PUBG Squad Tactics – Squad Roles

Welcome to Squad Tactics – strategic tips that will get you and your squad to the final circle.
So you’re playing squads and you’ve got a
group of total badasses.
Between the four of you, you’ve got the experience,
you’ve got the tools, and you’ve got the talent.
There’s no doubt in your mind that the chicken
dinner is yours for the t-
Woah, what was that?
Looks like a more organized squad took you out.
Here’s a brief look at how to better organize
your squad into Squad Roles.
No matter how badass you think your squad is,
if you’re not organized in some way,
you won’t get very far.
Keep in mind, you can organize your team
however you want,
but take a look at how this team is organized.
The Squad Leader calls the shots,
and is typically the member with the most game-knowledge.
The Squad Leader should be great at spotting enemies,
and is very handy with weapons like ARs and DMRs.
They’ll typically scout enemy locations and
identify the enemy’s movement.
They’ll then figure out the best route of
“Hey, there’s a squad looting in that house up ahead.”
“Let’s get a sniper in the back window and send the fragger to flank around left.”
“Finally, some action.”
Which brings us to our next squad member – the Sniper.
Communication is also key for the Sniper,
as they relay all the information
they gather about enemy numbers to their team.
“Two of them on the first floor.”
If the Sniper is spotted,
“I’m taking one out.”
they needs to be able to assassinate
the spotter quickly and quietly.
So a sniper rifle with a silencer should be
their best friend.
No squad is complete without
the Fragger, or Point Lead.
They’re usually
the most skilled when it comes to combat.
It’s up to them to lead any
aggressive push or flank into enemy territory.
A good Fragger can help
get you out of sticky situations.
They should also be able to communicate
the status of enemy teams.
“Got ’em. Three more inside. Pushing in now.”
Last, and definitely not least, you’ll need
a Support.
If you have a beginner in your squad,
this is a good role for them, as it requires
someone who can take direction well.
It’s good to designate this person as the
driver too.
When things go south, we never want two people fighting over the driver’s seat,
while the enemy is firing at you.
In a breach scenario, like this,
the Support role will follow close behind
the Squad Leader or the Fragger.
After the push, the Support Role will loot
enough health items and grenades,
to be able to distribute among teammates in need.
And of course, should things go wrong,
and your squad leader or anyone else gets downed,
the Support Role is there
to help get those players back on their feet.
“I got you, man, here come some heals.”
In the end, when it all goes perfectly
according to plan, the squad works like this.
“3..2..1.. Go.”
“Frag out.”
“One down.”
“Breach, breach, breach.”
“Backdoor clear.”
“All clear.”
“Easy peasy.”
“Not a chance.”
It’s always important to organize your squad.
This is not the only way to organize,
but it’s at least an unofficial starting point,
and a good way to get you thinking more strategically about how you and your team play PUBG.
Until next time. Keep playing PUBG!


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  2. So basically you made a whole video about how squads should play and only covered the situation when u spot the enemy and they dont spot u which is not the only case….so the squad u describe is absolutely useless in every other fighting situation especially now that most players are good everyone has to be a good fragger and skilled with snipers and dmrs…i hope noone is following ur advise

  3. My squad:
    – Four people trying to find usable armament, but usually ends up with either weapons with no attachments, or attachments with no weapons, looting for 15 minutes then chasing the circle for another 10 just to get shot as we finally catch up…

  4. My squad:
    Who kill me because i got a good lot
    Kill me because i take the drop
    Drive the car around me
    Keep shooting on the air

  5. Me : hey number 2 take sniper
    Number 3 go inside and number 4 you to far away
    Number 4: no mic
    Number 2: …….. oh hey number 3 pls m4 ammo
    Number 3: no ammo number 2 let go
    Number 2: okey search for vehicle
    Yeah yeah
    They go away and make me alone
    Me : let me go inside and get killer
    After 25 min
    Number 2: numberrrrrr 1(me) give me m4 ammo
    Number 2: number 1!!!!
    Number 2: do number 1 (me) get killed
    Number 3: maybe ask him
    Me: drop my phone from a hight place

  6. hell no, my squad be like :
    1. Me @ bootcamp
    2. @ different locations
    3. @ different locations asking for ammo
    4. calling for revive from different locations 😭😭😭

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  9. My Squad:
    Me – Just terrible
    2 – The guy who thinks he's pro/leader
    3 – The Guy Who Thinks He Can Snipe
    4 – The No Mic who is lowkey a god.

