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what’s up guys did you miss me well I’m back with another round of play attack news your go-to breakdown of everything that’s going on with our affiliate Network and the online gambling industry in general today get an exclusive preview of our new affiliate personal area design it will help you earn even more money find out how you can chill with us at the igb Affiliate conference in Amsterdam and how to hop on the Columbus casino regatta with a prize fund of $15,000 also I’m gonna talk about some recent changes to online gambling legislation in Italy and explain how they will affect brands and affiliates all over the world so let’s get to it our developers are putting the finishing touches on the new affiliate personal area design and I snuck out a couple of screenshots to share with you here’s what it looked like before and now as you can see we’ve totally revamped the design and interface sleek polished and super easy to use yeah yeah yeah okay I know which is why the design is just the icing on top of the cake the big changes are all in the promo section in fact we decided to scrap it altogether and make a new one with even more banners landing pages text gifts links a demo slot now you’ve got a bang a media toolkit to create ads from no matter the occasion beach season just started try this or this is a good option for a Friday night and the coolest part you can track the stats for all of them figure out what works best and gradually optimize your ads to boost conversions that brings me to my next update from July 16 to July 19 Amsterdam is hosting igb live one of the largest and definitely the most off the hook Affiliate conference in the world of course we’ll be there look for us at Stand East 7 that’s where we’re presenting and releasing the new affiliate personal area so it’s coming soon by the way this conference has a ton going on you could free these like this free drinks and here’s some trivia for you leave a comment below and let us know what color eyes you think both of our stunning ladies have and we’ll send you this play attack bottle to whomever gets it right and hey if you guessed correctly and happened to be an Amsterdam will also bring you to the conference so you can check it out for yourself grab some free drinks at the free bar where you might find this useful but remember irresponsible alcohol consumption is bad for your health I certainly never do it Cheers and now some news for everyone who wants a quick side hustle Columbus Casino is hosting the grand regatta tournament series the warm-up round is already over so we’re now onto the best part the one with the prize fund of $15,000 it has two tournaments from July 12 to July 31st there’s the Caribbean shores tournament where the point is to get the highest number of wins there will be ten winners and each one will get a cash prize and points first place gets 1500 euros and 15 points then from August 5th to August 31st you play for more points at the discovery of America tournament all of your points from the tournaments in the regatta are added up and the top 10 contenders get some pretty sweet prizes first place an apple watch to in a handcrafted gold case second place a Cretan Cape Horn cognac set third place an iPad pro and so on check out the link in the description to read up on all the rules and details it is Captain Jack Sparrow would say if you are waiting for an opportune moment this is it and before we wrap things up I have another bit of news more serious because it’s about some new developments in the industry and it’s important Italy has finally introduced his new long-awaited gambling licensing procedure now a European license is no longer enough for operators to work in Italy they’ll have to get a local license on top of it which is worth 300,000 euros as of right now 67 of these licenses have been issued these are mostly the types of hotshot operators that have a couple hundred thousand euros to spare money or locals up Italy is not the first to pass these local licensing laws the UK has been issuing them for a long time along with Sweden oh and guess how much a license costs in Latvia four hundred twenty seven thousand euros a year my point is this is definitely a trend and I’ll be surprised if every country in Europe doesn’t pass similar regulations within the next ten years hey nobody is gonna say no to free taxes so what does this mean for the industry let’s ask our anonymous expert welcome hey you look familiar have I seen you somewhere before no I don’t think so anyway I think that there’s a risk that we’ll lose mid tier operators who are usually the ones offering more perks and flexibility to affiliates and generally the fewer operators there are the less favorable terms they’ll have for affiliates so hey we don’t know who’s going to end up K but this is all just speculation at this point we both know what’s going to happen for another three to five years maybe it’s all a conspiracy theory you didn’t hear it from me and on that positive note I think we’re done here subscribe turn on our alerts and see you in another 10 days later

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