Hi guys! Zeibiz here! Today, I got the new Samsung A71. and right here is the iPhone 11 Pro. In this video I’m going to compare the speed, the graphics and the gaming performance of these two amazing devices. I know it’s gonna be a crazy comparison because this one is a mid-range phone and this one is a flagship phone. But I think I need to show you how the A71 will perform alongside with iPhone 11 Pro. Let’s go ahead and check it out! Obviously, the winner is the iPhone 11 Pro. But I need to commend the Samsung A71 for giving a good gaming and graphics performance. So if you are looking for a gaming phone, I think A71 can deliver a full gaming experience its users. And if you are willing to spend more than a thousand dollars, get the iPhone 11 Pro. So, thank you for watching. I hope you like the video. If you are new to my channel, please subscribe. See you on my next video! Bye!


  1. Samsung ကို Samsung နဲ့ တူ​အောင် ရိုးရိုးရှင်းရှင်း​လေနဲ့ လှ​အောင် အကြမ်းခံအ​နေနဲ့ဘဲဖြစ်​စေချင်တာ အခု ကင်မရာပုံစံ​တွေက အစ Iphone ပုံစံ​တွေနဲ့ ထုတ်လာတယ် အ​နောက်က ကင်မရာ​တွေများလို့ ချက်စားလို့ ရတာ မဟုတ်ဘူးအ​နောက် ကင်မရာ အလွန်ဆုံး ၂ လုံးရယ် အ​ရှေ့ကင်မရာ ၁ လုံးရယ်ဆို ​သေသပ်လှပပြီး အကြမ်းခံရမယ်​လေ လှပြီး စမတ်ကျရမယ်​လေ Samsung ချစ်သူပါ ဆမ်​ဆောင်းဘဲကိုင်တယ်

  2. I only use my phone mainly for Facebook Twitter or intagram so the A71 will be perfectly fine.. Plus it launched those 3 apps faster than than $1000 iphone.. I dont game on my phone because I game on a PS4, and I use gopro for all my travel photos and videos.. Theres no point in getting an expensive iphone.. 🙄

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