PUBG.EXE RETURNS | One Million Subscribers Later…

watch a zebra watch Oh huh just a box it’s show time Kodaka no good see no missing oh stop
violated the law Oh No okay away one about them job coming through patience just hard right now it’s me easy peasy lemon squeezy Oh what that Jesus Christ Oh goodnight girl I see you tomorrow the fun hi guys I’ve got a special news because
of 1 million subscribers me and erasableninja have collaborated on voices on a
funny cartoon made by boberto you must watch it I am leaving the link
in the comment section also there is a new logo and banner in the channel he was
made by Brock the same artist who made my favorite skins on csgo the hyper
beast designs I know its been a while since my last video but I’ve been very busy with
things in real life and PC issues many PC issues so this videos has taken me
some time but after all I think it was worth it I wanted to thank you for all your support
guys it’s amazing that we hit 1 million subscribers in one year and all of this
is thanks to you really guys thank you so much and because we even hit 100,000
subscribers more I wanted to give some steam codes Catch some Also, remember there is a discord server and don’t forget to follow me on twitter if you wanna know
about me be between my yearly videos and follow me on Twitch where I stream sometimes I love you guys thank you so much again for your amazing support, and thanks for watching



    Thank you guys for your amazing support! You made me continue with this channel with your support and your comments, I really appreciate it! You are awesome guys <3! I will upload often after fixing my pc! and JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER (link in description)

    Let me know what games do you want to see in the channel, I'm reading you!


  2. De los mejores canales !!!
    Tengo ese mismo problema en mi pc con esos cuadritos después se reinicia es la gráfica pero no eh podido comprar otra ufff buen video saludos.

  3. Gerçekten çok güzel montaj yapmışsın,bu güzel montjların ve istikrarın yolunda başarılar diliyorum.

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