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So do you know what was really strange
about Google I O? That was the lack of gaming related stuff really? I mean it
was almost blink and you’ll miss it. So essentially
what they’ve done is announce that they’re going to keep up with Apple and that’s about it really.They’ve
announced that we will be seeing many of the same next generation
mobile effects, shaders and so on that Apple have already
announced and that will be coming across to Android as well. Now they’ve been working with their GPU partners here people like Qualcomm, people like Media Tech and more crucially from this conference seems to be Nvidia and their K1 technology. Nvidia’s got a a lot of mentions this year. I mean
proportionally more than they’ve had any other year. It seems to me that
certainly these new next-generation effects for
developers are primarily at least in the short term going to be
available from Nvidia first. So if it’s a K1 chip then you’ll
be getting these new features available for development. Now they’re
really pushing the idea here that they’re coming up to console quality
graphics. I’m not quite so convinced at this stage
that we are hitting anything close to Xbox 360 or
PS3 quality graphics. We’re getting close but
not quite close enough. Now what’s really interesting here is Nvidia have kind of been locked out of the next-gen console market anyway. AMD obviously is serving Sony and Microsoft there very well and it always made me wonder why they didn’t, Nvidia fight harder for that console market. Actually now we
know why they were going to run an end-run
essentially around traditional consoles and produce a chip, the K1, that they would be putting into mobile
devices. If you think about it how many games consoles are going to be sold
every year versus how many mobile devices are going to be sold every year when you look at the complete suite? So
you’re talking smartphones, tablets, TVs with Android TV and even the
Android car platform. Now when you look at Nvidia being
embedded into all those devices suddenly it makes the maybe ten to
fifteen million units of next-gen consoles look like, well, a waste of anybody’s time. They could be
talking here hundreds of millions of K1 chips potentially being used. Now the
interesting thing here is that Nvidia kept getting mentioned almost like the headline act of graphics on Android
this time round. The likes of Qualcomm, Media Tech and so on were kind of just logos floating on a screen but they weren’t represented as being part of this new
wave of 3d gaming on mobile. It makes me think
that potentially they don’t actually have an answer to that
right now that to all intents and purposes Nvidia are
going to own this next 12-month period potentially even slightly beyond the
next twelve month period as well. Takes time to ramp up that silicon if
you’re another company. So overall I think things are looking very bright
for Nvidia in the mobile space and for Android by extension. However
obviously when we only have one major partner able to hit that
graphics barrier as it were there is the potential that Nvidia becomes,
well, synonymous with mobile 3d gaming at the expense of many other partners
out there who could well be capable of delivering better quality GPUs for
instance lower power, lower heat. So what do you
think? Is this going to be a major boost for Nvidia and the Android platform? Does it encourage you to go out and pick up a K1 equipped Android device for the next
generation of Android gaming? Or are you a little bit more on the
fence and wishing Qualcomm and the others would hurry up and get up-to-date GPUs out there? Let us know in the comments and do
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  1. Nvidia don't go for console hardware because they didn't want to build a chip at a price point that Msoft or Sony need.

  2. when it comes down to gaming on phones graphics is not what im looking for right now id prefer if someone came out with a way to stop the games controlling like ass on a touch screen

  3. I don't agree at all. The K1 is the only 64 bit chip out at the moment so that is why it's being talked about. It doesn't have a built in LTE modem which has been nvidia s maul in there coffin for the last few years. In a TV or TV box they are fine but not in a phone. There will be a new snapdragon that will be out by the end of the year and that week be the chop that all lte markets get.

  4. Nvidia is already better than amd in pc graphics so i wouldn't be surprised if they make the best mobile chip aswell!!

  5. I think in terms of raw power it will take quite some time for a mobile GPU to get any close to a 10 years old(or more) raw power of a GeForce 9800 GTX

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