1. How about a online mode with the hero's egg ??? Is there something like that with that remaster o just a local Gameplay with npc heroes??

  2. Please Sony, patapon its my childhood, i like the idea of patapon 1 and 2 remasted in Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, please Sony, like you did with Crash Bandicoot work, in that way, please Sony.

  3. I dont know if I'm the only one but I have audio lag when playing thru TV speakers or sound bar speakers. It's only when I have headphones that I get the rhythm right. Should be a patch for it

  4. Patapon 1 was unplayable, but they redeemed it on patapon 2, it is perfectly sync now. Still better to be played with headphones tho.

  5. this was the hardest game I played when I was a kid it gave me the urge to throw my psp I also still don't know how to use don

  6. Hopefully with this, Patapon 3 Remastered would arrive soon too. And who knows, maybe we could get an physical trilogy release with all three games included.

  7. Second part was the best of the trilogy. Part one was really primitive and barebones, while third was a fundamentally different game, with crafting, levelling up etc.

    Part two had everything part one was missing and then some.

    Man, it's so great to see my childhood games get some love a decade later.

  8. Been playing this game since 2008 and I still play it till this day. You may look down upon me, but my ancestors smile upon me you archfiend.

  9. I've been playing patapon since i was 9, and thanks to this game, as a goalkeeper in a sport, it gave me rhythm in my movement and practice. Thanks Sony for this great game.

  10. me (a long time ago): i need to play this game, buys a psp just for this

    me (now): well i guess its time to buy a ps4, DON CHAKA

  11. Don Dodon Dodon, that was the worst combination ever, it was so difficult for me to keep the rythm after or before play that combination

  12. I hope i had my psp with me now… Alas its screen broke and its locked away somewhere. Maybe i should repair it again🤔

  13. Idk if this is the right place to tell it, but the PS4 won't give me a feedback option lol. After defeating the Dodonga for the 100th time (it gets a ☆) my game gets stuck. Please, look into this!

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