Play Call of Duty Legends of War on Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator – How to Setup Keyboard Layout

hello everyone this is BanglaWash here back
with another video Call of Duty legends of war recently has been published in
Australia and already some of us have downloaded this game to all the Call of
Duty fans out there I’m gonna say this is an epic Call of Duty game it has
all the old maps and the gameplay and the guns are really really awesome I
have downloaded this game in the Tencent gaming buddy and how I did that there’s
a video on that in the description but after the download I faced some problems
with the keyboard setting and it was really frustrating to figuring out I had
to like go through trial and error process but I thought why don’t you make
a video about it so let’s go learn how to do this
the first thing you have to do you have to go to settings and there’s a gear
button on the top right that’s the setting then if you go to system then
there’s very high high and standard you can very high it doesn’t require that
much of processing so you can put it very high now let’s go controls if you
go to controls and press advanced controls then you see an option button
press option and you can copy my settings and you can change it yourself
then you can go to customize button as app already customized my buttons and
I’m gonna show you how to do that you’re gonna press the keyboard button and you
can like copy my settings these trees are the main and you can see you should
put WASD and and put the aim and switch it to control so that whenever you press
control that cursor mouse cursor goes away reduce the visibility of everything and
confirm choose your game sensitivity as you like ok let’s see how it works in a
match so when the game starts I tried to move my I tried to press WASD and move
my player but it didn’t move it was like with my WS didim Mouse was also going
right and left so this was very problematic and then what I did I
crossed all of the secondary keys and put steering wheel in the left at first
then I saw that it’s working so when I added the filing it was
working it was working fine finally I went to keyboard again and added the
aiming I enabled all of those one by one so now when I press control it’s working
my game is kind of lagging it’s not the game that I am recording and playing at
the same time and also I’m recording my voice so that is the main problem there
so it’s kind of lagging I have so many stuff going on on the PC but it’s really
not that much lagging I’m gonna I’m gonna put another video where I’m just
recording and not doing anything else so you will have a better understanding
how this game works if this video was helpful to you then please like this
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  1. Bro could you help me out a bit ? My game is working fine it my emulator becomes very dark, as in the brightness has been turned down, but it becomes fine when I exit the game….

  2. i did can play the game but now the problem are proper control setting,i can't shoot,can't Close aim & Can't Jump and Crouch…
    please help… ;(

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