Dude, nice landing And I still grab a shotgun, don’t even know how Let’s take it easy, first map of the day Well Played what ?The guy just apearred in front of me Stole your loot and I didn’t even kill you Are you kidding me that he stole my kill? What the f**k? roll over, roll over, roll over opss Well played I think I saw a guy right here, in front of me If he hit me, he is a faggot If he hit me, he is a faggot; If he hit me, he is a faggot Oh Is this guy without helmet or is my impression? I don’t think that dancing is the best choice to avoid bullets But is ok Is there a van there? What is this? The guy just got out of the car in motion, really? Motherf****r That scared me I think that that was a airdrop There was a AUG here, right? NICE! wow, that dude was so lost uhh AUG is overpowered I just started the stream It’s been 1 hour and… 18 minutes There was someone shotting with a sikencer from 240 I mean, 340 I think it was this guy That’s right Hmm, cool I got the silencer But i actually prefer the compensator It’s way easier to control with the compensator If he had it i would change for the compensator That really scared me That guy just appeared from nowhere Where is this b*tch, guys Where did that shot came from? F**k It’s all f**ked I have no helmet I’m dead But before I die… YES!!! NICE!!! Frist win with … 23 kills on first oerson Let’s go boys Hey guys Thank you all for everybody that watched the video If you enjoyed please leave a like and subscribe to this channel Thank you for the help See you iin the next video


  1. Ave Maria que vicia do caralho ,pelo oque eu tô vendo vida social vc naot tem né kkkkkk

  2. Sou seu fã cara tenho muita vontade de jogar pubg mais não tenho condições tenho um moto G2 que não e compatível e então pra matar minha sede assisto seus vídeos que são muito bons então se vc poder me ajudar e um dia eu poder jogar com vc eu agradeço

  3. Ce n quiser morre faz a artimanha dele "se me acerta da o c*, se me acerta da c*, se me acerta da ……" kkkk

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