Of Course There’s A Game With A Mass School Shooting In It On Steam (The Jimquisition)

You’re scaring me. You are lying, I never hit you! You are tearing me apart Lisa! Why are you so hysterical? Do you understand life? Do you? MUSIC:
BORN DEPRESSED – DRILL QUEEN MUSIC FADES OUT Some people will go on the internet
to express their outrage, to express their fury,
to express their disgust!… …that the Battlefield 5 cover, has a lady on it. POMPOUS:
Because it’s disrespectful to the millions of people
who lost their lives in World War 2, you see? That’s the reason! That’s the reason. Anyway those same people
will then go on the internet, to tell other people that they’re “triggered little snowflakes”, because they are offended by something. Not quite realizing the irony there… BABY CRYING Similarly, some of these people
will then go on the internet to tell us that we shouldn’t be bothered
by the game “Active Shooter”. Which is a game on Steam right now. Again, not quite realizing
one or two crucial details, but that’s why I’m here. I’m here to shoulder the burden of enlightenment, and pass my knowledge onto you. Even though some of you
will refuse to heed my counsel, and will literally nail me,
to a literal cross, with literal nails, like literal “Hya-Zeus” (Jesus), and I’m willing to be that “Hya-Zeus” figure,
for you. So here we go with… ..my teachings. Of course there’s a game
with a mass school shooting in it, on Steam. And of course, it’s been
upcoming on Steam’s release schedule for ages, without Valve
so much as passing comment on it. And of course,
mainstream users picked it up. Of course, a coterie of status quo warriors
are rushing to defend it, saying it “triggers” people. And of course neither the developer, the defenders,
or seemingly Valve itself, is considerate
or just basically, fucking intelligent enough, to work out the actual ramifications
of allowing shit like this on the storefront, to the potential future
long term detriment of the service. In case you don’t yet know; a game is headed to Steam next month,
called “Active Shooter”, by all accounts,
its another run-of-the-mill crappy looking FPS, visually hard to distinguish
from any number of crummy asset flips, clogging up Steam’s
wet, squalid, passages. It’s basically;
well a game about mass shooters “The choice is yours!”,
boasts the Steam store page, Beamingly explaining the ability for players
to take on the role of SWAT team officers, or the titular active shooter,
who is there to gun down civilians, and basically do what we’ve seen at Las Vegas… …and Orlando… …and Virginia Tech, and Sandy Hook,
and Sutherland Springs, and Stoneman Douglas, and San Bernardino,
and Santa Fe. Oh by the way, have you heard? There were a terrifying number of mass shootings,
that continue to go on, and typically making a videogame
to emulate the ongoing
and increasing fuck dump of a situation, is the surest way
to land yourself in hot water… …the kind of hot water Active Shooter
is currently paddling about in. The company behind this is somehow
surprised and perplexed by what’s going on: “Since this games storefront has been live, I have been stormed with accusations
and heavy critics from people across the globe.” But I mean, I feel pretty cool now,
I’m a rather heavy critic. CHUCKLE Anyway, the creator is somehow galled at the idea of a game about mass shootings
getting a negative reaction. I mean what reaction was it gonna get?! They defend the game
by stating it doesn’t promote violence, its merely a: “Dynamic SWAT simulator,
in which dynamic roles are offered to players”. And just for the record;
simply repeating the word dynamic without qualification,
doesn’t trick me into thinking the game’s appealing. They also point the finger
at games like Carmageddon and Hatred, using the old
“they do it too defense”, and stating they’re much worse, failing to realize that neither game – as edgy and shocking as they try to be – directly reference an ongoing
epidemic of mass shootings in America, You know like a game
with an interactive school shooting might. And of course,
the usual fucking idiots have flocked to Active Shooter, and pledge to pump more money into it
than they pumped squalid loads into the same old sock. As you might expect; commenters are crowing about “salty tears” and “people being triggered” without realizing the very thing they’re celebrating is an actual threat to the free speech
they claim to love so much. MOCKING HIGH VOICE:
“Please don’t let SJW’s ruin this game
we NEED this game” “We NEED this game as a fuck you to them” NORMAL:
Rights won desperately, clueless dipshit. Less self-aware than David Gage himself, we need, all-caps, we NEED this game, as a fuck you we NEED SOUND STRETCHED OUT SHAKING OPEN MOUTHED WITH CHEEKS So let me explain why Active Shooter is a terrible idea, that will potentially contribute to the downfall
of games like…Active Shooter. Of course, I fully expect to be ignored by such people, they’ll just scream: MOCKING HIGH VOICE:
“Are you offended? Are you offended?” and not actually address anything sensibly? But at least I can say I attempted to tell them
why they’re clueless morons. Oh by the by,
I struggle to be offended by this game at all, in truth. Very much like the last
homophobic game I played on Steam, it’s too desperate a grab for controversy,
to be anywhere approaching offfensive. That said; clearly the game has offended some people,
and has the potential to offend a lot more. This might not sound like an issue, in fact if you’re one of these ass-caravans who would cut their own eyes out, if it would upset them liberals, you might think:
“Great! The more offense it causes the better!”, but as Active Shooter’s news coverage
reaches more mainstream eyes,
the potential for it to offend skyrockets, and so too does the potential for powerful people,
to be powerfully offended. In the nineties Mortal Kombat
was the offensive game of choice, If today’s idiot climate was the same now, as back then; people would have celebrated Mortal Kombat,
for the amount of so-called “triggering” it would cause, but the end result of such “triggering”
was political pressure to sanitize the game industry, and in the words of tabloid newspapers: “Ban this sick filth!” You know…actual censorship. Yeah people who blame JSW’s for everything,
seem to forget: it’s the politically incorrect and right-wing sources,
like the Daily Mail, who actually want to get rid of stuff. Eventually, all the pressure would lead to the formation of the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) an organization specifically designed
to keep politicians off the game company’s backs. And for the most part
– outside of various failed legislative attempts – the ESRB has worked, in this capacity But ever since Steam Direct and Valve’s commitment
