Hi all, from Cihan Kosif TV Friends today is the day of PUBG in Real life prank. – Get up, blue area, get up get up, get me up hi guys – Where are you coming from? I’m coming from Erangel -You came to the wrong zone – This is Istanbul Istanbul ? Don’t I have a bus to go to pochinki? You have one.Take the 9UD to go to pochinki. To what? 9UD goes to pochinki. 900? 900 UD? .. Going to Pochinki?
– Yes yes i need to heal up.. do we have something near ? Like Painkiller? Have it in my bag can you take it Kit will be there if you give me the kit Take the frying pan. Did you find the kit?
-Is that it? Guys, let me use this kit. Would you drink ? – No man. you can heal yourself. – Have you been better, bro? Gentlemen, thank you. Drop is down here? Airplane? Drop plane? – Drop in PUBG?
Yeah yeah
– Unfortunatelly Drop doesn’t fall? I don’t have a gun either – It’s okay Anyway, gentlemen, my way is long im gonna go to pochinki. I’d do Miramar from behind. see you later See you guys Girls Hello there Can you give me the kit behind the kit or? I need energy. ah I’m shot at the top sorry by the way Did I fall? would you drink? So what are you doing? Is that a joke? What joke? PUBG? So realistic How is my Pan? – Very nice.
Do you like it ? Bag? What are you doing ? They’re coming again .. Helmet? You can touch. Anyway I’m going girls I have more ways Would you drink ?
– Good for lunch. Greetings Drop the DROP! Bring me the DROP! I hope you like the video Please remember to like the video On the other hand I have very nice PUBG keyrings and I will give them to you in a lottery You can find links from the explanations section On the other hand, you can follow me from the following social media accounts. Also subscribe to my channel and don’t forget to laugh. Bye Bye!


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    What you didnt get it it's me after watching these.

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