Review Android TV 4K HDR Coocaa 50Q5 | TV | Design | Gaming | Benchmark – English Sub

Hello everyone. My name is Anwar Today I’m gonna review an Android smart TV brand Coocaa Model 50Q5 Before we go into details I would first introduce the brand Coocaa Because many of us didn’t yet know the brand Actually Coocaa is a brand originated from Skyworth Even the brand not as famous as Panasonic, Sharp, Sony, etc But the brand already in TV market for 31 years and they’ve established on 1988 And on 1996 Skyworth join venture with Netac a company specialized in flash memory and created the brand Coocaa In terms of design The Coocaa 50Q5 features a modern design slim bezel and down here got a chrome line including the branding of Coocaa in the middle At the side there’s 2 USB port and 1 HDMI port And there is power button here There’s antenna in, for digital and analog TV and also support Malaysian digital TV There’s digital output for audio (optical SPDIF) And another 2 additional HDMI a LAN port and AV in Here placed a mounting bracket in the middle there is Kensington lock Viewing angle for this TV is really not disappointing and the light, colors, and brightness is at the satisfactory level But if we display a white color like this we will see at four corners there’s slightly dark Because of the LED backlight not reach to the corners But we’ll only encounter this if we display all white like this If playing movies or in normal UI we’ll not notice it The remote comes with the TV not only it has the dedicated Youtube and Google Play button but it also features voice control button With a single press the remote equipped with microphone it will listed to what I’m saying through tiny mic hole here So this remote function with Bluetooth connectivity For the first time we need to pair the remote with the TV Ok, before we pair the remote will use infrared like ordinary TV and after pairing done it will switch to Bluetooth You can be anywhere even in toilet you can slow the TV volume there With this TV you’ll no longer need digital TV tuner because it already have built-in digital TV tuner and it support DTTV in Malaysia. Only thing you need is to connect to antenna and you can enjoy the digital TV in HD format When I scan the digital TV signal I’ve found total 21 channel including 6 RTM radio channel so in total there are 15 TV channel The specification for Coocaa 50Q5 is not bad it use an SoC Mediatek MT5891 which contain 4 Cortex-A53 and GPU Mali T860 With 2GB of RAM we could see the UI navigation is really smooth and it capable to play kind of heavy game like the Real Racing 3 From the benchmark I did I would put this 50Q5 on par with Honor 7 Like other Android TV, the Coocaa 50Q5 also use specially designed Google Play Store for Android TV so what we can see in here only apps which work with remote and controller input and not require touch screen input Some apps like XX1 will not be in this Play Store for TV because maybe it is not compatible with controller But don’t worry you can still install these apps by installing the APK file So that’s it the things I like to share about Coocaa 50Q5 See you in the next video. Thank you Assalamualaikum


  1. Salam bang tumpang tanya.. Kenapa sy tak boleh connect Bluetooth.. Mcm mana nak connect remote ke TV guna blue tooth.. Dekat TV tulis no device detected.. And satu lg mcm mana nak guna chromecast yg builtin ni

  2. Nice video bro… Just that, x 4K… Sy tgk video bro dengan TCL 4K TV… So x dpt appreciate quality image TV tu.. Hahaha! Montage baik bro… Just, kena upgrade equipment ah so content 4K… Keep up the good work!

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