1. for Jan. and Feb. we've gotten 4 games instead of 2. Uncharatrd collection and now Bioshock collection? thank you Playstation!

  2. Im on the czech ps4 yt channel and they aren't responding to comments so when are the games coming out today but what hour?

  3. I've always wanted to play the Bioshock series, that's one of the best feelings I've ever felt. I can't stop screaming right now

  4. I downloaded bioshock but got two. One is called infinite the collection. And the other the collection. What's the difference?

  5. free games still a let down id rather put my money into a server that can link any game so i can always go back to what ever game i want and re activate the server

  6. Este mes os habéis superado, felicidades.
    Por cierto, no veo que aquí salga el juego de Playstation Talents que también es gratis este mes, Ace of Multiverse

  7. Rough that I already have both of these titles and don’t own a VR headset. * sigh * better luck next month I guess…

  8. Guys is there a way I can buy any free games I got from ps plus? My subscription is about to end and I wanna buy the sims 4

  9. If you have PlayStation plus and haven’t played Bioshock this is the best thing to happen to you. Get the collection you will not be disappointed.

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