Road to the Games 16.04: Fraser / Sigmundsdottir / Froning / Davidsdottir / Smith

It’s an important workout. I mean, in two days he’s really competing on the national
stage and I need to give him something with true purpose and that
purpose needs to be something that builds his confidence,
but lingers, right? That it stays in his subconscious until

Videographer: Who’s going to win on Thursday night?
Rich Froning.
Look who’s here.
It’s like “Inception.”
Yesterday was probably the roughest day in my living life.
If I can get through yesterday’s training session, I can get through anything.
400 meters in miles is 0.25.
Yeah, OK. (laughter)
I’ve been sick for like 2 weeks now.
I actually feel better, but we’ll see now.
400-meter run, every 3 minutes. Ah, it was good.
Now it’s food time.
Your head’s coming way too high out of the water.
It’s an unnecessary amount of movement.
We have to learn how to control that because that’s what’s really slowing you down.
When I spot, it’s my natural reaction to breathe then—

The neck is out of the water.
So what he’s doing, he’s poking just his eyes out.
I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m not a good listener. I can
only—I have to see it.
Did you hear him say he never took his Speedo off until he was like 30?
And he took it off, realized he didn’t like it, put it right back on.
Is he wearing one right now?
We’re making fun of you.
This doesn’t make it to the internet, Ian.
Ian (videographer): You guys losing to a girl?
It’s not the girl factor—she’s 12.
Three Games competitors lose to a 12-year-old girl.
What am I doing here?
My nephew, Sam, has a project and
he was wondering if Rich would be kind enough to let him ask him some questions.
Are there any foods that you can’t eat in CrossFit?
Depends on who you talk to.
Captain Crunch or Cinnamon Toast Crunch?
Captain Crunch.
What’s the hardest workout you have ever done?
The final in 2010.
The one where I fell off the rope, I don’t know if you’ve seen that.
No, I haven’t.
Well, YouTube that.
How does it sound when we’re speaking Icelandic?
I think it’s cool. For me it’s like, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah.
It’s not like we’re singing?
Actually you sound like two birds.
Two birds, yeah. I’ve heard it before.
I have a bird that’s 17 years old.
Ian: What kind of bird?

Um, I think it’s called a peacock.
I’m not sure what it’s called.
Does it have big feathers that go way out?
Peacocks are like this big, Sara.
No, no, no, not peacocks,
It has red cheeks.
Sara’s like, I have a peacock. (laughter)
Yeah, in my backyard in Iceland.
Yeah, I want it to be heavy. I want some weights.
Heavy thrusters, it would be perfect.
Thrusters, burpees—no, burpees?! Thrusters, deadlifts.
I think we’re going to get maybe a chipper.
Not that it matters. We could talk so much about this and be like, I think …
I hope we’re getting a chipper, that would be awesome.
Dottirs love chippers.
Hi, Pat.
Pat Sherwood on Skype: So I’m interrupting your breakfast or keeping you from breakfast right now, right?
Yes, you are, I’m like this close to getting hangry so
watch out.
Sherwood: My apologies. As a fellow food fanatic,
I’ll get you back to eating as quick as possible.
OK, Pat you promised, if I tell you my first name, you have to say it.
Sherwood: OK, I promise.
It’s Ragnheidur.
You have to do the “r” in the end.
Sherwood: Ragnheidur.

That was a 3, that was bad.
Four bacon slices, now we’re talking.
Best time of the day.
I added bacon because I’m a fatty.
She’s like, yeah, I’ll have the same as Katrin, but with bacon.
Food addict here.
I admit it.
Oh my gosh, this is going to be hard. I get to choose a walkout song?
War Pigs with Black Sabbath.
Just like witches of black masses.
You don’t know this song?
Never, it’s too hardcore for me.
I’ll go with cheerleader or something.
I haven’t heard that song.
There’s only one book that matters, Austin!
Tell him that book, Dan!
The good old bible.
Best seller, every year, for 2,000 years.
I really, really want to punch someone and I really want to be punched,
but I don’t want it to be in a fight and I don’t want it to be hard feelings, I want it to be like a mutual
I can punch you and you can punch me kind of thing.
I can’t believe this. (laughter)
I could never even describe the feeling of winning the CrossFit Games.
It’s still so—people are like, so how does it feel and I’m like …
I just feel a rush of emotions.
And it’s like, it’s the best feeling in the world.
And everyday I strive to find that feeling again.
Sometimes when I’m stressed I start breaking myself down.
Like, oh my gosh, you can’t do this. These girls are all so good and
you’re just Sara.
Now when I’m training, I’m just thinking, are you going to let this happen again?
Are you going to be secure that you can do everything?
Or are you going to be the girl that always loses when she’s under pressure or something?
Let’s do the grenade, OK?
(speaking Icelandic)
They’ve clearly never seen a grenade before.
Why are we so ugly like this?