to not giving a shit about quality control, or any form of standards whatsoever, the ESRB’s efforts
are essentially tossed out the window. Hell, Valve’s one job is to make sure the game works before release, and they still can’t even manage that! Software still launches without
the crucial executable file, that allows them to run. Steam’s an utter free-for-all,
steadily filling with questionable trash that regularly upsets customers,
for one reason or another. And quite frankly,
I’m shocked that the tidal wave of resulting garbage didn’t lead to games like Active Shooter sooner. This is why my first – and most natural reaction –
to news about the game was to roll my eyes and mutter: “Of course, of course, there’s a game
with a mass school shooting in it, on Steam.” And if games like this continue
to clamber and crawl across Steam, like so many fleas: the faster down
“the-mountain-side-of-legislation” it can roll. It’s like what I quite accurately predicted
about loot boxes: If an industry continues indulging only itself,
and damning the consequences, eventually someone, or something else,
will BECOME the consequences. We saw this with the political pressure
surrounding in-game gambling mechanics, to the point where such practices
shrivelled up to a sliver of their potential. In the “real” world,
outside of Steam’s bullshit, you simply can’t emulate a school shooting
and expect to get away with it unscathed. Imagine if this game was found in the upcoming releases section of the Nintendo Switch’s eShop: the almighty shitstorm
it would bring down on Nintendo’s head. Hell, even the PS4,
– despite becoming Steam 2.0 – would likely refuse this out of Barkin Basement,
basic business savvy, because in the real world,
outside of owning and being owned on twitter.com, there are established standards and practices, specifically to stop companies
getting blasted by negative news coverage, and making the whole industry
look like fucking amateurs! if you can, disconnect yourself from your politics of pride, for just a second, and try to look at the game
through the eyes of someone who understands
what actions and reactions are. Unless you’ve got a phone where your brain should be,
you ought to see why and how this shit don’t fly. We’re now at the point where Valve’s
inability and unwillingness to vet its own store-front
is becoming dangerous. Its reckless short-sightedness,
that I simply can’t comprehend anymore, unless Valve is trying to get shut down in a convoluted
“Producers”-like money-making scheme, it’s being run by complete fools,
who can’t see an inch in front of their shit-filled noses. This could make the ESRB a lot stricter, which in turn could have a detrimental impact on developers, who would need to pay the rating fee to said ESRB, and if that doesn’t happen, things could be much worse. The Wild West will always, eventually, be tamed, and while Steam’s floodgates might be open now, we may very well
be looking at the final years of Deadwood, if shit like this continues to gain traction. Steam’s current model,
of allowing everything up first, and only removing content
if it upsets enough people, is not sustainable. There’s a reason why barely anyone else
fucking does it, right? It’s not sustainable,
because it’s beyond fucking incompetence, and could have a damaging knock-on effect
for the industry at large. And I could explain
how a game featuring a playable school shooting would be very reasonably
upsetting to people, in a country where
school shootings keep happening. But no…people do need that explained to them,
these days, don’t they? Well, anyway,
keep honing the libs, folks(!) I hope the long-term
collateral damage is worth it(!) You know,
I take a portion of what I said back, I said I wasn’t offended by the game
and in truth… …I am a bit, because I’m offended by really stupid,
short-sighted, reckless, business moves… …and…that’s what this is. And I know
some people will say: but Jim, but Jim, but… Jim, but… …Jim… ANNOUNCER:
I like that a lot. Are you saying:
we should run scared? Are you saying:
we should tell-tale to the critics? POMPOUS SINGSONG:
Are you saying: we should run,
with our tails between our legs?… HIGH VOICE:
Yeah, sometimes… …in some cases… …maybe yeah… NORMAL VOICE:
…it’s called “the better part of valor”, look it up… …because sometimes in very specific situations, with very specific context, IN TIME WITH HANDS:
Sometimes it is wiser,
to not just forge ahead, out of sheer bullheaded principle. Okay? That’s why people thank God for me,
even if they don’t want to, it’s the principle of the thing and they know what’s right. Thank God… …for me! ON SCREEN:
Get the fuck outta here! I’ll get back to work. SILENCE OUTRO MUSIC As many of you will know by now… John “Totalbiscuit” Bain
passed away last week, after a long-fought battle with cancer. And to be quite honest,
to be quite honest with you, I don’t know what to say about that,
I don’t have words. It’s been…quite a few days, but, but you never really know what to say, you think that you are prepared for the worst,
because you hear…the worst, is coming… But, no one is ever really quite adequately prepared, to see someone go, at that age…you know,
not even mid thirties, but basically, you know, almost identical in age to myself and it’s, ehm… it’s, it’s very fucked up to see that. STAMMERS:
and I… My heart only breaks for for Jenna
and the rest of the family left behind, which is… …the bit that… that’s that’s the most tragic, because… EMOTIONAL:
…because Totalbiscuit was holding it together…
and holding the line, which was admirable,
given that the sheer amount of pain he was in. Whatever anyone thinks about,
about, Totalbiscuit, they can’t say he wasn’t… …a stubborn bastard,
when it came to fighting… …a lot of stuff,
and predominantly… …the cancer that he was holding off, long beyond doctor expectations, which is…just amazing It did speak to the guy’s willpower… but… fuck… fuck… You know…
Before it happened I said on a podcast, Somewhat ignorantly, I guess, that I didn’t subscribe to people who said:
“fuck cancer!”, because it seems pretty…hopeless, pretty futile, in the face of of a disease
that doesn’t give a shit what you say. You think about it… …but I understand why people do it now,
it can be a cold comfort, but it can be a comfort,
because cancer really is the pits. Ehm, but anyway, anyway,
I could I could rant about that all day. Like I said, I can’t really formulate the correct words at the moment. Ehm, I’m still in a measure of disbelief about it… But you know,
you can’t… …you can’t,
not say something, …ehm… even if you don’t know what to say… SADLY:
Thank God for FOV-sliders… I Guess… SOFTLY:


