PUBG | Xbox One X 4K Benchmark Analysis (Framerate Test) – Finally Optimized?

what’s up frame fam today I have a
different video than normal as I dive back into console benchmarking now that
the holiday season is over and on that note I hope you all had a phenomenal
holiday and start of the new year this year has a lot in store for the gaming
community as a whole and certainly for this channel and I couldn’t be more
excited to see where this channel goes this year with all of your support
now PUBG has been out on console for quite a while now, but it’s been well
over a year since I’ve personally played it on my xbox one X I have to say I’m
shocked with the improvements that have been made now before we dive in for this
video I played with the resolution priority setting to keep the game locked
at 30 frames per second targeting a 4k resolution
they have also included a frame rate priority mode that locks the resolution
at 1440p but allows for 60 frames per second gameplay depending on how this
video does and if you enjoy it at all or not I will take the time to test and
compare the two modes but for now I keep focused on the same 4k resolution mode
that was only offered to us when I used to play this game in the past for parity
reasons now that being said the first thing I noticed right off the bat during
the beginning staging area part of the match was how smooth the game is I
distinctly remember being a stutter Massacre as 99 other players would load
into the game world as it was a testament to the optimization needed
desperately for the game but as more and more players started joining the match
the framerate didn’t really falter I was surprised to see the stutter was largely
gone and during the analysis part of the video you see on screen now I couldn’t
believe the framerate would only dip into the 29-28 range now this is a great
start and an unexpected one for my previous experience with the game and it
only gets better from here another trouble area I will call with pubg is the
initial landing scene when the game world loads in with all 100 players at
once crammed into the drop plane this moment used to always cause severe
stutter frame drops and would even crash my console from time to time but the
surprises kept rolling and it was very smooth during this beginning sequence of
the match you can see in the video here I try panning the camera all over to
cause any stutter I can because at the time I just couldn’t believe how smooth
it was compared to my memory it was only during a brief period after my parachute
popped that the framerate dipped into the mid 20s and I want to say that this
was caused by the CPU having enough overhead of some kind
during the animation transition for 10-plus players I’d say at around the
same moment as a matter of fact the only time I ever saw the framerate dipped
like that again during my playthrough was in an intense combat moment with
about six players engaging another four to six players and like the prior
incident I want to say this was mostly CPU related once again the 2.3 gigahertz
a Jaguar CPU in the current world’s most powerful console certainly has held it
back in the past and the small one to two frame tips you frequently see
throughout the video are also probably related I even want to say that the CPU
is the reason that the optimization for this game literally took years for it to
get to run well at even a 30 frames per second target on console now according
to prior updates PUBG runs at a dynamic resolution even in 4k mode but it didn’t
look obvious to me that any dynamic resolution methods were being
implemented at first at all which is great to not notice a loss of visual
fidelity but also get a more stable framerate that’s definitely welcoming
the dynamic resolution changes allows for 20% improved frame times for the GPU
which was confirmed in last November’s patch notes aside from that I have no
official statements to confirm what other changes were made to grant the
more stable experience we see in pubG today but rumors are pointing to distant
LODS being further reduced on things like buildings and foilage which I did
notice as being considerably lower quality that when I’m used to on PC
there are also rumors going around about another setting being added to the
priority resolution mode that takes away that dynamic resolution feature
altogether but it’s unclear if this will lower other graphical settings further
as the dynamic change was a huge boost the performance to begin with and two
more options are being added to the performance section but there isn’t much
on that yet it’s possible they will allow a dynamic resolution option with
the 1440p resolution to more guarantee a 60 frames per second gaming
experience in all circumstances instead of just most and or maybe a variant
option with 1080p being the focus only time will tell but that’s really all I
got for you guys today this video isn’t gonna be very long or nor was it meant
to be this was kind of just a random filler video as we’re waiting for all
the new games to be coming out over the next few months but if you enjoyed the
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all the feedback will be greatly appreciated as I learned the style of
content creation anyway guys I hope you all have a great day and I will see you
in the next one


  1. in my opinion it ain't a cpu issue
    if it were
    you would see large spikes and stutters when you clearly don't
    dips are gpu related
    as the foliage ,charachter renderd ,shaders and complexity, the shadows ,the fire effects,and the smoke. also you can't have a stable fps without reducing something so xbox one x has clearly implemented dynamic res to remove the gpu bottleneck
    a higer res
    more gpu usage
    a lower res
    a lower gpu usage!

  2. Cant belive that battlefront 2 looks and works amazing ,but PUGB and Ápex Legends works really bad..but 2years ago when Xbox one x come the Game run at 60fps perfectly but they "cap" to. 30 fps to dont have aventage aganist "old Xbox one" ,30 fps on colsole in 2019-2020 have to be ilegal🤣💩Btw great video👍
    PD : serrver Hz need lot of work for console

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