Overwatch 2 – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

We’re being overrun. Null sector is everywhere. I’ll hold ’em as long as I can. What are you doing here? It’s happening again. Harris was just the beginning. This is a global invasion. So, how’s Overwatch enjoyed our city? It’s beautiful except for all the killer robots. Look up there. That’s the command ship. Then we know what we have to do. You’re with me.
We’re getting aboard that ship. I knew you would return one day. It has been too long… …master. I can’t do this . You’ve made your choice. Nobody will stop us. Trouble is cropping up all over the world. It’s not just Null Center. A lot of lives are riding on what we do next. You’ll have to fight one city at a time. Let’s get them, Brigitte. I’ve got you, poppa. Watching your back. Now that’s teamwork. Time to learn some new tricks. Hey, chill out. Do not worry.
I will push it. Okay. Other direction. I am good at pushing things. Sojourn here.


  1. Cash grab lol . I hope we can play as other factions give talon vs Overwatch troops. If not then it’s a really lame

  2. pegar o mesmo jogo, colocar um "2" no final e dizer que é um jogo novo… kkkkkkk, poderia apenas continuar atualizando o overwatch 1… q bosta hein.

  3. Whats that? You want new diablo in pc? Here you have more hero brain dead arena shooter with a super woke rooster instead because we are blizzard and we give you americanized trash.

  4. Fortnite: Here, take it, atmosphere redesign, default character redesign, new map, weapons redesign, new UI, new story, new mechanics. Everything for free.

    Overwatch: Well, you know, we have new skins, genji with clothes, and… well… same missions… PLS GIVE MONEY

  5. Looks like they were inspired by Paladins with the custom hero abilities and such… and the robot girl looks like she’s going to be a lot of fun.

  6. Grow a pair Blizzard and make a looter shooter ala BL2 already.
    You know, like the original vision you had for these characters.

    Free Hong Kong.

  7. Lol they could just make new expansion just like warcraft and no need for 60 dollars sequel, but greedy is the top priority i guess..

  8. *Thought *
    Maybe they did some changes with the graphics but they cant show them now caz they made it for ps5 and Scarlett and they made a trailer with ps4 graphs 🤔🤔🤔

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