Project xCloud: Gaming with you at the center

>>Our cloud engineers are
building a game streaming
network to unlock console-quality
gaming on any device.
>>There’s two billion
gamers in the world.
Some of them have a PC.
Some of them have a console.
Some of them have a smartphone.
Some of them have all three.
>>What if everybody in
the world could play Halo?
Or everybody in the world could
play Red Dead Redemption.
Everybody in the world
could play the games.
What would we have to do in
order to make that possible?
>>In order to do that, we
believe we need to build
a game streaming service.
>>We see game streaming as
a great technology giving you
access to the games
that you want to
play on the device that
you want to play them on.
>>Being able to
compute in the cloud
and then stream to
whatever device I’m on,
allowing me to play with
anybody. That’s powerful.
>>When you think about
any other form of media,
the idea that it’s locked to
one device is just
totally absent.
I want to be
the center of my world
and I want the devices
around me and
the services around me
to be available wherever
I want them to be.
>>What does it
mean to completely
change the paradigm
of how we play?
>>Well the first thing
people say is, “You’re crazy.
You can’t build
a service like that.”
>>What about latency? What
about the level of detail?
What about the richness
of the game?
Is my experience going
to get degraded?
>>We are a gaming company with
content and community. And we
happen to also have
a great strong first
party cloud in Azure.
Makes us uniquely
positioned here.
>>Azure supports 54 regions in
140 countries. And
we’re going build
hardware to deploy into
those data centers.
>>We have our first rack of
console hardware in the data
center in Quincy, today.
>>We’ve taken
an existing Xbox console,
we’ve broken it out
into its component
parts and can actually build
a single blade unit that can host
multiple Xbox systems
at one time.
So, we’ve actually built
not just the blades
themselves with
the boards inside but
all the infrastructure
associated with it.
>>We have evolved the platform.
We’re reading the data centers.
We’re readying the network.
We have increased bandwidth.
>>We’re introducing new ways to
do video encoding and decoding.
We are going to be pushing
the edge of what’s
possible even with 5G,
which hasn’t been
deployed world-wide yet.
>>So, how real is it?
>>The first time
I played Forza on
my Android phone,
it’s just amazing.
You’re playing your favorite
game and it’s streaming.
>>You’ll be able to play
with an Xbox One controller
connected via Bluetooth and
if you don’t have a controller,
you’ll be able to play with
our touch input controls.
>>I’m a huge console gamer,
but now when I’m done with
the console or my son
walks into the room and he
wants to play something else,
I don’t ever have to stop gaming.
Because I’ll be able to
game the games that I
love on every device that I own.
>>As we think about
this next step for us,
the idea of putting
the gamer at the center is
critical to how we goal
ourselves in the gaming team
in the Xbox team.
We love the device that we
build, our Xbox consoles.
We want those to be world class,
the best place to play.
>>Consoles are still going
to be a flagship experience.
You’re going to have
that immersive,
high fidelity experience with
your amazing sound systems.
It’s all right there.
But we know not everybody on
the planet is going to
go buy a gaming console.
It’s actually about
choice for you.
>>It’s amazing for
traditional console players
because it gives them
another place to play.
But what’s incredible
is for the people
who haven’t been introduced
to this type of gaming.
>>People who’ve never seen
a franchise like Halo,
or ever seen
a franchise like Gears.
It’s pretty amazing.
>>We have it up
and running today.
And when we have it just right,
we’re going to scale it out in
an epic way and deliver
it to the world.

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