Ousted Navy Secretary Sounds Off After Trump Jumps Into SEAL Controversy | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. ..we will suffer greatly from all the responsible people leaving their post because of the this crooked and self serving administration that should have never existed and most likely wouldn't have without enemy disinformation…

  2. In fn believable…. so glad me old Ww2 Dad ainโ€™t alive to see this…… not American… but makes ya sad for what you know of the honour of the US military…….. of which he spoke so so highly… sad indeed.

  3. Hi from elsewhere in the world…. so is the Pentagon able to 25th him or is that mutiny… Because y'know this is a very decisive play by the president … is this first crack in the foundation a fixable crack or is it going to be the beginning of the end of rule by constitutional law. Let this crack run and that's how it probably ends.

  4. 4:16 Gallagher questioning an Admiral on TV looks like insubordination and against the UCMJ. If he's brought up on charges for this will Trump intervene?

  5. Trump has asked Gallagher to appear with him on stage. Gallagher got in trouble once for appearing with a corpse in a photo now he appears with another corpse , trump…..

  6. Trump has just opened the door in this as he has before made it perfectly clear that respect for commands following the law be it constitutional law public law congressional law and military law is something not to be worried about or bothered with. Moreover if he keeps this up and even somehow manages to never leave the Oval Office as he often goes into claiming he plans to never leave the future command structure of the Military will be filled with officers willing to break all laws America will be seen as a state of military war criminals. It's already seen as a country that obstructs bringing military personal to international justice when US military breaches international treaties on warfare and it's only get worse.

  7. Once again trump is doing Putin's bidding. Everyone needs to remember that the GOP are fine with this. This is the 4th thing trump has done to undermine authority in the military. The 1st was sending troops to guard the border. The military is not legally allowed to be used as control in it's own country. The second time was when we found out they were given permission to shoot at moving vehicles along the southern border.The 3rd time was when the military was told that commands wouldn't change unless the order came from either the DOJ or the Secretary of State. Never has the DOJ or the Secretary of State commanded the military. Trump is following Putin's orders to create chaos in the order of command in the military. This is treason and should be prosecuted as such. We are in serious trouble.

  8. Bone spurs has only done this so he can dangle a man in uniform at his rallies for his base to whoop whoop over. Have the military by all means but an honourable one. Gallaghers own troops adjusted his weapon to stop him killing innocent people. Wow not an honourable man in my eyes.

  9. 4:06 What needs to be done is to make sure that everyone understands that this President is an impostor, and he does not understand much about how the world really works. He only knows how he WOULD LIKE IT to work!

  10. So now , the brain washed military personal are learning they have freedom to donโ€™t follow stupid brain washed superiors, thank you Mr President finally weโ€™re going to be a free country

  11. Well If everything go well with the impeachment what 45 said won't mean anything but he's corrupt. And it seems like just about everyone around him.

  12. It's concerning that less than a week after claiming a "civil war" would occur if he is impeached, he is now creating a wedge between the enlisted and leadership in the military.

  13. As a veteran of the 91 Gulf War, I feel these Specops guys are out of control and think they're above the law. No wonder Trump intervened

  14. This so called navy seal has the audacity to bad mouth his commander?
    What arrogance!! And in the same breath praise that d**k head in the White House Heโ€™s a narcissist too.
    I am a Navy veteran and Iโ€™m ashamed of you.

  15. The military forces should go against Trump and take back your power.

    Trump wants personal ownership of our military force groups.




  16. The windbag yella belly bonespurs probably calculated,ย 
    ……. distraction, …I might get some positive spin off, and maybe some votes.ย 

    I.e. all about him while continuing to show astounding arrogance and ignorance.

  17. As an old Vietnam Marine, I have great respect for Navy Seals. If I was a Seal, I'd go on Fox and shove that Trident so far up his butt it would hit Devin Nunes in the face.

  18. Looks like Trumps looking for men to lead his civil war, what better place to find them but in jail or disaffected men who were put in their place by their leaders. What better people to lead an unconstitutional coup than men he pardoned.

  19. What is so awful about this is that their are more people than Trump who see nothing wrong with what this murderer has done! It doesn't matter to them that he killed an already injured teen by Knifing him & posing with the corpse like he was an animal because of his Religion! Wake up Christians! The Bible teaches that this exact thing will happen to Christians before Jesus returns. I guess people don't care until it does happen to them!