  1. 1) The idea that sex is worse than violence is a foul lie which continues to stain our 'society'. A female nipple causes terror and moral outrage, but mass murder in GTA V or a game like this, or the horrific filth in Agony? That's just fine. After all, the aim of the ruling oligarchy is to program us to be scared of sex but usefully violence-prone and desensitized to killing. 2) Playing as the shooter in this GoldenEye knockoff would be very boring, surely. Mowing down unarmed targets? Uninteresting. Oh, you get to murder cops too? Sorry.

  2. What is the problem? School shooting are Now a common thing in the u.s. Should be considered like u.s. Culture

  3. Someone who 'NEEDS' a school shooting video game NEEDS to have their head examined. Because to me they are one step from commiting one themselves.

  4. People aren't mad that women exist in BF5, they are mad that DICE went about shoehorning them into the game in the least historically accurate way possible and labeling anyone who objected as an uneducated bigot. During the war, women served in the Russian army/airforce, the French resistance, and the RAF (something which other games such as MoH Underground and CoD Finest Hour have accurately portrayed). Instead of doing something like that, however, DICE decided to have a mission about the Norwegian heavy water sabotage that erased the heroes of that story and credited the whole thing to a 15-year-old girl and her mother. That isn't being respectful to the women who actually served in the war, and it is downright insulting to the Norwegian commandos who carried out the aforementioned heavy water sabotage.

