PMSC 2019 Episode 1 | Road to Stardom | PUBG MOBILE Star Challenge

For the PMSC 2019 Grand Finals,
16 popular YouTube gaming creators
have been selected.
With their fans
these 16 creators competed against each other
in the 2-day online ranking tournament
which determined their order of
pairing up with pro-teams.
Now, they are ready to start the intensive training.
It’s a long trip to be here finally.
It’s a long flight.
Why are you walking so fast?
We are here.
To compete in PMSC 2019.
I am so sorry!
Hi! guys!
Hello, I am Kisil.
Road to Stardom, we are coming!
Welcome to Star City!
In here, you will team up with 16 pro teams,
and start your journeys to Stardom.
Behind you, 16 pro teams are waiting for you
in different style training rooms.
They are
RRQ Athena
Team SouL
Bigetron Esports
EVOS Esports
Spacestation Gaming
Sixty Nine Team
Team Unique
Brazilian Killers
Team Secret
GC Busan
All Rejection Gaming
NOVA Esports
NOVA Monster Shield
Elite Gaming.
Dear gaming creators,
you will select the team you want to join
in descending order
Gaming creators ranks in 16th will go first.
Each gaming creator can only choose one team.
Now let’s start from No. 16 gaming creator
Please choose the team you want to join in.
Hello, guys, I am TsuLin, I like to play sniper most!
But most importantly
I am a guy!
The setting is so beautiful this time, really nice!
Let’s say hi!
Which team will he choose?
NOVA Esports?
No no, Elite Gaming.
He said he will choose teams from Group O.
Did I scare you?
I am just come in to say hi, I am not choosing you.
Come on!
The team locks the door once they saw him!
With my voice, this team is the best choice.
I am a voice actor YouTuber, hello!
I can be a booster in the team, I like you guys.
Hopefully we can fight together.
I want to join teams from Group O.
Because everyone knows I am a voice actor YouTuber.
When I fall down, I will say
itai (means it hurts in Japanese)
Please come save me will be
yamete (means stop in Japanese)
Next gaming creator, please be prepared in advance.
My name is Alice.
Hi guys, my name is Rawknee, I am from Group R.
Hello, I am Kunal Saraf from Group R.
Hello, I am a Youtube mobile gaming creator Kisil.
I thought you have chosen another team.
I thought you will go for RRQ.
Maybe it’s hard.
But I hope if the team I choose
is not a team that speaks Indonesian Bahasa.
They can all be patient with me.
Sometimes it’s hard to express something in English.
Well, let me sit down first
Hello, guys!
Why are you here?
Hello, Are you choose this team?
You want this team?
Get out!
Get out!
Get out bro!
Get out!
Go, go away!
I am here to say hello.
Wait a minute, you know what, you know what
I’ve been told somebody else can also take my team, so
Get up!
No body comes in, this is my team!
Nobody comes in, my team, OK!
Next gaming creator, please be prepared in advance.
Hello, everyone, I am K7.
What are you doing?
Get out!
He is so mean.
She ran away after being yelled at.
I am here to tell you something, I am shy and embarrassed.
I like you guys a lot.
I really want to fight with you guys.
May I? yes, of course.
Let’s work together, I will kick out anyone who knocks on this door.
Hello, everyone, this is XinXuan.
Hey, guys, it’s Rolex, I’m from Group M. I play the squad.
Hi, what’s wrong?
Hello, can I join in?
I choose them.
No, no, no, you are kidding, right?
You have your team.
Next gaming creator, please be prepared in advance.
Hello, I am Dynamo.
Everyone knows my nickname, the master of sniper.
I like everyone position and every loot.
Dynamo is one of the most popular
PUBG MOBILE gaming creators on YouTube.
He owns a huge fandom that adores him.
His fan would be so excited
even burst into tears
when came across him accidentally in PUBG MOBILE.
Hi man!
what’s up!
I’m good, too.
Many teams are quite good.
They all play well.
They perform very well.
I choose to join in NOVA Esports.
Because their ranking is quite high.
And they perform very well.
Let’s see.
I think I can get along with my team
And I can speak English with them.
My English is quite good
And everyone speaks English.
Hello, man!
Hello, Nikitanga.
Sorry bro, I choose them.
I want to choose this team.
No! Yes!
But I choose this team, sorry!
Rock paper scissor.
It’s not working this way, because other teams don’t get to choose.
Dynamo, sorry, please get back to holding room.
Man, I will beat you!
Sorry, bro.
Man, I will beat you!
