1. Fox news the worst example of the prostitution on main stream and corporate media (same?) Should be illegal lawless to lie to the masses keeping them drowning in ignorance

  2. I knew it! President Trump is hiding the cloudstrike server! Quickly! Call Fusion GPS, Mr. Steele, and Uranium One! Only the Consperi-Heros can put a stop to this!

  3. Finally the late show does a REAL news segment. I'd watch again but…that's how the Bilderburg's know which eye I use to absorb information. #BigfootIsAHeteroAlienFromEarth

  4. So it's those chem trails that's been making me fat all this time! Now that I can buy, and a couple of those Ho-Ho's too please.

  5. “This goes to the highest level” has to be the most idiotic thing Trump has ever said, and that’s really, really, saying something.

  6. I enjoy this show to a point, but when far right conspiracy theories are ridiculed while Rachel Maddow's are promoted, you know CBS has an agenda too.

  7. Why am I not the least bit surprised. He is an embarrassment to himself. I can literally hear him being a regular on something like Coast to Coast.

  8. It's funny. But not if you know people who buy the Con-spiracy theories. They say everyone who doesn't support Trump is part of the "deep state" or have been brainwashed by the "deep state". It's very concerning.

  9. Trump is by far the dumbest and most frivolous imbecile to ever enter the White House…He is going to PRISON very soon. His temporary "presidential vanity" also exposed his con-artist life as a career criminal, so that he is paying a high price for that vanity. Investigations of the Trump Organization as a Criminal Enterprise, using R.I.C.O. statutes of federal law, will permit the U.S. Treasury to seize all of his illicit assets, foreign and domestic, and throw that 300 lbs hunk of shit into prison, so that he is getting butt-fucked by his criminal soulmates, Nunes, Giuliani, Jim Jordan, and other morons…

  10. I listened to the call, it was actually really succinct, the reason he repeats the truth alot is because the media is false, do you blame him
    So if you haven't noticed yet the Democrats and the media only have one play, accuse others of what you've done . The big one now is accusing Trump of the very thing Joe Biden is obviously guilty of, he is on film admitting it. Accusing Trump supporters of being a cult, they themselves actually are a cult, a secret one at that, they actually worship an ancient God called Moloch, the God of child sacrifice; alluded to by Hilary in her emails, talking of making an offering to him, and bohemian grove, where they worship a giant owl effigy of the same name. Look at how the media does their bidding, scientology anyone?
    As I have always said our society is the opposite to nature and the real truth, I was exactly right, their religion is literally that, they want hell on earth, and they've been doing a really good job at that, War, famine, disease etc..etc.. just look! They are psychopaths and they've been teaching us how to be like them, I think it's time we taught them how to be human!
    Love and Peace to everyone, everywhere, always 🙂

  11. How can anyone who is sane still support Trump. He is a total nut job of the highest order. Crowdstrike is owned by an American and a Russian guy who has lived in USA most of his life.

  12. Public reminder,, we the American Tax Payer and Citizen are paying this proven buffoon to talk on the phone to people on tv.

    Dear Trump Supporters,

     When does Trump actually work?
    This piece of trash is either playing( cheating at) golf, tweeting like 14 year old who has a crush, and literally lying his ass off every 2.2 seconds. The doof has done 0 for the average American. So, WHY or rather HOW does he still have support? I mean i can understand being "hateful" and agreeing with the "hateful" things the ignoramus has done , out of just pure hate and spite, birds of a feather and all that.

    But damn… You are not the top .01% you did not, do not, and damn sure will not benefit from Trump's econahmix planz. 2 trillion + and counting says the debt.

    Guess who owns the most of that debt? CHyyyyyna…
    Now what happens if they say fuck you, stupid capitalist pigs, and demand that debt be paid off within lets say 1 year?

    What do you think happens to you and the other redhats?