  5. I hope after this video and after the game came out, Jim Sterling actually understood why people thought a paraplegic woman with a relatively high tech arm was a dumb inclusion in a game series like battlefield, and stopped thinking it was because of the strawman of sexism. And I hope he understood why the creators making changing those included historical events to make them accomplished by women was disrespectful and that if Dice wanted to include women and show that they were in the war they could have used real historical events that they were a part of.

  6. I defend the ability to be allowed to want to make this game, I do not defend the ability to actually do it. Who funds this hot potato of corporate suicide!?

  7. This is why when I see people comment on SJW’s I just laugh. Because they’re idiots. They don’t even know what that means. Cough cough The quartering cough cough.

  8. About that battlefield game people were getting upset over
    Weren't some of the best snipers during that time period women?

  9. Most of the comments here are fucking pervs complaining there's no anime titties on Steam. Cunt, why do you wanna give up $25 for a fucking sexy dating sim when you can literally google "anime titties" and bypass the headache of a game and the cost of the game. Fucking idiots.

  10. Bahaha. Listen once you Censor this, games can be censored further who sais thier gonna stop at just school shooting games, next it's shooting games in general. Then violence at all. They never stop at what they propose at first.

  11. I look at Trump supporters with this same insight. Do they care that they are supporting an entitled con man lying racist piece of shit who is turning a country inside and out? Nope. Just as long as we be pissin off them there Liberal snowflakes, it's worth it.

  12. “Of course there is a game with school shootings on Steam and why we shouldn’t give a flying fuck about it“ would be a way better title

  13. I’m not offended by the game, but I can’t help but wonder why it was made. If it was made with the intent of spreading awareness, that’s one thing. But I’m pretty sure this was made to get a rise out of people since it looks really bad. The AI looks terrible, the overall game looks extremely poor in quality, which makes me think that not much effort was put into this p.o.s.

  14. bruh if you wanna shoot up a school in a video game just get gmod download a school map and set up some npcs.

    i swear im not a dangerous psychopath

  15. I'm not saying you couldn't be daring and tell a compelling story of a person breaking down and lashing out. Wasn't that what the movie Falling Down was about. But this looks like trash and seems was simply created to court controversy.

  16. I don't know, I honestly don't like this school shooter game at all, but I also do think a cyborg women thing in world war 2 is incredibly stupid.

  17. Damn, I had a game about school shooting as an idea in my idea txt file :c At least it had a better name, that is: "American Pastime: School Shooter Story", with multiple endings and rating system (so, for example if you mainly shot female staff you'd get "mommy issues" rating). I was planning on having a number of different school layouts, maybe even level editor, and I could go on, but I don't want to write everything down, in case I do end up making that game.

  18. Worst Jim sterling video of all time. Never would I ever think Jim Sterling would advocate censorship… Wow, sad…

  19. "Dynamic SWAT SHooter"
    ………….. Does this Fuckwit know the SWAT series of games already fucking exists?

  20. Update: Yet another Colorado school shooting happened recently: STEM got shot up the other day and it has been 20 years since the infamous Columbine shooting. I haven't heard video games being blamed for shootings recently, but still.

  21. The freedom of speech is the biggest-ass double-bladed sword there is. Cod V can put a lady on the cover, and people can make Mass Shooting games. Flat Earthers can spout nonsensical gibberish, and hate groups on any side of the spectrum can have their speech protected.

    Inn'it grand?

  22. Has a law allowing just about anyone to have firearms, has a massive amount of shootings, doesn't see the connection, trys to resolve the problem by insisting that more people should have guns, to stop the shootings.
    The NRA, determined willfull ignorance of the facts championships contender of the year.

  23. As a foreigner i don't see how a game with a school shooting is worse than an entire airport gunned down in modern warfare, or the rest of the massive amount of civilian deaths resulting from military actions that are used as the settings for many similar game's, americans seem to have an unconscious level of subtext in the way they talk about death, when it involves an americans death it is unacceptable but if it's someone in another country then its only a tragedy if it is a significant number of lives and it didn't involved u.s. military action, and that second factor really shortens the list of tragedys.
    Admittedly the british attitude isn't much better when it comes to a false sense of superiority.

  24. I fucking miss you John Bain.

    I'm glad there are honest pundits like Jim Sterling and Colin Moriarty carrying his torch.

