Welcome my new video Emulator players have a common problem in thier life How to fix lag If you go for hot drop, you scream “Lag” Then either you get killed or hide yourself in containers I will give some sure shot steps to reduce lag Before I start, I request you to subscribe my channel Step 1, Open Gameloop Setting Inside engine tab choose DirectX+According to CPU type choose the engine type in Gameloop I won’t recommend opengl due to some color distortion in game Step 2Step 3 Open TaskManager Find AndroidEmulator.exe and SetPriority to High Opps ! Its preventing! Window 10 users have this issue of setting priority Open CMD as Administrator and type the command Or you can copy the command from description Even if my game is running I can set the priority No need to tamper Registery If you have any question make sure to ask in comment box All the commands are in description This is the end. Bye nd Make sure to subscribe

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