  20. Who in there right mind would voluntarily join the army for 5years not your prez but then heโ€™s not in his right mind.

  21. In Trump world what crimes are acceptable so Trump ought to issue an apology to Germany for executing their war criminals.

  22. Have to have good order and discipline!! Trump is a nightmare lord help us the next year and god forbid another 4 when Trump does leave his pardons will be totally horrific

  23. It is (or must be) a practical joke to have a draft dodger in the president's seat, COMMANDER IN CHIEF! It is truly A VERY SAD JOKE and pray, tell me, what can tRump possibly know about the military at all, having fought off veneral disease in the 70s as his sole experience in combat. GOD KEEP US SAFE FROM 'the chosen one' tRump!

  24. Trunp chose the wrong hill to die on with this situation.
    Military service members are expected to act with dignity and respect. The elite forces even moreso!
    This guy (Gallagher) doesn't deserve the honor of serving this country.

  25. Trump cares more about murderers and traitors to their OATHS….then the MANY SILDIERS WHO ARENT . ! trump is very mentally ill ..he loves chaos, distortion, and criminal activities . Trump doesnt CARE about our country or americans .
    Trump cares more about protect and bragging about murderous tyrants!! . Trump cares about himself and putin .
    Trump is terrorist influenced by putin who will do anything for him .

  26. Look for the next trump move,donning a uniform like adolph hitler,except unlike trump,hitler did serve in the military during ww1.

  27. Geneva convention dictates how POWs and enemy combatants are to be handled. It does NOT include selfies with your dead victims… Integrity is helpful when confronted with such a situation…

  28. Under Trump there is criminalism in the gvt on a daily basis,why does the army expects 'good order and discipline' is beyond me.
    The fact that this draft dodger corrupt whimp of a lowlife excuse for a person has a say in the army's conduct means that he doesn't deserve the title commander in chief,and that maybe this title,and president should be seperated.

  29. Chief Eddie, as he will soon be known on the Trump 2020 Campaign, earned his Trident as well as his Anchor by meeting or exceeding the tasks set down by his Seniors. That same August Group, via a determined deliberation, can choose to remove those devices and all privileges that came with them – this is not a rare action. The former SECTNAV went politician while in a Chain of Command – about normal for a Trump nominee. The President acted completely within his normal stupid – no surprise here. Chief Eddie is the President's new prop and nothing more – enjoy your speaking tour. Now, let the stupid begin. – sorry, continue.

  30. Here's the message it sends…

    You can ignore the rule of law and the chain of command. Especially if you're rolling with the president.

    Trump supporters within the military will soon be free to work directly for the White House. Like a little private army.

    RIP USA ๐Ÿ˜ญ ๐Ÿ˜ญ ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  31. Traitor Trumps is dismantling USA from the inside, no matter what part of the government he just keeps tearing it apart. Someone that is a draft dodger should NOT be able to take any decision regarding the armed forces, that is why he shouldn't be the chief in command. This lying disgrace has not only made up a medical issue to dodge the service his country asked of him, he does also bash Generals and say he knows more about the military then these men and woman that dedicated their life to the military, that has served for decades, this lying human garbage undermine everything in the USA.
    Trump is a cancer that spreads through society in all levels, brings out the worst among people and let the shady unpatriotic morons surface and gives them a voice, as a cancer he needs to be removed because that is the only way to cure such disease, if cancer is left in the body it will spread to all of it and you will die.

    Trump, Russia's biggest success!

  32. These three acts . . . his seperating immigrant children from their parents and locking them in cages . . . his abandonment of our Kurdish allies fighting ISIS in Syria and . . . his interference in the administration of military justice to Gallagher . . . has shown the vast majority of Americans serving the nation Donald Trump's true colors . . . a dishonorable shade of yellow.

    He has forever alienated the millions of men & women that voluntarily and selflessly serve the national intetests of the United States of America . . . be they diplomatic, military, or federal agents of any types (FBI, Border Control, US Marshalls, Secret Service, etc.).

    They are not with him . . . and will only tolerate him during their 8-hour shifts . . . up until 12 noon on January 20, 2021.

