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hi-de-ho long time no see it took us a while to change things up around here but now we’re back with some exciting play attack updates here’s what we’ve got coming up for you in the next few minutes the June affiliates tournament results you’ve been waiting for the wrap-up of the epic World War I’d battle stream apocalypse which just happened last night we gave away five hundred thousand dollars to the winners that is a huge chunk of cash and finally a chance to win a ten day VIP casino tour in Singapore but you’ll just have to stick around to learn more anyway let’s get down to business [Music] and now the results of our 30th tournament you’ve been going at it hardcore for the whole month of June again the goal was to attain the highest FTD growth over a month not your total FTD sum but the highest percent increase in FTD and we have ten winners anyway this is what the leaderboard looks like the winner absolutely killed it with an FTD growth of over 1000% the top ten contenders are each getting $100 sent over to their affiliate account Congrats everyone by the way we’re holding Affiliate tournaments like this every month now just with different goals and the July tournament is already getting heated up at the end of the month we’ll hand out awards to affiliates with the highest total FTD Sun for July you don’t have to sign up anywhere to participate if you’re an affiliate you’re already on board and might even be in the lead check out the play homepage to see if you’re winning and now on to the news you’ve all been dying to hear the results of our epic streamer tournament stream apocalypse 3 where we gave away $500,000 it went on for four months with a total of 12 rounds and boatloads of testosterone the stakes were high the winners got $10,000 at every qualification round and the final battle was an absolute beast we gave away one hundred thousand seventy thousand and thirty thousand dollars to the top three finalists these numbers make me think that I’m in the wrong business let’s take a look at how it all went down I really like the last guy Dan Lew dan you’re the man now I’ll be straight with you we’re recording this video a couple of days before the finals and we won’t know the names of the winners until it’s in editing so they’re about to pop up right over here so yeah now you know all of our secrets guys whoever you are Congrats to you and your supporters nicely done speaking of supporters though is there even anybody out there drop us a line in the comments to let us know who you were rooting for during the stream epochal and why the best comment gets this dope play attack pillow is the secret inside it’s not a hundred thousand dollars but at least it’s soft and more good news before you wrap things up from July 1st to July 22nd drift Casino is celebrating its birthday everyone’s invited click the links in the description for the rules and I’ll cover the fun part the prizes if you’re a player you play slots and get drifts which basically means points 50 people who get the most drifts by July 22nd will get sick and I means same prizes if you get the most trips you’ll get a $10,000 consumer tour for two in Singapore with all your living expenses paid at one of the most famous hotels in the world Marina Bay Sands plus you’ll get another 2,000 euros in cash to get in on the casino action once you’re there second place gets an MSI gt70 5 Titan the absolute must-have laptop for gamers worth five thousand euros third place gets an iPhone X as gold and so on and the affiliates won’t go home empty-handed either from July 1st to July 15th there will be a separate tournament for them with a total of 5 different categories the highest number of FTD’s the highest total FTD some and so on each category will have 20 winners that will get the dole best gifts 1st place a Macbook second place an iPhone 3rd place an iPad 4th and 5th place a pair of air pods each but seriously drift casino is going big this time so play send us traffic have fun and remember we make money when you make money ok guys that’s all for today leave us a like subscribe to our Channel and let us know what you think about the reinvented news in the comments see you in 10 days


  1. Болели за Danludana, какой раньше был контент и сейчас…Несомненно вырос и набрал приличную аудиторию зрителей, а его «звонок в дурку» уже скопировали многие стримеры. Так что Даня парень четкий теперь)

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