1. Sid just said that tlou part II window was the same window as the menu window from tlou. I am sick of people saying this without even checking, IT IS NOT THE SAME WINDOW. 3 years ago, everyone said that the menu window was an homage/reference to the VGA 2011 TLoU trailer opening window.

  2. All I need is a Streets of Rage collection remaster on the PS4 and Vita! Give me that and i'll give you my money for generations to come!

  3. David Jaffe said "Super Smash Brothers" on a PlayStation podcast. Taboo… xD

    I still don't understand why companies (video game companies Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft for example) never really directly acknowledge their competitors by their names of brands on events like this anymore, they just say "the competition" or say an indirect comment referencing them. I mean, I don't see how would that be a form of free advertising… Hmm… (Of course, that is not big deal, just a little observation.)

  4. What happened to all the amazing game announcements on Day 2 Ponies!?
    I thought that you said Day 1 was just the beginning! LOL!

  5. missed day 2 yesterday but no big deal I knew I would catch it again on youtube besides I feel day 1 is always the most primary important day. so let's see what they got in day 2 because yesterday I was busy watching wwe tlc

  6. Greg is hilarious xD Whenever the hype dies a little bit he just asks the audience a question that has an obvious answer that gets them to clap

  7. You claim to be inclusive and offer accessibility to all, but do not have captions that accurately and completely capture what the speakers say. I have some hearing, and can hear well enough to mostly follow without captions- not everyone can, and not everyone knows sign language. please fix this!!

  8. Shu, I agree with you. I like Kyle Bosman. If comedians (or anyone) can't criticize media freely and respectfully, which Kyle does far more than most comedians do (his entire body of work is magnitudes less brutal than a single episode of South Park), without being labeled "dicks", then why do Comedy Central and any number of other far more vicious game critics get off so easy? Are they all just bad people too, just a bunch of trolls? How about Total Biscuit? He criticizes games more harshly than Kyle, and we all respect him (or most of us do). Should Matt and Trey be reviled for their endless mockery of anything/everything?

    Or are some developers maybe a little too prideful and quick to puff out their chests at any sign of a potential slight (does anyone remember John Smedley). A bit of lightening up is in order.

  9. I so exited, to own this copy of the game, since my believe of the human race, n this game , its like on its start days till what we are now but on another parallel world with a current futuristic level (Like in the beginning of the human race colonization but also the end of it thousand years latter).

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