Phantasy Star Online 2 Let’s Play – Episode 151 – Harukotan’s History

I’ve prepared a new Matter Board. I want you to take it. Sorry for relying on you as always, but please take care of it. Harukotan is a planet of opposites. Where White and Black were never to mix. Long ago a great war was waged between White and Black lasting for so long that few could remember why it was being fought in the first place. Until at long last, the kings of White and Black alike grew tired of the conflict, and sought to make peace. As proof of their reconciliation, the White king gave his daughter’s hand in marriage to the Black king’s son. For a time the fighting ended. However the child born of this union of White and Black was ashen in color. Miniscule in physique and showing no signs of growth. There was no Black or White on their body. The White king placed the blame with the Black king’s son. The Black king placed the blame with the White king’s daughter. And thus the conflict began anew. The father of Black and the mother of White took up arms against one another. And the ashen child stopped them the only way they could… By giving her life, she stayed her parents’ blades. The parents from the warring tribes returned to their senses. Cradling the ashen child they had just lost, they wished to the heavens to restore her to life, at the cost of their own. The ashen child returned to life and broke into tears. As the ash that once comprised the bodies of her parents slipped through her fingers, her tears fell in great floods. Those tears came to form a great river. A river to seperate White and Black, the River of Eternal Tears. And so, the conflict came to an end. The ashen girl brought it to an end. Yet the ashen girl still prays for them, For her parents, and the lament they felt as they burned into ash…. and that no others need suffer as they once did… Harukotan is a planet of opposites. If life may be granted, so too may death leave its mark. I was wondering who would tell that unpleasant tale, but I was surprised to see it was you, Kotoshiro. Could you not have left it be? And of course there’s Yin and Yang connotations. Honestly, I wonder how you even manage to remember all the details of that awful tale. Because you recounted them to me yourself, Lady Sukuna-hime. Sukuna-hime, was the ashen girl in that story…? Tis an awful tale, not worth being recounted. None of this planet’s history bears any merit to know. I suggest you both forget it. I’m really sorry, Kotoshiro… I think I really made Sukuna-hime mad. No, it is not your doing. Lady Sukuna-hime’s anger is ever-present, brought on by the pointless conflict between White and Black.

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