  33. Good order and discipline is the last thing Trump and the Republican Reich want. They want blind murderous hatred that they can order used on political rivals.

  34. Trump needs the troops on his side when he tries to claim the 2020 election "rigged" and invalid. He will use them to stay in power indefinitely.

  35. Apparently Trump is ABOVE the LAW and so he can do what ever he wants in every department of the US government!
    Great presidential figure to teach everyone you can break the law and still get away with it Donny, (do you know about chain of command you non-military fake president).

  36. Richard V. Spencer playing dangerous games against President Trump.ย  According to the Pentagon statement, Esper learned Friday that Spencer had privately made an offer to the White House to allow Gallagher to retire as a Navy SEAL with his Trident insignia. The Washington Post reports that the proposal was "conditioned on the Trump administration agreeing not to interfere in the proceedings against Gallagher."

  37. Serves America right for letting this garbage in the door. Americans REFUSE to stand together when it counts most and that is why this will always be an issue. He saw that he could capitalise on the "us Vs them" rhetoric and he has. Stop the gerrymandering, stop allowing the PARTIES to rig things (doesn't matter how small). Get rid of the electoral college seeing an elector can vote for who THEY WANT TO VOTE FOR and not who their constituents want them to vote for. All in all, everything this person touches gets a super infection. Business, politics, sports and now the armed forces. If Americans don't act now and change course, then WHEN?

  38. If you asked Trump what UCMJ is and/or what it stands for, he wouldn't know. He probably wouldn't care either. Someone like that should just avoid dealing with military justice since they have no understanding or effort to do so.

  39. Lost for words….1- how is this even possible? 2- Are the Americans going to stand by and watch this happen and do nothing about it? It's disgusting….another low point in American history.

  40. No country is going to want your filthy forces on their lands if this behaviour is protected. Grats trump, loss of respect for law and country by the boatload.

  41. Cadet Bone-Spurs has absolutely zero respect for the military, nor for the chain of command. … As Donald "COWARD" Trump thinks he is king of America.

  42. To the average American, like myself, please listen to this lifelong military leader as a guidance toward what Trump has done. Our opinions cannot hold a candle to what this senior veteran has said.

  43. In 2020, take out Trump and the Republicans in the Senate. Now if that does not shake up e good ol' boys, what will?

  44. This now opens the door for other Military Personnel to conduct themselves in such a matter that will discredit the US Military. That Soldier should have lost his badge and been demoted. It proves that under the Trump Administration, you can commit crimes and get away with it. NOT A GOOD LOOK


  46. This orange turd got the idea to pardon this mercenary from the Hannity and the other chicken-hawks at propaganda-mill faux"news." Listen to Master Chief Malcom Nance. His comments mirror my sentiments of this unprecedented malfeasance by a sitting "president."—J.D. Schultz, MM2, USNR, 1965-71.

  47. As the USA is clearly no longer capable of self-policing, let alone self-restraint in the face of tempting war crimes, it is clearly now time to reconstitute the Nuremberg Tribunal and charge, then at least attempt to detain, several living US presidents and a slew of civilians and military personnel. Remember Abu Ghraib, the graveyard of US military, government, and citizen honor!!
    Same goes for Russian and Chinese goons. They all need to go down.

  48. are the russian and chinese intelligence people smarter than the US? Trump violates the constitution and now creating chaos with the military. Who benefits from both? weakening the US military and dividing the american people.

  49. Another Putin puppet trick to destabilize the US. The Art of War states that a general's best (Putin's) weapon is a spy (or operative) embedded in the enemy's side. Trump is Putin's instrument. An easily manipulated man who is President to do as much harm to the US as possible. #tuppet

  50. Another case of bribery, Trump gave the order to let the disgraced seal keep his pin in exchange for having him campaign for Trump.

  51. Trump started to destroy America and now our military! Iโ€™ve said before Iโ€™m gonna say it again he is a Russian asset and all the Spineless Republicans That support him should be ashamed and investigated

  52. Faux News is complicit in Trump's interference in the Navy. The propaganda channel must be shut down. They are banned in many countries.

  53. The EX SECNAV accepted his position by Trump.ย  To quote Trumps words to a Gold Star mother, he knew what he signed up for…..

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