PUBG Logic Supercut 7 (funny PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds skits)

Huh Dinesh, you know you weather. Yeah, I wouldn’t X just started calling it through but you know what to start
God, I can’t stop
So I guess I’m gonna have to finish
Climbing through the window there. Yeah
Well, that’s me
yep, I’m gonna
Know Norman any point mean you always need already got things so pop. We already loaded in here. So I’m gonna
It’s just these these
Animations is I mean, it’s these kind of how long it takes to write. You know what I but you
when you’re trying to
I just
Here we go
Sometimes it hurt
Will you say my name
Go to thinking of her
I don’t wanna know don’t want you to go and leave me behind
No, I don’t want to see if it isn’t me you son
Cause I don’t know what your looking for
Oh and I don’t know, what to do…
Hold Back let it go, there is nothing more for me and it shows
– oh you’re hiding to breathe
Um, are you safe actually yeah, I forego him, yep, you know what I’m gonna throw a smoke just in case oh, yeah great
Cool. Ah
Did you just throw a grenade yeah smoke grenade oh no, I can tell from the shape of it that that’s a fragrant. Oh
You know what? I did. I’ve actually got some smoke grenades in my backpack. Yeah, but I didn’t equip them. All right, that’s annoying
they know anything is that because I’m down like I can’t get away from it in time or
Totally and and like I can’t come and pick it up again. No totally so I’m I’m definitely gonna die because of it
Oh, definitely. You are 100%
That’s annoying shit sorry man, I
guess I’ll just
Take the stuff that I need and are you not gonna quit?
No top 60. So yeah, exactly because not very far into the game. I thought just quit out
Oh, well, I guess that’s a matter of opinion. Um, no
Well, I thought another reason might be just because it’s it’s kind of your fault that I’m dead. Oh, wow. Wow. Wow
Wow, I don’t I don’t want to get into it like a he-said she-said like blame game
I think I think what’s happened has happened. It’s in the past
We’re both to blame a little bit. What better thing is it like it differently is your fault though
Yes, yes, but that’s why I say we’re both to blame because yes
I threw the grenade but then you were like you were right where I threw the grenade like it was your positioning as well
Okay. Well that doesn’t really make make any sense your logic there. But ultimately I think the best course of action is just I’ll
probably just keep
Going like you don’t just put out in. I’m so sorry about what happened. I can tell you I can tell you really
So yeah. Yeah, but I get I’d guess just the only only real option is you me to take take the loop
I mean there is another option which is we can just cut out started your game. I guess that’s yeah
That is a viable option because I can I said top 60. Yeah. Well good luck, man
I hope you get a chicken down on your piece of shit. Yeah Thank You Man. No, man. Good luck, man
You piece of shit. Yeah. Sorry now come in got that bro
All right guys zones forcing us this way
We have to go through there, but I love crossing through an open field with absolutely no cover. Well, we’ve done a mini choice
Sup guys, huh? A fair plan come to me twenty crazy standing behind me now get
Us working
Okay, we all need to move across the field in perfect synchronization
Okay, we step on three one two
Boy, are we going left or are we going right we’re going right on three. Okay, here we go. One two
You’re right. Am I right all about rights Alan? We’re facing the same direction
Okay. Yeah. Okay. One two three
Right left right
Okay, we need to be quick though
So double-time now Eddie, I got three two one right left right left right left right left
One two three
One two three four, okay go let’s – let’s get this guy
Take them up telling them
Okay, alright guys get there I mean better plan better plan
Okay, thank which he told Milt oh, yeah, well this with circular so make sense, what’s the battle plan guys
And then you’re on you’re on fire, thanks, man, I thought I did quite well on that engagement no, no no no you are
literally on fire
Thanks Ari, no Adam your body is engulfed in flames mate. Oh
God, I am too. I must have been that Molly. They throw at me. Yeah, they might have enough. Yeah, yeah
Well, do you think you want to do something about it, I probably should I
Energy field bandages are the best kind of solutions for the problem. You’ve you’re going on right now
yeah, I
Kind of feel like jumping in the river might be a better idea jumping the river Rowan what it doesn’t heal you’d give up
Anyway, I kind of agree with you guys that we should head over to Milton that is where the circle is
So probably the best like strategically for us
I don’t know why we’re discussing this of course this to a guy actually
Do you guys have any extra 911 running a little bit low after the interaction we just head?
Yeah, sweet let’s get into it
Holy shit guys what top team? Yeah, everyone just Barker’s up. All right, guys, I’m having like my best game ever
I’ve got like 12 kills so far 12 kills
Right what maybe we get chicken dinner?
Yeah, okay, hang on I’m gonna mark up the map the dirt marker on the map ping it ah
Yeah, how do you how do you do it again? Use the new the new a ping system?
what what what buttons to push well, but if you push this, um, oh
It’s a little oh
Try ulti for sir, was it been alt f4 old if I Oxford or trainer?