    Do you think, you will be spared? And by that i mean , financial hardship of which we havent seen since like the 30's.
    I mean..no insult intended, you are middle to lower class. Nowhere near the top. In a system where its almost impossible to get to the "top", you are not.."elite". So yeah..He lied. Not attacking you or "bullying" just stating reality. Im not a elite, hell i doubt anyone in this comment section is. So i have to ask why?

    You are sitting in a burning building and wont move because you want to show the "other" side a "point".. wtf isnt that like..self sabotage?

    Shit like that is why Nana is cancer ridden at 50 and wont vote for better healthcare because.. "Point".

    I leave this open letter to you guys on the Right.

    No ill-will intended other than my disgust and urge to slap the shit out of , Trump.


    P.S please no trolls. Looking at you, empty profiles , made less than 4 days ago and I.P's pinging from Europe. Im talking to "actual" Americans, not " alternative" Americans. So no need for your points of view. You are not American so your opinions are the furthest from educated on being a " trump supporter". Besides Your opinions are just that. Opinions. So in turn i humbly request the trollbois relax and let us get to the bottom of this Divide, if only in this small part of the internet.

  13. Thank you for introducing your subscribers to the Flat Earth concept. For anyone who is curious, ask yourself: How do I know it's a globe, without using a space agency? It's harder than you think. Do your own research, and never stop asking questions. Long Live Flat Earth.

  14. And the Trumpster has the entire Republican Party buying into this Lunacy, including Secretary of State Pompeo, including Mulvaney, including Barr, … It would all fall apart when one looks at what "server" is actually located in the Ukraine?

  15. Republicans who willingly spread Putin's lies for their own political benefit, are complicit with Russia's attacks on American Democracy.

  16. I can't believe how many American citizens are buying into this Putin inspired garbage, pushed by THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES HIMSELF, that's meant to tear this country apart. And Republican leaders are following along….it's like America has entered….THE TWILIGHT ZONE.

  17. Okay, but can we take a moment to talk about the fact that if Bigfoot were a werewolf wearing clown shoes, he wouldn't need to conspire with anyone to do so; so how would that belong on a show about conspiracy theories?

  18. The Drug War; Opium versus Opioids:
    The difference between opium and opioids is like the difference between a fine Bordeaux and $3 vodka. Opium has been around since ancient Egypt and was first used in the Far East. It was legal on several occasions and brought to the USA by John Jacob Astor. This new synthetic stuff is a cheap hamburger and will rot your brain. Opium has been disinformed to the general public because of its quality factor and elitist secrecy. These users think they're so hip with their designer synthetic drugs but they are really taking a shovel full of poisonous antimony. I'm a fresh logic fanatic and only use tobacco but anyone with enough drive can put 2 and 2 together. I'm convinced opium is the reason for the Whitechapel murders back when they started to cover it up. The opioids, I think, are chemically engineered from a small amount of cheap opium along with a bunch of other cheap chemicals. They're really getting a drop of rain in a desert. Many things have been disinformed, including the math system, metals in the periodic table and jewelry making, the "eternal life" philosopher's egg, the dangers of sexuality versus natural selection, Occultist poison, true reasons for the militia, and religious truths like atheism, rhetorical techniques, simple looking glasses…more to come, I'm sure. You could even go as far as simple engine mounting, magnetic energy, distillation and the atomic bomb, archimedean machines, and flip-animation, cheap life-prolonging red wines, sun rotation, medicines dirty past, big bang versus mass for gravity, the basic philosophical questions, authors like Erasmus, right down to the actual worth of items and the 1 cent profit margins of mass production which means you have all this expensive stuff for next to nothing in order to conceal their value. Computers were somewhere next to navy decoding, pi numbers, and abaci, which went to calculators and electronic oscilloscopes…on and on. Probably revolvers also, yes. It's a naked machine or something.

  19. Left wing tinfoil hat Russian collusion conspiracy theories, pee pee tape, nude Trump pics. . . MEME the left beat you to it, this skit is 3 years old. We know the late show is desperate, trying to keep the last of the NPC's who still believe the propaganda. The more the left push the more support Trump gets. Could it be reverse psychology ! Maybe double reverse psychology !

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