Samsung To Launch a GAMING Smartphone!

Mobile gaming keeps on growing, and phone
manufacturers are competing to make the best device to handle top-end games in your pocket
and it looks like that now includes Samsung. A leaker from China who has been known to
post accurate information about unreleased products in the past tweeted that Samsung
is preparing a gaming smartphone. Aside from dropping the tip itself, the leakster
however provided no further elaboration on this purported Samsung gaming machine. We can only guess and speculate about its
features and specs. Considering that companies including Razer,
Xiaomi and Asus have launched their own over the top Android smartphones for gaming, it’s
not surprising to hear that Samsung is interested in making such a device as well. Gaming smartphones have yet to fully take
off. The devices, like Razer Phone and Asus ROG,
come with high-powered features and are designed for maximizing the quality and overall playability
of games. They tend to have big screens and nice-sounding
speakers, but the category hasn’t really taken off. It’s unclear why Samsung would want to jump
into the fray. But let’s not forget that an Android gaming
smartphone would also be a flagship Android device that would deliver a stellar performance
overall, and not just for gaming. So Samsung has developed an in-house GPU that
offers “exceptional performance” and could potentially be used in anything “from smartphones
to supercomputers.” The GPU has been developed with the help of
industry veteran Chien-Ping Lu who has previously worked on integrated graphics chips for PCs
at Nvidia. Samsung hired Lu about a year ago to take
its in-house GPU project across the finish line. Analyst Jon Peddie says and I quote “this
GPU is really a big deal it’s the first new GPU design in 10 years and it could put Samsung
on par with Apple.” Apple is believed to be working on its own
in-house GPU for iPhones as well. That being said, This GPU is expected to make
its debut with a Samsung Exynos process at some point next year, probably with the Galaxy
S10. It’s unclear if Samsung will be willing to
license the GPU technology to other companies or if it’s going to keep it in-house for a
competitive advantage.


  1. I was watching this video with an apple user and when the joke came on I started laughing hard😂😂

  2. 120hz refresh rate, 4k display, triple camera setup with wide angle and zoom lens, in-display fingerprint scanner, 93%-95% screen to body ratio and Samsung could name it whatever they want!! If they give me a phone with all that and an S-pen, it wouldn't matter the cost.

  3. They'd better bump the cell capacity to at least 5000-6000mah, else it's just a glorified Mate10 Pro.

  4. This would be wonderful 😍
    I hope Samsung will make game controller for our devices , like the note8 or s8,so itc.

  5. wait samsung is gonna make a gaming smartphone but I taught that samsung isn't interested in this what made them turn on on this but isn't Apple great at the gaming gpu or what.

  6. I think the reason Samsung is doing this is too be ahead of its time in other words when mobile games gets to its higher Samsung will be the best.

  7. now this would be a Samsung that I might consider to buy (and have in mind that I am almost a Samsung hater), I would like to see a phone like a Razer Phone (high frame rates screen with great speakers) with 2 controllers like on a Black Shark and that would be just a beast of a gaming phone which could also be a great overall phone if it would have water resistance and decent cameras, any OEM who will make such a gaming device will hit the Jack Pot

  8. The one company that can make big leaps in mobile gaming segment is Sony and yet they do nothing about it. They still keep making phones with outdated specs and with an insane price tag. Though Samsung never ceases to amaze me.

  9. Who wants to bet that it'll use Samsung's joke of a gamepad?

  10. I mean are there mobile games high end phones cannot run at this moment? I am not quite sure where this market is going.

  11. I mean are there mobile games high end phones cannot run at this moment? I am not quite sure where this market is going.

  12. apparently tesla is making a smartphone. thoughts?

    i made a video about it if u want to check it out


  13. Lol, Apple not including fast charger in the box is total cut-corner bs. The OP6 has the best fast charging in the game INCLUDED IN THE BOX at little over half the price of the iPX. Apple is such a joke

  14. Im speculating the samsung foldable smartphone is likely to be the gaming smartphone Samsung is preparing as it has a larger screen and more room which will be super cool

  15. Sal when it is expected to see a samsung fone with graphene battery as i heard once that they have already developed such kind of technology..

  16. Samsung if you make a awesome gaming phone then it will cut into Nintendo billion dollar industry, sorry switch better make a mini quick before Samsung takes over gaming lol 🤔🎮

  17. I'm sure if Samsung makes a gaming phone and use their marketing skills, they can easily lift the mobile gaming industry to a new height, where every phone company would then try to get in on the action.

  18. Ya samsung make display for apple they can mock apple and apple is helpless can't say anything because the commercial is correct.🤣🤣🤣

  19. Samsung's new GPU may be a reason to why they want to make a gaming phone and when they release the gaming phone, they have to focus on the Asus ROG phone only because that phone is on a different level, possibly the galaxy X might actually be the gaming phone

  20. Mobile gaming doesn't exist. This won't change until games with depth fill the stores. For now we have skinner boxes and greedy cash grabs everywhere.

  21. After a tiring day, the first thing that comes out on recommended is always you. When I see ur vids, it always make me excited. Thank you Sal!

  22. Samsung game launcher for their smartphones are already better than other companies. Let alone they are soon going to bring out a gaming smartphone. Well they've already got best display Super Amoled, already have phablet with big screen and dual stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos. As we know Samsung will beat the other competitors with more new innovations within surprises.

  23. See it

  24. Can anyone say me does note 8 comes with any of these 3 things:
    1.Gorilla Glass 6
    2.Isocell sensor in camera
    3.Any Samsung made special GPU.

  25. Samsung released just 3 videos on Note9's battery, storage and speed.Looks like Samsung must have made some changes in the chipset because one of the videos is on processing speed.

  26. This is completely unnecessary. Mobile gaming is barely more than a pay to win fairytale, possessing virtually no non-casual selection. The flagship devices are more than enough to handle what can be done.

    Also I guarantee that the games these 'gaming' mobile phones play will also be able to played on any flagship devices, otherwise the playerbase would be too low.

    Seems like a poor excuse to push out slightly more powerful phones with inflated prices and batteries that drain in an hour.

  27. Looking forward to seeing this new GPU. It's one area where I think Samsung falls short compared to Apple. I'm also interested in seeing the Exynos performance when Samsung is no longer held back by it's use of Snapdragon processors in the US.

  28. Finally finally. We need 10 gp ram, 5000 mah battery, super fast charger, max cooling, 4k display, next level connection tech and big speakers. But most importantly a headphone jack.(extra buttons optional)

  29. There already releasing the Samsung Galaxy A9, Tab S4, and Note 9, why does there need to be a fourth device coming out…? They already make enough money as is

  30. So the time has come to make p2w for gaming in mobile and for controller to help no skill rich noobs and new cool games that you can't play with none gaming phone good job ass holes

  31. Samsung should also launch a hybrid like surface pro with 12-13 inch screen size and running on android oreo os.

  32. Why a 250$ moto e4 plus has 5000 mah battery and my 900$ samsung s9 plus only 3500? It makes no sense at all.

  33. Good I'll buy it with work and having a family my time to ever sit down to play a ps or xbox is slim to zero all my gaming is mobile nowadays…..

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