K😩🤣 ice cold all game

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