  10. This Game was Never About Killing all the was Always about Being Alive till the End..It was Always about Survival..the Ones who Get This Essence End up Being Conquerors..If agree.. reply ur Pubg Mobile Name..Only Platinum and Above Tier.. Chicken Dinner for Sure..👍🔥

  11. My squad:
    -The sniper (me)
    -The AFK
    -The quick chat spammer
    -The guy that is too lazy to revive his mates even when he is 2m away from them

  12. Me: guys The circle is getting very close we need to relocate
    My squad: Still looting
    Me: o fak theres no car around and we 're miles away from the gaming zone😤🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️

  13. Meanwhile pubg mobile


    Me – KAR98K
    Squad 1 – KAR98K with AKM
    Squad 2 – KAR98K with M4A1
    Squad 3 – KAR98K with (insert whatever assault rifles here)

    but honestly this looks like rainbow six siege, lmao, just rush with AR, shoot, call your shots, tell team enemy location, there aint no frag and kick.

    Just shoot, frag, rush, boom, yeeeetus deletuss.


    you might be rushed and killed before you even get your plan in action, cuz other squad are around too.

  14. This video is full of BS.
    What you need is Speed violence and momentum.
    Watch the Doc, Watch shroud, and others.
    Its PUBG not damn ARMA 2, The devs still listen to that man behind PUBG when it was just called Battle Royal as a mod in ARMA 2.
    SO disappointing Blue Balls.

  15. 1 time i played squad.. i got teamed up with some peeps ( no offense .. im talking about this certain trio)
    Halfway the game i got good loot and decided to rendezvous with them. When i got there they threw molotovs, grenades, and flashbangs.( Idk why i thought there was an enemy behind me and they decided to throw. )
    So i ran away from the explosions.. when i returned to them they threw a grenade at me and it exploded right when it touched the ground. It knocked one of them out. I thought that there was an enemy and he/she accidentaly knocked herself/himself. So me the idiot decided to help her/him up and gave meds.. they threw a grenade again.. this time it knocked me out. And i asked help cuz i thought it was an accident.. then they just left me to die.. then loot my stuff..

    Moral lesson: sometimes even ur team is ur enemy

    Btw if any of u read till the end tnx and i hope ur team does not backstab u. GLHF

  16. Me dropping into a game with my squad
    Me:playing seriously
    1st teammate: gets an awm

    17 seconds later ….

    I hear nades going off

    We are trying to kill him because he doesn't want to give us the awm
    5 seconds later…
    we get killed and nobody gets to use the awm 😵

  17. I Don't Play With Squad🧐
    I'm always Play Solo✌️😎💝
    There is Only Two Reasons for That
    1 I Don't Trust on Anyone😅
    2 This Makes Me Good at Gameplay☺️ & Also Improve My Gaming Skills💐😜👍

  18. My Squad
    The guy who keeps driving to the airdrop
    The guy who keeps looting for good clothes
    The one who keep begging for scopes and suppressors

  19. Myu squad:
    Squad leader : breaching, breaching, breaching
    Sniper : where is my 6x scope
    Point lead : no this is mine
    Support : still looting

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  21. When my mate and I play squads…

    Me – The Support
    Him – The Fragger
    Player3 – The Looter
    Player4 – The Looter

    You can always count on your Looters as they'll always ensure not to leave anything behind whilst in combat.
    One farking guess as to where these lootwhores come from… It's like an addiction to them, must have the shinies!

  22. My squad
    Me: The squad leader
    My buddy: lands by himself, gets gang banged
    Me: The sniper
    My other buddy: searches every house after me, grabs a KAR, spends rest of match looking for 300x scope
    Me: The Fragger
    My last buddy: gets kills, between furious bouts of rage and lag
    Me: the revive main😂😭

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