PUBG Squad Gameplay – 4 Kills Vector + Grenade – Clutch Save

I’m not up high enough to help you
Are you kidding? He’s still on Aleks.
The tree Aleks is at.
He has a ghillie
I won’t make it.
Nice. (That was really sketchy.)
Someone shot from the bootcamp.
A car is coming! (Can’t hear anyone inside of here.)
Nice. (???)
1 down by the water.
He died.
Dropping some healing. (??? already.)
((Uhm, I got knocked.))
From where? (I have no clue.)
Close to trif! (I got him. Instant death.)
There’s another 1, there’s another!
(Yeah, but that’s not the same squad)
Had to get into the storage building again or?
Yeah. Both are inside the storage building.
Uuuhm. I’ll run around then.
Yeah, try holding the edges so we can..
I got spotted, so I won’t be running around.
I’ll hold the angle instead.
Try to get a frag into the door
Are you inside the building?
Oh, no you’re not, you’re on the other side.
Knocked 1. (Ooooooooo)
Congratulations. (Nice.)
And I got a kill, so I feel, I feel useful.
4 kills, not the best, but not too bad either.

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