ROBLOX | SharkBite | Blooper Included!

All right, so wait what All right, so um, I’m here with my friend Knox Say hi Hello So we’re gonna play some roblox random games cause we don’t know what the plan for games Yeah, that’s true We didn’t plan this video out very well Yeah, we really didn’t it. This is just a random video I’m doing Yep Um, you wanna play shark bite? Join me alright How long How long it’s gonna be the video, wait what? How long’s the video I don’t know Wait, when did I get a fricken? Nah, oh wait Pumpkin launcher So as you know, this is our first video, I mean first video we’ve done on voices so Yeah, so I’m Yep. I’m revealing my voice today and Me sometime. I’m gonna reveal my face. Who knows? We want oh here I invited you guys Um if I like have a cough And he’s got a little fever or cold So we’re both on the same side So yeah Well, you wanna drive? We’re going here That looks scary What’s it what’s it doing? That guy just shot us. I’m gonna do the shark is very close. Oh You know It’s losing health very fast. Oh We’re gonna die Yes, sure, I can’t drive you oh Okay Okay So we survived a round and yep Turbo Delta up Viral infection guys Let’s all my don’t be a shark, okay, someone else is a shark that’s good Alright got my rocket. Oh, this is actually pretty cool Where’d you go You sure, oh no, I Can’t see I Can only see the shark. Oh Where are you? Yes. Oh, I’ll help you, this is actually pretty fast I’m going scuba diving. All right Boom there seems we have a fire in the sleigh so Thanks Oh And I meant the cage knox help Knox, where are you? Oh be Well, he’s not talking a Viral infection. We’re going in Quack But Get out my seat Quack-quack, I’m gonna destroy your boat But what you’re surviving at oh Hello, yeah, oh look yeah here you Everyone survived. Yeah, I think all the Sharks just afk full-time Okay, this was the end of video, if you like this subscribe and turn on that notification bell so you never miss a video smash that Sorry We messed up Please okay. I got it. Alright you everything alright Smash that like button and subscribe Bye guys, oh, they’ll support You did you just Just upload it. No, it takes a while to upload it You know, it has to load and stuff, upload process Yeah, I’m watching you You I’m just gonna call it roblox shark shark. What was that game called again? Shark bite. Yes If my voice was muted the whole time I’m gonna rage lemme just check the video real quick So you think This fails we have to do this again, I mean All right, sorry All right, so What were you actually? All right, so Wait, what? All right, so no All right, so now wasn’t working for You right was hoarding oh wait what I’m so waste of time. All right, listen again. Oh All right But we’re still recording


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