POOP ON PEOPLE! (Muddy Heights 2 – Part 01)

[jazzy music] [bird screeching] Quiet. I think he’s about to speak! Poop games. I like to consider myself a bit of a connoisseur of poop games and I gotta say, ‘Muddy Heights’… …Reaches new heights. Let’s play it! Yes! Let’s start with Level 1, and let’s poop on people, bros. So, the goal of this game… [blank noise] …is to shit on people. Heavy metal music! [heavy metal music plays] [screaming] Hit that girl right in the face! Oh, she’s laying on it! Disgusting. Oh, it’s right in your face. Dude, my shit is literally bigger than your torso. Oh I can move my poop! Oh, shit, I made him shit! Shit shit shit, get the musician! Oh God they’re running away from my poop! No! Come back here! Come back here! I’ll chase you down with my shit! [laughs] Oh God. Let’s try and hit a car this time. Maybe cause like an accident or some shit. Here we go! Come on. Oh! Holy shit! Literally. Oh God another one! C’mere, lads. Here ya go! Smack you right in the face. No don’t run! Goddamn it! Why is everyone– ha! Got ‘im. Gotcha, bitch. You thought you could run from my shit? Well you’re wrong. Here we go, right on the poop truck. Oh, I found a secret! Let’s go up his asshole. Let’s go back to the motherland. Take me in. Come on. I’m gonna go for the music guy. [intense music plays] [farting sounds] [laughter] What’s the matter with me? Why does no one like me? Is it because I’m a piece of shit? Is that why? Is that why?! Goddamn it. Alright, what should we go for? Lives? Uh, explode?
Fuck yes. OK let’s explode. Right in this guy’s face. Yeah! Diarrhea! Take that shit! Literally! Hey! [Fight Song by Rachel Platten plays] [Like a small boat, on the ocean] [Sending big waves, in to motion] [Like a–] I did a poop joke. Here we go. Land on the car. Fuck. Hey guys what’s going on here? Could I have a bite of that? Aw thanks. I appreciate it. Aw wow, it tastes amazing. [romantic music]
Hey, you look– you look good. You wanna go on a date? I really like your chest. Maybe you could squeeze one out for me too? Hey, oh, is that– is that ramen? I love ramen. Could I– Oh Goddamn it. Why am I so lonely? What do I do wrong? [music stops]
Zero out of three toilet paper I don’t see any toilet papers. Do you bros see any toilet papers? Hmm? [Investigation music] Toilet papers. [Show Daily News: (Where Are All The Toilet Papers) and other articles with graph] Where are the toilet papers? [Launch Noise] Ohh fucking hell, my poop is filled with corn! That’s disgusting! The more I jump the bigger combo? There has to be a toilet paper here. Yes! Fuck yes! Oh, there it is, there it is! I found one.
How do I get there? I need to upgrade the higher jumps.
OK well we know where one is, at least. So where… Is… The last poop?! Where art thou? The bubblegum gives me higher jumping poo. Excuse me guys, uh, alright here it is. Yeah! Why would a poop need toilet paper? Isn’t that like my enemy or some shit? “Or some shit”, get it? That’s hysterical. [Fight Song plays]
[This is my fight song, take back my life song] [Prove I’m alright–] There it is! There it is! I found it! Alright, how do we get to it though? How the fuck do we get to it? I got a fucking umbrella with me. What the fuck is this? [Chim Chimney plays]
Come on! Mary Poppins poop! Mary Poopins!
Damn it, why didn’t I say it right away? Come on. [screams]
So close! Can we do it? Shit! [sad music plays] There comes a time in everyone’s life when we all realise we’re just a piece of shit. [sad music continues] [Did I disappoint you?] I really shouldn’t play this song this long… It’s like playing with fire. This video might be copyrighted now– [blank noise] Oh my God we’re so fucking high right now. We’re high on life, and we’re high on poop. Oh shit, come on, come on! Jump, you piece of shit!
Literally. Yes! Yes! Ah, ah! Yeah! [slowed down ‘Yeah!’] Shit on that! I’ve never been so proud. Excuse me, I really– I really gotta
go take a shit, I’m sorry. Wanna play ‘Muddy Heights 2’, too? Click the link in the description, vote for yes,
and there you go. And you can win the signed poo from PewDiePie. And as always bros Stay awesome! [Oh I hit the box.] [I’m not sure how I fart,
it seems like I shit from my face.] [Which is quite disturbing.]


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