Shimmer and Shine: ‘Magical Genie Games’ Game Walkthrough | Nick Jr. Games (AD)

Nick Junior Junior Gamers. Hi, I’m Junior Gamer Elisa. Today I’m playing
Shimmer and Shine’s new Magical Genie Games. Come on! There’s a bunch of different
games to choose from! Let’s start with this one. It’s time to decorate
the shimmer. Let’s do the earrings. Perfect! Let’s add some color! So cute! And finally some glitter. Zahramazing! [giggling] I’ve got my first Genie reward! I want the mystery box. Yes!
It’s a lantern for my palace! I get to decorate later. On to the next game. Okay, Clarissa is going to hide
and I have to find her. Got you! Where did she go? Aha! There you are! Clarissa, where are you? Oh, you’re right there! Yes! Another Genie reward! This will look perfect
in my palace. On to the next game! [sparkling sound] We got to take care
of one of the pets! I choose Nahal. First, a shower. [showering sound] I see you! Let’s dry you off. [hair drying sound] What a cute sneeze! Something to drink, Nahal? How about a treat? You were hungry, uh? And let’s add
the finishing touch. [meowing] Perfect! Yes! I choose
the makeup mirror. Time to make some potions
with Zeta and Nazboo. Oh so many choices. Let’s try this potion. I need to find
these three ingredients. The egg, the honeycomb
and flower. Oh, there’s a flower. Swipe. Swipe. Added! And a purple egg. Cack, cack. [cracking sound] Finally the honeycomb. Crush, crush. Added! Let’s see what it does! [giggling] Nazboo is covered in stripes. I choose a mystery reward. Time to decorate my palace. I can use all my Genie rewards
to dress this place up. This looks perfect here. Should this go here? No, here! I love it! [sparkling sound] Now that’s genie-rific. I’m signing off for now. See you later! The Shimmer and Shine’s
Magical Genie Games app is available now
on iOS and Android. Ask your parents
for permission to download.


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