No, we’re beautiful.
We’re beautiful inside.
I’ll probably not do too much.
I’m still sore from doing the last workout on Monday.
Working out’s always more fun.
When you’re not alone.
I always said before that, like, CrossFit
would never be my Number 1 priority, that
school will always be priority, then I’ll have a job and
CrossFit will be on the side. It was during the 2014 season
I worked a desk job and it was pretty quickly after that that I was like, eh,
I’m going to push all my chips into this CrossFit thing.
It’s a true teller because 275 lb. is a heavy power clean for me.
Double tap on that second one.
Thanks for doing that with me.

Now we’re going to go shoot guns and ride motorcycles.
This is my walk in sing, definitely.
What’s yours, Mat?
I was cracking up, I just thought, “Hood Mentality” by Ice Cube.
There you go, that’s good.
Fits you.
Fuck school, I’m gonna be a dope dealer.
Yeah, yeah.
I’ll probably just play whatever Mat does right before he does it.
Ben Smith. I’m in the background—ahhhhh.
Aw, look at Fraser, what a douche.
Using the same song as Ben,
what a tool.
I used to listen to a lot of rap, but now it’s like
I can’t even understand what they’re saying.
And I can’t really relate to what they’re saying either so I’m like, eh, I’m good.
Even if you look at the lyrics, I’m like this sentence doesn’t make sense.
That’s a fragment, that’s a run-on sentence.
… hard being Snoop D-O- double G
but I somehow, some way … (singing)
Ian: Dude, that thing is freakin’ in there.
Good dudes, fast motorcycles, what’s not to like?
Don’t eat that.
You don’t need that.


Mini Perfect Bars.
We don’t have them in Iceland, come on.
Food for one day.
I think you two have eaten more food than any of the other athletes.
They make no room for time to eat here.
We need our food, come on.
Girl’s gotta eat.
So I was going to be really clever and use the coffee machine to
make oatmeal this morning, and I’m very clumsy with everything,
so I’ll talk you through this.
First step, so I’m getting the water here.
Then I went to the bathroom, came back, annnnnd it fell on the floor.
And all the floor was in oatmeal and cinnamon.
Second attempt, it worked and I was like, OK, how should I eat this?
So I didn’t have a spoon so I drank the oats.
And then to make it up to the maids, I left a little tip, I’m sorry.
Poor maids.
Let’s make it an AMRAP, team.
What, Rich goes team and now everyone has to do team workouts?
I don’t care, I’m just working out.
James you slept in until like 9 o’clock.
Austin, once again, I am on vacation.
I’m allowed to sleep until whenever I want.
James is sensitive.
I can’t wait for this video to make it somewhere so all the bodybuilders can make fun of us
and how bad we are at bench.
Ian: Made it through security.

