Online Violin Lessons – Learn The Violin – How To Play Fiddle

hi I’m Laura was rendered by Lynn thank you for visiting to learn more
about online violin lessons on they’re not for everybody or for
every circumstance but you can learn to play violin online
90 you probably have suzuki violin lessons a budget questions and I’m hoping to
answer them in upcoming videos on the same page but
first just let me tell you a little about myself as the teacher here at Red Desert violin
I’m a professional violinist and for the last twenty years or so I
beat my living both teaching and playing the violin
I’ve got a master’s degree in violin performance and i’ve served as
concert master and principal second violin lessons online in numerous orchestras I’m also been a
featured soloist with many of these orchestras I’m also talk a lot of students an apt I
love beginners and I had great success using this is a
key violent method on these beginners and now after about
12 months at work I developed a series %uh online violin
lessons designed to take the beginner all the
way through Suzuki violin method took one these lessons are clear and
concise the following logical step-by-step
progression the same progression I’m use with
hundreds of my private violin students they have clearly defined assignments each week and you’ll have a lot to help
practicing and learning to practice correctly by the time you finish this six-month
course you will have a solid foundation in learning the violin that can easily be applied to
any style you may want to pursue whether its classical little Celtic fiddle jazz blues you name it it will apply in the next
few videos I will tell you my story and what
brought me here today I will discuss with you some concerns
that you might have about online violin lessons and I will reveal
some of the unique features about Red Desert violins online lessons

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