Ran Online (GS) 2017 Game Play – How To Set Up A Farming or A leveling Spot

Hello, guys, this is Krazaz and today I’m
going to show how to do a farming set up.
First off, we go to a low-level map. take
a bus going to LeonineCampusB3.
Once you’re there, take the exit to B2.
Pull up the map and head directly to the upper
left corner of the map going to LeonineCampus3f.
Now go to this map location 019 020 or in
the upper-left of the map.
Prepare your two characters, make sure your
holder uses a skill that has a pull effect
so that he will pull the key mob to himself
and not to your tank character.
Go and lure the mobs standing outside the
door or each room.
Once you get their attention, go to a spot
where the holder will stay and make sure it’s
not the same spot where the tank will be
Remember to use a low-level weapon if the
mobs are 100 plus lower than your level or
otherwise you’ll just kill him will you skill.
When you’re ready, Remember this pattern:
hit-run, switch tab, holder pull, if you’re
successful all the mobs will swarm at you.
if not do the same pattern again.
This set up takes a lot of practice so don’t
be discouraged.
Now we go to the next map that you can apply
this technique
Go to prison.
there are four spots where you can farm here,
but I’m choosing spot A.
Once you arrive in the spot look for the leader
of the mobs. get your holder near the key
mob and then prepare your tank. once you’re
all set, execute the pattern again: hit, run
switch tab, pull.
Now you can use your auto skill but make sure
your pet uses the skill collect all items.
Enjoy and just AFK.
The next map is in Middle hole.
there are 3 spots where we can farm here.
1, 2, 3, the 1st and 2nd spot are the best
spots here but if someone has already taken
the spot then go the 3rd spot.
it has fewer mobs there, but it’s still a
sweet spot to farm.
Get your tank ready with the buffs to add
more defense and you can also set your pet
skill to HP recovery to help you regenerate
your hp as well.
once your holder is set.
do the pattern: hit run switch tab pull.
now I’m going to hide my holder in a spot
where no one can see him so that in the event
someone wants to mess up my party he’ll not
find the key mob.
Now let’s go to root hole.
there are also 3 spots here to farm or level,
and here’s the first spot.
If your tank is still weak, there is a technique
on how to avoid the fire ninjas because they
are elemental hitters, therefore they do more
damage than the regular mobs.
So I’m going to show you how to do that in
a moment,
First, let’s set up.
do the pattern: hit run, switch tab pull.
Before the fire ninjas kill you.
run away from them, wait till they reset.
And now you can avoid the fire ninjas.
so we will pick the mobs that do less damage
to us, and you can do that by using your normal
just left-click a single mob.
do not use a skill or you’ll hit the fire
ninjas. once you get all the mobs lure them
farther away from the fire ninjas.
And that’s how you do it.
Let’s go to the second spot.
so here you can do the same technique that
we did in the first spot.
But I’m not going to do it here, instead,
let’s do that in the 3rd spot.
Make your setup ready, and do the pattern:
hit, run, switch tab, pull.
the fire ninjas almost killed me there,
So once they got reset.
we can apply the technique we did earlier.
I’m using some skills here because I’m not
hitting any fire ninjas at all.
Once you get all the mobs, lure them in a
corner and kill.
Alright, now I’m going to show you how to
set up a farming spot in HB51f.
I have to join my holder in a party first
otherwise I’ll not be able to see him when
we go inside.
If you don’t know how to do this it’s very
Just type /partyrecruit press spacebar then
hit enter.
Kill the mobs first in this area.
then lure the key mobs after you clear the
I’ve got three following me in one go.
Once your close to the holder run away, but
make sure the mobs stay with the holder.
Now let’s get the other three mobs on the
other side
Now, base on my current set, I can’t tank
six doors, so I’m only going to show you how
it works.
If the mobs are stubborn go out.
Make sure everything is set before you hit.
sometimes they don’t go after the holder so
you have to repeat the process a couple of
alright, just two key mobs ran after the holder
but it’s ok. besides, I can only tank 2 and
maximum of four doors.
So I hope you guys got the technique on how
to set up a farming spot and a leveling spot.
and if you want me to do more videos just
leave it in the comment section below and
I will appreciate if you SUBSCRIBE, my goal
is to have 1000 SUBSCRIBERS before this year
ends so I hope you’ll support me guys.
Until next time.
See you guys, bye.


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