My name is Nikitanga. Dynamo, I will beat you!
If two gaming creators choose the same team.
The one with higher ranking will join in that team.
The replaced gaming creator will get back to the waiting room
And stay for the second round of match.
Come on!
I want to join All Rejection Gaming.
I am ARXY from Group M.
Hello, my name is Chetan.
It’s a common Indian name.
Or my gaming ID is Kronten Gaming.
Nice to meet you!
Sorry, What? No! Please!
Please! No!
What? No!
Hello bro, I am a big fan of your game play!
No, Kronten, you told me before.
No, I am not saying anything.
You said you don’t choose (team speaks) Chinese.
Yes, I speak Chinese, hello!
Please! No!
I am quite surprised.
I thought he came in as a prank, like what XinXuan did before.
It turned out he really wants to join in ELG.
I asked him before.
He said he definitely won’t go for a team that speaks Chinese while playing.
But he chose ELG, I was so shocked.
Nothing is too deceitful in war.
You have to go now, go, we will meet you in the game soon!
Oh my god!
Welcome back!
He got kicked out!
Wait, who?
6 number, I think Nova Esports
Welcome back!
He said he will choose Team Unique.
But he lied.
Next gaming creator, please be prepared in advance.
Hello, I am Ken Boo, from Group A.
I am good at this game, I usually play sniper.
Hopefully I can be a sniper in the new team.
I want Loot A.
I hope I can get loot A in new team.
I hope our new team can be the PMSC 2019 Champion.
I choose.
If I get the team that I want, maybe I can get to the number one.
BulShark might go for RRQ, but I want him to choose EVOS.
So I can choose RRQ.
Hello, I am Dita Afifah, from Group A.
Come inside.
Happy birthday to you!
I want to choose a team that speaks Indonesia.
Because I don’t want any problems from language.
Next gaming creator, please be prepared in advance.
I am BulShark, Nut for Thai, from Group T, hello!
I am good at sniper and tactics.
If you choose me, I will get you to the champion definitely!
Hi, say hi!
Go, go to other rooms, love you, bye!
I think my biggest opponent is Ken Boo, because he chose RRQ.
But I think I can beat him, so it’s ok whatever he does.
Ken Boo can’t kill me, not before I killed him first.
The first round of matching is over.
We have two gaming creators who haven’t got matched yet.
So according to your online rankings, Dynamo, please choose one team to join in.
Team SNT, or Team BRK.
Hello, what’s up, how are you guys, what’s your name?
Hello, I am K7, nice to meet you.
Now the matching is over.
Congratulations on your new team!
Gaming creators, please hang your team logo.
Come on!
RRQ, number one!
Attention please!
You have received the first task from Road to Stardom, gaming creators
Please come outside your training room, and find an painkiller can in the box.
There are instructions inside the painkiller can.
As for the ice breaking activity.
Gaming creators, please choose one member from your team.
To have a 1vs1 solo match.
And you can decide the starters and the loot for the first training competition after this solo match.
I choose sniper, me? OK!
I challenge you, MorTal!
Our positions are fine, but I want to have a 1vs1 with you.
Yeah, nice!
We are here for so long.
We haven’t shot a single one.
I am dying here.
Very nice!
It was an incident that I lost.
Oh my god I am dead!
Who do you think will win?
The one next to you.
Nice! Nice!
He played good and the experience was funny
When I have a 1vs1 solo match with Stew9k.
They keep saying I should beat Stew9k, I think it’s funny.
India, India!
Wait for me! I am here!
We won’t lose, get shoot soon.
Run to your left.
I will kill you, let’s see!
Come on!
Are you serious?
Can you do that?
Stop him!
So you just hide like a little boy!
I am serious!come on!
No no no!
Let me have a real game.
What? Thanks.
Thanks is not sorry, means thank you.
morTal, how about I kill you?
Please, don’t!
Watch out on your top.
It’s Diwali.
How can you do this?
Start over, start over!
Or I am out!
So I just watched in the cover.
So you can’t fight back.
Start over!
He is right in front of me squatting.
I just watched him.
Start over!
I won!
Don’t shoot me, please!
No no no!
Oh yeah! Oho!
Here, here, we are meeting!
Finish! Yeah!
We are Spacestation Gaming, get popped!
EVOS, Roar!
PMSC 2019 is hosted by VSPN
Authorized by Tencent Games and PUBG Corporation
Presented by Google Play
And exclusively broadcast on YouTube.
Attention to all the 16 teams.
you’re going to face your first challenge after forming up the new team.
Ranking Match, starting now!

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