Overwatch 2 Announce Cinematic – Zero Hour | PS4

[SLOW MUSIC PLAYING] Winston? Hmm? What’s on your mind, Mei? Do…do we have enough people for this mission? As long as we stick together… …we’ll be fine. If your going to show… …now would be a good time. [BONG] Attention. This is your captain speaking. We are on final approach to Paris. That’s our cue. You may now power on your electronic devices. Weather is nice and cloudy
with a hundred percent chance of … Null Sector invasion. Winston, clear us a spot to land. We’ll be right behind you. You better be. Why is Null Sector attacking now? I don’t know, Mei. But the people down there need help. And right now… …we’re all they’ve got. Bonjour, officer.
We’re here to help. Good work, Mei. Thanks. Watch your back. Get the civilians to the ship. You got it. What was that? Take cover! Winston? Mei, stay with me. Winston! Mei. She needs help. We can’t stay here. Tracer… …get everyone out of here. I’ll hold the line. But… …you said to stick together. Don’t worry. I’ll be right behind you. You’ve better be. [HEROIC MUSIC PLAYING] Genji. [BEEP, BEEP, BEEP] Yes!
the cavalry’s here. Hello, Winston. Echo! Let’s get you back in the fight. Interlock shields. How are we going to stop this thing? Mei, your backpack! That could work! Tracer, Pulse Bomb. Here ya go. This is getting hot! Ready. Go long. Right. Got it! [PEACEFUL MUSIC PLAYING] Victory is ours, my friends! Hi, Lena. Brigitte? Oh my gosh, you’ve grown. Everyone, this is Mei. Hi, everyone. “Ice” to meet you. Ugh, Reinhardt. Could to have you on board. Thank you. Monsieur, does this mean Overwatch is back? Yes…yes we are!


  1. It's time for an OverWatch movie,Netflix series, MMO and card game. The sequel to the game I've never played. 🎶Let The Bad Guys Win Every Once and Awhile🎶 At some point,no matter how great the series,movie,or graphic novel, A Hero Must Die‼🤯

  2. Ngl…I might actually pay the 20$ for the "2nd" game just cuz of the Story and the RPG/hero missions, Those look so dope. I already have the base game which I don't play anymore so I'm chillin lol.

  3. Playstation i know this is a Big request but i'm asking You if You could help make an evolve 2 theres this youtuber GhostRobo whos been playing it for 5 years and the community would love it evolve just came out on a rough time if it came out now ir would be a hit

  4. Bruh is there any reason why this ain't a movie yet? Because when Genji and the crew showed up and they started to go in and the background music was icing on the cake!!!!

  5. *Thought *
    Maybe they did some changes with the graphics but they cant show them now caz they made it for ps5 and Scarlett and they made a trailer with ps4 graphs 🤔🤔🤔

  6. I'm excited for this. I'm disappointed that other people aren't but I'm still really looking forward to getting a game with a proper story in the Overwatch universe. It's all I've ever really wanted from this game.

  7. Overwatch is a pretty shallow game narrative-wise.

    Wish they’d focus more on the story instead of leaving everything so vague and open to be changed whenever they like.

  8. Playstation me cerraste la cuenta sin rason si por favor recuperar mi cuenta que gaste mis ahorros en tarjetas para que tú me cierres la cuenta no me párese justo

  9. Lot of psychopaths are on internet…One group was against death stranding so i thought that they didn't like the game..now i understood that they are against all kind of games

  10. *Sigh*…….And it still won't be single player….Basically holding onto that BS mentality of EA…Sorry, I am not buying!

  11. I always loved the cinematics from Overwatch, they're always so nice, so epic, so fun..wish the game was like that too. I really liked this cinematic, the soundtrack was nice too, Blizzard should make a movie xD

  12. Overwatch 2 doesn't make any sense..
    Why not release an expansion?
    The sheep are still gonna buy this and get robbed 60 dollars..
    Wow people are idiots.

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