FINAL FANTASY XIV Online has always been about giving players the most immersive MMORPG experience. But we wanted to take that immersion to the next level. We know our fans love gathering. This is when a player harvests natural resources as a miner, botanist or fisher. But the problem is, in order to gather anything in-game you’re restricted to your PC or console. But not anymore! Introducing FINAL FANTASY XIV Online GO! Aka Gathering Outdoors The players are sent notifications to their phone. These notifications take those players to the gathering nodes in the real world. There they can meet with their friends and harvest resources just by tapping the screen. We are also working with a Japanese design company who have created a state of the art accessory for GO which we are calling the
FINAL FANTASY XIV Online GO Harvesting Stick. Without the Harvesting Stick there is still a chance that players might fail to gather a material. But attach the Harvesting Stick and the success rate is maxed out. What’s more, the Harvesting Stick can even turn your smart device into the ultimate fishing accessory. FINAL FANTASY XIV Online GO brings our incredible community
together like never before. This is perfect for both our casual players and the more hardcore ones who love to farm. Anywhere, anytime… You can be part of the
FINAL FANTASY XIV Online experience with FINAL FANTASY XIV Online GO.

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