Been seriously we’re topped in I can’t believe that that actually
Right, oh oh what a nerd what a note I wanna do
In the thing that she’s so unreasonable like seriously like
The amount of times that she makes me work overtime is actually beginning. I feel like it’s like against the law
Yeah, it sounds ridiculous. For example the other weekend I made plans for the whole weekend
Like I’ve made plans to leave I bought tickets to a concert at 5:00 p.m
That Friday she comes in and says oh, by the way, I need you to film us this gig the entire weekend
But I bet we’ll be taking up the whole weekend
And I thought ah, I guess I guess there goes my weekend man. That just sounds like but the worst did
Like basically finish the week and I thought I was maybe maybe I’ll get like Monday off at least like get a day off and
Like nope, we’re working a normal normal weight. So I worked literally Monday to Friday Saturday Sunday Monday to Friday again
Is there anybody you can talk to all well people telling me the talk show about it?
But I’ve heard that HR actually serves the company. They don’t really care about the employees. They’re kind of like saving face
It’s it’s a real shame that they’re not there to serve the little guy, you know
Kind of stuff and it’s gonna follow my anxiety levels are so high now because now there’s no one I can
Talk to you do need to find somebody to talk to about that man. There’s I cannot be healthy exactly
I’m thinking about
Feel like a therapist, you know, it’s a bad look no, no, don’t say that
There’s no shame in seeking help therapist now therapy in general
It’s way more widely accessible and it’s kind of not frowned upon in society anymore
So now is the best time to like look and look into it. Honestly, you know that the brain is actually just another muscle
Just like your arms and your your chest you really really have to look after it
Well, I feel just so kind of envious of your position that you’re in them. Now. You just work for yourself
I’m kind of like I need the money, you know, I need I need the money. I’ve got bills to pay
Okay, I cut up. I caused a ruckus lose my job lose my reputation. Yeah, kind of then where am I supposed to go?
I totally understand. Everybody needs you need money, you know, you need money. It’s just as one of the blacks cool jokes
Honey, honey, dental plan right run back in battle plan come out with better plan run run. Come on up
Okay think that we should head towards
Georgia palm. Well, yeah, I mean that’s with this with the circle is so it makes sense
and if I actually appreciate the
Passive-aggressive time they might well, I mean, what’s the point of saying the obvious? I don’t really think
This I think it’s just a concise plan that up come up with obviously already
In well, we’re hitting a different. Rick should know we were hitting that way already
yeah, so just like well obviously literally already hitting their way and you stopped us like I mean, I mean, obviously the circle is
That way and obviously that’s that’s exactly where we were already going
So what why why why say the obvious?
I just thought you know what? I thought I thought somebody should come up with a plan state it to the team
So everybody knows what we’re doing so all on the same page, I mean, why did you feel the need to stop us?
Why are you always trying to be the leader? Hey, I don’t always feel like the other later
I just I just think we want a concise plan that we come up with so we know what we’re doing as unit and
The sticking point totally forgot what you said. Oh, yeah. Do you know why we’re coming up with ideas?
Why don’t we why don’t we hit to the military, but why don’t we go back to?
The military base but like deep into the blue zone. What should we do? Nice you promised that you would
Succeed with a child
No, that’s a stupid idea, right
It’s kind of a super idea because these obviously are only one place that we should go which is where we were going
Right. What do you me to say here on what I want you to say honestly nothing most of the time like
Seriously, nothing. I want you to just shut up Wow. Garrulous. You see that that’s what he wants
I haven’t she’d been saying it this whole time like, you know, hey every time you say something and I go I don’t care
That that’s kind of me trying to give you the hand. Wow
Wow, wow, like I personally wouldn’t care float. You never spoke Hebrew again
We’re wearing the blue this is your fault, we’re not blue they said, you know talking about it
Then the load hair is terrible. Yeah. Yeah. It’s been pretty bad. Yeah Oh
Service, come on. We’ve been hit off shit. Yeah, yeah
Wait, wait, wait, wait a sec. Where is run?
Rowan you’re gonna join us. Yeah. Just grabbing a thing. Yeah. Yeah. I’m coming over there. Oh
We’ve got a fair distance to go. Yeah
Hang on
Rowan you are in the blue now you need to hurry up
Yeah, yeah I’m coming
Rowan are you gonna join us? Yeah. I’m coming. I’m nearly there. Where are you?
Mm-hmm, where?
Georgia Pole what
Rowan that age is the way the circles and military base
You’re never gonna make it to us. It’s a jig dude. I’ll be fine. So joke’s on you
Well, we’re on our own yeah good stuff working in a team Ron there’s literally no way it’s gonna survive
One other team you know what to be great right now a third teammate yeah. Thanks Ron. Yeah. Thanks very much
GG man, what wait a minute wait we still alive does that mean that?
You told me to boot the loop but you know what I found when I was looting I’m mother chicken dinner
Tomorrow the story was always loading the blow because then you’re when like I did subscribe I
Mean yes, subscribe, I guess
Yeah, well agree to the whole sentence which is now there’s the glove because then you’re when like I did subscribe
Don’t listen to that part. Listen, listen to the SUBSCRIBE part, but not the first pass the SUBSCRIBE probably unloading the blow

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