Repairing the Game Launcher – The Elder Scrolls Online

Greetings! This is ESO Help.
To repair the Game Launcher, start by closing
out of all instances of The Elder Scrolls
Online and the game launcher that you currently
have open.
Next, delete all installed add-ons and restart
the Game Launcher.
Click on the Game Options dropdown menu in
the center column and click Repair.
The launcher will search and re-download any
corrupted or damaged files.
If Repair isn’t an available option and
your Play button reads Install or Update,
click on it and wait for data to start loading.
As data begins to flow, close the Game Launcher
and reopen it.
In the Game Options dropdown click Cancel.
An error message may pop up.
Click Close, and check the Game Options dropdown
Repair should now be available. Click on it
and allow the process to run in its entirety.
If Repair still isn’t available under Game
Options, try running the Game Launcher as
an administrator to see if that helps.
Once the process is finished, start that game
to ensure that the issue has been resolved.
Now you may reinstall any add-ons you may normally use.
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