Quietly stalking enemies in PUBG – Noise

**Enemy footsteps**
Shh shh shh
Guys do you hear that?
I think the enemy is upstairs
Lets just be real quiet and sneak up on them
**Obnoxiously loud door opening**
Go on through
Now walk really quietly okay?
**Obnoxiously loud footsteps**
Come on
Really quiet
**More obnoxiously loud footsteps**
Shh shh shh shh
Keep it down keep it down
**Door opening sound**
Okay guys
They’re just through there
So I’m just gonna heal up
Make sure you heal up too
**Loud ratting of pill bottle**
**Loud crunching of pills**
**Obnoxiously loud reloading**
Okay now remember to reload
**Minor reloading sound**
Good one Alan
Guys you probably think by looking at our Instagram Stories that we just have non-stop shinanigans
It’s absolutely true! And we put those shinanigans on our Patreon page!
For example – Alan – do something funny!
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  1. Every time I watch your skits I find myself laughing. Excellent quality and sense of humour. I just wish you did Destiny vids.

  2. I LOVE THIS CHANNEL'S GROWTH! BEEN HERE SINCE 12k SUBS. I knew that they're always somehow underrated but niw they're blooming beautifully!

  3. Guys make some gta 5 videos pleasee. The 3 of you fits the 3 main characters. I could imagine how cool it is if Rowan acts as Trevor. LOL

  4. Ya'll should do a gaming video about players exploiting the quick save in games to go on murderous rampages. Sometimes I'll get fed up with some dumb NPC, hit quicksave, murder the lot of them, then reload. Epic NPC guy breaking the 4th wall would be amusing with that.

  5. I totally want to see Ryan George do a collaboration with you guys at Viva La Dirt League.
    Here's a video of some of his work!

  6. This is a lie, anyone sneaking around knows you have to take your shoes off! :X Keep doing the skits going please ^^;

  7. Wel mother fk. Yal know just how i feel sneaking around for kills lol it foot steps sounds mega loud i swear

  8. If you all people discussed loudly and scream at each other and then say loudly,"Quite, enemies nearby." Then it would be really funny.

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