PUBG – Put Yourself in My Helmet – Episode 1

we see how three different decisions lead to different outcomes. When you’re playing PUBG, you’re forced
make quick decisions at every turn. Every choice you make could mean the difference
between victory and defeat. This is the series where we take a scenario
and examine three different outcomes to help you refine your decision making skills. So step into the helmet with EPISODE 1. Let’s assess the situation here. We’ve got shots coming from inside the house
ahead of us. They seem to be firing at another team. They don’t know we’re coming, so we immediately
take cover. Well, we could go GUNS BLAZING. We could AMBUSH THEM. Or we could try to FAKE THEM OUT. Let’s see what happens if we go GUNS BLAZING. So we wait ’till we see someone’s head in
a window and start firing immediately. You and your teammate might get some good
shots in, but this firefight could last a while. And you’re making a lot of noise, which
could alert other enemies to your location. Whoops. Yeah, that didn’t work. It’s usually better to be as efficient as
you can when engaging in firefights. How about we try to AMBUSH THEM? So we assess the situation. There’s a vehicle parked outside of the
house and the circle is on the move, so they’ll surely be getting in their vehicle pretty soon. All we have to do is wait for them to come
out, and then we can catch them by surprise. Although, with every circle comes a slew of
enemies trying to outrun it. And in a situation like this, your perfect
ambush plans go out the window. When working with the circle, watch your back
and try not to get sandwiched between enemies. One of the most interesting things to try
in PUBG is faking out your enemies. We rotate to an area with a good hiding place
for us, and send our partner out to, essentially, be bait. They position themselves near the window that
we have in our sights, giving the enemy a nice, clear shot. They fire off a few shots to get the enemy’s
attention. We use that opportunity to zero in, take
our enemy out, and push into the building. The enemy will likely be trying to heal his
downed teammate, but be ready for anything when making the push. Of course, there’s no right or wrong way
to approach a scenario. Sometimes, being more tactical can help, though. Until next time, keep playing PUBG and refining
your decision-making instincts.


  1. In Asia server, some really good players will just have to fire their guns at the sky, and the bullets find its way to your head..

    kilometres away

  2. My laptop keep crashed after the update, like almost everytime after updating, really frustrating. I dont know what you guys doing there.

  3. I've been playing a while now and it seems to me that almost every time I encounter an enemy they outshoot me. I'm beginning to lose interest in the game. Any advice?

  4. I always think before I do. still their players than shoot at anything that moves with out thinking first. I like to let my enemies past by an pick him off from behind. it all depends

  5. Guys we might as well give up if you're in NA, been playing all day and have yet to wind up in a NA server, tired of always running up against godlike players with 10k worth of loot and aimbots.

  6. Everyone in my squad including me just want to increase the KD ratio so we rush and go to get kills then end up dead. So we done here???

  7. На днях была ситуация точь в точь так ещё и челики в такой же одежде подъехали ( я был в шоке ) но я знал что делать

  8. I want you to work as some adjustment that a weapon is heated more. And I want the weapon boil that I gave a little than fixed numerical value to adapt itself. I would like to have this quickly for all areas. In addition, a new player does not come when I make PUBG software free of charge or do not make a small amount of money.

  9. A but if you have nade just cook and throw it, if no one dies just use the noise and stun created by the nade to cover your footsteps and then ENGAGE.
    BONUS:1. The enemy could also take DAMAGE(NO DEATH) which can definately help you.
    2. if you are expierinced, you know how paniced the situation becomes when nades enter the room. After all grenade is the most dangerous thing after SHROUD. use that panic and fear to just kill them.

  10. Its upsetting that y'all only have 1.35 mill subs. However, I do love the fact that y'all are still posting. Although the tips don't help me in game (cause I freaking suck) I do know they help others. Keep up the work.

  11. ME:
    Me Aiming = ~20% nice
    Team communication = basic and random, 0,1% at max
    Skill of my teammates= ~15% if still alive, chance for them beeing alive = 30%-
    Chance that this will even HAPPEN to work: 0,01%-


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  13. Your advice doesn't really work in situations. There are hackers, expensive earphone users and many other unhealthy things.

  14. Molotov is your best friend, then throw nades where you think is people favorite spot, now they can't run and they are low on health, just move in and ham. That's why keep multiple types of grenade, except STUN.

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