PUBG Emotes are OP

Your AC-130 is ready for deployment! Yes! We’re doing it! They fucking died! Oh my god! Three… two… one… Now! Yes! How the fuck did this work…? Bye-bye! Hey man, what are you doing here? You are so late. My name is Timo, what’s your name? What the-
I don’t care what your name is. What are you doing here? (silence) I’m Russia. You’re Russia? The entirety of Russia, right here-? Yes. Oh. Alright. I guess won’t mess with you. Goodbye. Goodbye. I’m on fire, oh no, you will kill me… I think you’re not on fire at all, I think
you’re trying to deceive me. Actually you were on fire, what the fuck. Yeah, I didn’t see the fucking fire because
I use blue blood, and I just stood in there while… you have an M16 in here. Thanks homie. Yeah, enjoy. Otzdarva… What? Help me… Oh my god, what the fuck Albino. Where did you go!? How the fuck did you get up th- WAKE ME UP, WAKE ME UP INSIDE What the fuck. Alright buddy. Beg for your life. Beg. Or your die. You die then. Your turn. Beg for your life. Beg. You die. Alright everyone, it’s time for another one
of these, make your bets. Is my shot actually going to kill this player,
or will he just survive like it’s nothing? Whatever you say, make sure you leave a comment
down below saying that my aim is shit. Thank you! *My shot hits the corpse* Oh I’m so sorry, I had the game muted. No, it’s OK. I’m so sorry man. It’s OK, it’s OK. What’d you say? I just wanted to say, uh, no it’s okay, I
just wanted to say thanks for making that good content, I hope I’m in your video. Oh man, I mean, sorry, uh, it’s gonna be a
tight video, but… I can’t put everyone in the video you know. I’m just saying, like, good game, hope you,
uh, hope you guys win. Thank you! Good luck dude! How are you still alive? How are you still a-fucking-live? Thank you. WHAT!? I am so fucking done with this game. And look at this. A free weapon skin, as if this would fix anything. Bluehole, if you’re listening, I love PUBG,
I really do, but if you want me to keep playing this you’re gonna have to give me something
way better than just this- YOU HAVE BEEN BANNED!


  1. I knew you were cheating all along, nobody's aim could be that bad without the use of external software

  2. стыдно за тимо……. взорвать все страны нахуй ( да шутка не смешная а я и не рассчитывал на то что она будет смешной!)

  3. Nobody:
    Not a soul:
    Timo: "I am Russia"
    Otzdarva: sees Timo wearing USSR Shirt, looks at the map and realizes that Russia is bigger than America Guess I won't mess with you…

  4. 2:28 kid:im russia. Youtuber:alright i guess i wont mess with you… call of duty modern warfare. Makarov:Remember no russians


    Just kidding it's a Famous line from
    ??????? Comment down if you know him

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