1. omg thank you so much, im actually about to buy one of those three mics AND interface, this was probably the perfect video to help me decide


  3. Hey… Thanks a lots… You make a great test jejeje. I´m shure video takes you more time than your decition jejeje. Great video, fast and easy… goes to the point without bullshit. Congrats!!!!

  4. Man, i love how you set the audio, did you use the interface that you put in the description? So with the interface can i adjust my audio?

  5. The biggest change was from the intro to the NW700 at the beginning. It sounded like you voice was disappearing down the back of your throat! I guess if you were just using one of the NWs it would be passable, but it lacks that full rich tone you get with higher end mics. Thanks for doing the review. very useful to hear the differences.

  6. Thank you so much. I have the 700 and just ordered the 800 to use in my Facebook live show. Your videos are indeed very informative. Kudos!

  7. Ran these recorded tests through a compressor and got a better sense of the differences. NW800 had more high frequency harmonic distortion while NW1500 had more mid frequency harmonic distortion. Neither were particularly pleasent. The NW700 had very little harmonic distortion at all and was the most transparent sounding (least colored). The NW1500 did tame sibilants ("S" sounds) better than the others, but probably due to its unnatural sounding high frequency pattern.

  8. Hi! I bought the nw 700 I have the phantom power and it sounds different it’s very bad how can you help me to change the sound

  9. How would these do in picking up sound from a speaker system in a skate center? If need a sample video i can email a video

  10. This might seem crazy but I didn’t head a different just that each one that was more expensive had a slightly more flashy microphone gril

  11. Our NW-700 is the best out of the 2 mics we use on a daily. The NW-800 we use picks up everything in the background and white noise, even after calibrating it 30+ times :/

  12. I thought T-Bone mics (from Thomann in the EU) were cheap and 99% as good as Shure, Sennheiser etc until I 'stumbled on' the Neewer mics – I've now bought SIX! 2 x 700's and 4 x 800's. I run them through a Soundking analogue mixer to 800w active bins. I would agree with Bandrew – the 700 is better for vocals and the 800's I use as instrument mics – all ALWAYS with wind guard foam tops though as they are susceptible to spit pops (the only drawback as far as I can see?) etc. The bands I PA for cannot believe how little I paid for them and how good the sound is. A couple have given up using their aging SM58's (£115 in the UK) for the 700!!! Why? Because they are 99% of the performance of an SM58 (all our mics are on stands as the lead singers are also guitarists) – and 99% of the audience couldn't tell the sound difference if it jumped up and hit them in the face!! But – at £14.50 (which is what I paid a couple of weeks ago on Amazon in the UK for my latest 700) they can break and get replaced many times over before you hit the price of ONE 'standard' mic from anyone else! But they don't break – that's the other thing:- for large diaphragm mics they are remarkably tough and resistant to the knocks of gigging. Wish I'd found them sooner….

  13. I have to agree the NW 800 seemed best overall, there was a lot less echo on the distance test. I have to agree with Sonac on the electric guitar test it sounded slightly distorted. I would definitely go for the 700 if I wanted to record electric guitar but I wont be using it for that. I felt there was a little more popping on the 800 in the first test but maybe it's a little more sensitive.
    Really love the tests you do thanks for helping me make the decision to spend 2 bucks more to get the 800.

  14. Is it the Neewer brand phantom power that give the mic hiss? Because my NW-800 has a bit of hiss to it. I can remove most of it with a software filter, but it doesn't seem to sound as good as you have it, and you say this is the raw audio, which makes me wonder if it's the mic that hisses or if the phantom power that comes with the Neewer kits that causes it.

  15. Another lollipop mic review..thank you! Sounds comparable, so not a bad buy. Everyone loves the BM800 or the NW800. I wonder what the main difference in the construction of these mics are that make them a bit better.

  16. “… … ……. …. …. …. … ……….”

    (That's “now I'm sixteen feet away from the microphone”)

    To me they all sounded equally poorly. Including a good microphone might have made it a bit more interesting.

  17. Hi. Pls correct content on website, as you are stating the NM-800 to go up to 26 KHz… Thanks. (https://www.geeksrising.com/allshows/2016/4/24/nw-700-vs-nw-800-vs-nw-1500-comparison-versus-series)

  18. ¿Por qué a tí se te escuchan bien todos los micrófonos? Otro tipo hizo review del NW800 y se esuchaba mal

  19. Yeah, the only big difference I noticed was on the electric guitar part where the 800 sounded different than the other two.

  20. On amazon, I see that there are two differerent versions of this mic nw-700. One with a DC power adapter for the power supply ($59 CAD) and the other has USB cable ($54 CAD) for the power supply. Will using the USB cable to power the power supply from a desktop cause issues with sound quality?

  21. what if you dont use phantom power…just plug the 3.5 in your pc mic jack? my soundards are soundblaster AE5 and zx. thanks

  22. how the hell did you get the mic so quiet? i have the 700 and mine has a ton of noise. maybe its the power box im using that came with it?

  23. I bought some time ago the NW-700 and conected it directly to my computer, it sounded terrible and I had to edit the audio a lot in order to make it sound a little decent (it had a quality similar to my earphone's micro), now I realise that I have to buy the interface to get a good sound

  24. Use the nw 700 on my csgo gaming channel never had an issue and sounds great I highly recommend it I paid around 30 cad on ebay I just ordered the nw-800 I heard it has better lower frequency response and the 800 I ordered comes with a usb output option on the 48v phantom power box the 700 was just xlr..both came as an entire kit pop filter power box cables boom screen and mic..

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