OVERPASS – Gameplay Spotlight

Overpass is an intense off-road simulation, designed to bring tough challenges based on crossing obstacles. This is a spotlight on its gameplay. In the game, you’ll face many types of obstacle. Some are natural, like mud, big rocks, steep slopes, or a combination of those. Others are artificial, built by men. The player will have to deal with pipes, tree trunks or tires, among many other obstacles. In Obstacle Courses, the player has to deal with a succession of those, within the fastest time possible, or at least faster than the other players in multiplayer. In Overpass, the best way to be fast isn’t acceleration. When you face an obstacle, your best shot is to quickly analyze it, understand where your wheels need to grip and pick a path or angle where you will climb. Attacking the obstacle with the right amount of power is key as well as using the right vehicle options. There are several solutions to overcoming an obstacle, and the best one will depend on your driving style, your vehicle and your priorities. Is it better to go easy on your buggy to ensure it’s at full capacity for the next challenges, or will you deal with a little damage to shave off some precious seconds? It’s your call! The other type of race is the hill climb. In this one, you’re at the bottom of a hill, and need to find your way to the top. The distance is usually shorter, but the challenge is much higher. You can see the track as a puzzle, one you can solve with any of the means at your disposal. Some tracks present a narrow, yet technical pass, where the emphasis is on precision to reach the finish line. Others give you multiple pathways to explore. No matter the race type or game mode, Overpass gives you a suite of tough challenges to deal with. Just remember, there is always a solution to reach the finish line. Now it’s your turn. Choose a vehicle, select a track, and get those wheels dirty! See you off-road!


  1. 2007 called, it wants is graphics back, and don’t say graphics don’t matter because they do! they’re a visual medium that helps with immersion.

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