  25. From what I see you arent supposed to shoot children, it's just another SWAT vs terrorists game with a school map. So where's the problem? The building? Oh, come on! Dead space 2 had you shoot exploding babies and children in a kindergarden, the last of us had a school section where you shoot infected civillians, the movie Kingsman had a scene where one of the agents murdered like 30 people in a church. Things like that sound offensive when taken out of context but each game or movie had an explanation for it and the characters often have no choice other than kill or be killed. In this active shooter you arent forced to shoot anything other then the ones trying to kill you. So it's actually not a real school shooting game but a multiplayer game with a school map. It would be offensive if you were forced to shoot children who did nothing to you, but from what I found that's not the case. People have become so sensitive that it actually limits the creativity of game developers. I don't know how it's possible to get offended so easily

  26. I wonder if one of my teenage self's stupid forum/Steam comments has been featured in this channel yet.

  27. The only reason people like the game for the outrage is because it's snowflakes who are outraged by it. The same snowflakes who are outraged by "racist" games. No mentally stable person gives a shit how violent or offensive a game is. It's a game.

  28. If this game didn't allow you to play the shooter it might not get as much flack. After all, we play games where we constantly kill Nazis. Imagine if you could play a teacher and use certain items/tools to save children, or …kill the shooter. Turning it into an asymmetric thing does make the shooter is feel like a piece of shit.

  29. Do you remember when Beavis and Butt-head and Mortal Kombat brought the entire world to its knees Pepperidge Farms remembers

  30. As a fan of The Spoony Experiment I gotta ask probably a pretty important question…… Why did this need to exist when SWAT 4 exists and looks and plays unironically better

  31. I'm just sad it was a bad game with no budget. If you're going to piss off snowflakes do it right please! I bought the game Hatred just so i could rub my titts with liberals tears.

  32. The right wing wants to get rid of stuff more than the left are you saying? Shall we make a list to compare who wants to ban more or are you busy saving the planet that was desperately awaiting your arrival for salvation?
    Ya, thought so. Thank God for himself, here in the video!

  33. I've had a number of conversations about things like this.

    I dont think it was very clever of Steam to let Active Shooter on steam due to the public image damage it caused but I understand their mindset, Steam seems to wish to be THE place where games are found, them putting money into large vetting programs would give rise to competitors that allow the content they block.

    To say "this game should t exist" is moronic, we have been fighting for YEARS to get games recognized as "art" just like movies and if that is the case than the government cant have say what is within it or set a standard it must meet. You yourself Jim have said "if you dont like the show just dont watch it" how can you say that then go off and say games that disgust us should not exist. I believe this game has the right to exist, just not that it was smart of Steam as a business to host it.

    TLDR: hosting the game was dumb but if Human Centipede is allowed to exist than games like this can as well.
    They both only exist to be controversial, who cares.
    Let the developer advertise and host it themselves, or on a forum somewhere.

  34. A year later and the right-wing is threatening civil war if their corrupt criminal of a President is impeached for literally violating the Constitution numerous times and fucking admitting to it daily all over Twitter and MSM(the same outlets he hates but won't stop fucking bragging to about his crimes even though he says they're "fake news"), all whilst accusing Democrats and actual leftists of violence and intolerance.

    Fuck right-wingers, fuck Republicans and establishment Democrats, and fuck anyone that supports these corrupt shitlords.

  35. odd how these people seem to give more of a shit about an unborn mass of cells than ACTUAL living children in schools

  36. Your career is spent complaining about aspects of games. And the people who called out BF for their mockery of historical accuracy are snowflakes?

  37. I don't think a lot of reactionary gamers realize how lucky we were that Jack Thompson was an absolute fucking idiot. If an actual competent attorney who had an axe to grind targeted the gaming industry and used games like Active Shooter and Hatred as evidence of a problem when people are getting desperate and those in power were looking for an easy target…it would not have been a stretch to see the kind of regulations they see in Australia applied here.

  38. I’ve always thought that Steam stood firmly in the category of Chaotic Good they aren’t always the smartest people but they do more good than bad. That isn’t to say they get a free pass for stupid shit like this.

  39. Yeah because hatred was definitely really different from this riiiiight? Oh those who claim to understand free speech are always the first ones ready to yank it from you.

  40. Yeah because hatred was definitely really different from this riiiiight? Oh those who claim to understand free speech are always the first ones ready to yank it from you.

  41. To be fair, since Americans are clearly not bothered by school shooting (or they would have done something by now). I don't see why people should be offended by this.

  42. So break your principle of free speech because it might bebroken by others in the future.

    Disgusting. There's a lot I agree with Jim on, this topic is not one of them. Never bend the knee.

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