PUBG Awards 2019 – Reveal

Welcome to the 2019 PUBG Awards, a celebration of the best moments of the year where your gameplay could win epic prizes! Create a clip to enter in one challenge a week over the next four weeks. It could be from the remastered Erangel, maybe the new ramps in Miramar, or somewhere else entirely. Enter your gameplay in challenges that put entertainment over everything. Get the challenge from Twitter on Wednesday. Enter before Saturday by posting your 30-second clip— and make sure to include these hashtags. Then check back Tuesday to see who came out on top. Win in-game gear, or real-life prizes like the coveted Helmet Trophy. You could even be voted fan favorite. Share your clip to enter the 2019 PUBG Awards. Enter today.


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  2. I would like to participate but I play PUBG Lite (pc), I wish I had hardware and money to buy and run this game I really love it.

  3. Nah, I'm good. I participated in the last intel challange and submited some great clips and didnt squat for any of em. Waste of time.

  4. We all know that some low lvl noob play will win the show since PUBGcorp can't tell what is a good play or not…since they don't know how their own game actually plays…evident by every video they post.

  5. I have a complaint of the game has become boring because of the hacks you do something I am one of the affected I am not there, but is being adopted 10 minutes has rushed enoug💔☹️🤬

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  7. I cant wait!! I am prepare 5 phone with different account for pubg mobile to win this one!! I will do a screenrecoder.. watch me doing epic thing

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