Smile and wave.
Announcer: Two of Iceleand’s strongest Dottirs here.
You’re going to pause, give everybody a little wave …
Once Dave makes his announcement and it’s done,
you’ll have 10 minutes before we start the workout.
Why do we have lifting platforms?
There’s room for handstand walk over here.
Just saying.
Maybe it’s DT.
I am so excited about being in the Open announcement.
They’re going to throw something at us and we’re going to have to deal with it.
Yeah, it’s going to be pretty stressful but it’s going to be a lot of fun.
Contrary to popular belief, we do not know the workout until everybody else finds out
I found out what the workout is when you find out what the workout is.
I’m kind of plan for the worst, hope for the best.
I have some bad workout in my head so that when he announces it, hopefully it’s not that bad.
But, I don’t know, it’s probably going to be terrible.
Ladies and gentlemen, live from Schriever Air Force Base …
Live from Aromas, California, where it all began.
And this is the announcement of 16.4.
Castro: 16.5 is …
16.4 is …
a chipper.
Sean Woodland: It’s go time and we’ve never had these three on this floor
in this setting.
Castro: 3, 2, 1 … go!
16.4 is open and
ready for fitness.
We are underway at The Ranch in Aromas, California.
The only time you’re going to see these guys going head to head.
Sara off the deadlifts first, Sigmundsdottir has just a slight edge
on Katrin Davidsdottir.
Right now Mat Fraser and Rich Froning are trading the lead and Ben Smith
is just about a half rep behind.
She is finishing her set of 55 wall balls and she’ll
miss just hitting the bottom of the target and that might
leave a little bit of room for Davidsdottir to catch up.
Mat Fraser now slightly ahead of Rich Froning
who’s keeping that steady pace.
Sara Sigmundsdottir has Katrin by 13 and she will move
into her 55 handstand push-ups.
He can put himself into that really dark place. He right now is ahead
of Rich’s time from 2014.
Davidsdottir will join Sigmundsdottir on the wall.
She is done with her final repetition and will work her way back down
the chipper.
Mat Fraser is making a statement in Aromas.
Can Sigmundsdottir get through the deadlifts at the buzzer?!
Fraser has bragging right and a whole lot of confidence
and that could be dangerous in July.
Sara Sigmundsdottir will take 16.4.
Ian, I broke my nail.
Really proud of you.
That was the best competition I’ve seen you do.
Awesome, man. Really well done.
I barely ever looked over.
That’s what we were looking for.
That was so hard.
I just wanna look.
A peek here or there is not going to crush anything.
It’s is that going to affect your performance?
Really proud of that, too.
All right, we’re going to go squat.
I did better than I did the last time I did it.
I think I just checked, I got like 9:16, so I did improve.
Just kind of go and try to hang on. I knew I probably
couldn’t beat him but I was going to try to bait him, see if I could bait him on that first set of thrusters
and just go hard and try to hang on so,
uh, whatever, it happens. I mean, I’m not surprised
that he beat us on that workout.
Last year during the Open was the fittest I’ve ever been in my life.
But then by the time I’m 2 weeks out of regionals
and I’m like oh my god, I’m burning out.
This year, I’m not as fit as I was but I’m ramping back up in the right direction.
I think I’m on a good timeline.
I mean, I want to win the Games again, that’d be ideal.
I may win, I may not win, it’s totally up in the air but I’m going to
do my best to do it again.
Froning: I love what I’m doing right now.
I kind of play it year by year.
I don’t really have a set goal of how long I want to do this.
As long as I’m not either bringing my team down or just making an idiot of myself,
I’ll keep doing it.
The feeling of winning the CrossFit Games
is the best feeling you can imagine. That’s something I strive for everyday.
It would mean the world to me to win again.
Your head is like 80 percent of your success.
So, my head is good. I can definitely win it.


  1. Sara got cheated of the title back in 2015 – she was leading the pack going on to the final day & then they threw a wrench – they had a peg board event which no one had seen before – it was a climbing event – harder on the women – less upper body strength etc – anyway you have all seen athletes miss a step or a round and they have to go all the way back? Well, not this event, apparently one can skip doing an event – honest!

    While Sara kept hacking away at the peg board as most of the competitors were doing, Kristin decided she had enough, gave up and moved on to the next 3 events – which she flew thru, but of course, she had saved energy

    By the time Sara gave up and started on the next 3 events she was dead tired and they declared Kristin the winner!

    The whole thing was a mess – I am amazed that none of the competitors complained or were they afraid to?

    How can one simply skip an event?

    If the event is too hard – set a time limit which applies to all

    But the way they did it, the people who gave up actually got an advantage over the competitors who did not give up!

    I complained on their site – "We take these things seriously, we check everything etc etc" but they never got back to me

    Go back and check the video from 2015 you will see what I mean

  2. Crossfit anyday.. but if I had any of these girls body I'd have a difficult time not showing it of like every where I went. 😂 I'd be like is it hot in here or is it me? 😂

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