SK Gaming CS:GO – HyperX Gaming House Tour

hello everybody come in hello regarding welcome to our house the lower iPrEx we’re going to show you guys how is the gaming house here where we live in first I’m gonna show you guys the gaming center this is where we practice where we player online tournaments this is a card or manager and coach computer just for a nano computer right here you’re Fernando you have FNX this is my computer code zeroes right here and last but not least in Portland we have taco the best anti killer in the word right chuckle yeah so right here we have all some friends some of them gave us some t-shirts from jerseys and we decided to put them in squares which pretty much did start my friend second major second major yeah this is a ESL pro league you hold on and the first measure you know every time type that’s why he knows that every time that could lose the match he comes here and start out on each win again that’s why he knows every tournament so right here in the middle we have this MLG major Columbus which was our first and biggest achievement and right here we have a picture of us so we don’t forget how pretty you are back or if you want to play one wanna me again just let me know okay thank you so come here let’s check what I have for dinner white rice that’s Brazilian food we always have rice beans that’s some gorgeous mean check that amazing I’m addicted to this that’s why I’m getting fat taco why you left the Toblerone in the fridge I’m trying to get fat so that’s life he’s trying to get fat and friend Cathy you know this doesn’t work here we have cheese bread like Brazilian is the resident education for education yeah they’re good hamburgers hamburgers si si si the Brazilian thing as well nobody Thursday if you never try to make sure to try outside it’s pretty good pretty good yeah we have a big bottle up aside here or show that after practice we can we win the practice you can eat it a psychic eske freezer top freezer taco you’re them guys wanna know how to make a good waffle follow me that’s the best thing I can cook make sure to press frozen here it’s done we’ll be back later here in the living room we have a rock band set up here they call me taco Travis three true well no food present they don’t have the timings three oh nice try that is ready tackle and now I will show you guys my room my bed this is the mouse that I owned the first major sk tiranë pendrive as well from HyperX i think you guys know that I love hats Batman yells oh I have this icing game in the descent Leah this is my bathroom oh my god I almost got me my friend oh look yeah I’ve done readies let’s get out as you know so we’re gonna show you guys now Weapon X Rome he’s right here he’s inside so we’re not sure we’re gonna find so let’s say Kelton woo no just open taco ha ha ha he’s easy to music folks said we have match later so it’s fine to focus now he’s bad some NTC heads he has a safe what’s expected a kilo we don’t know where he is saving his safe he saved only god knows once there alright so let’s get moving let’s go to the second floor we go I show you guys now my room so it’s pretty empty yet I’m waiting my girlfriend she’s coming next week right here I have a bad very big bed this one I got one because people like to watch movies here in my room so taco can lay down so sometimes you group up together here I bought on you get r11 music okay sing taco and the drummer oh why here’s the closet and this is t-shirt with t-shirt games Academy t-shirt not my first scene first thing to thank me I love you my teammates thank you so have some t-shirts here some hats check this one I like to call it the truck head yes I don’t like you choose the photons no I like the Turkish style so I’ll just have gift a receiver from Kyle long legend check that this is going to do all so much just waiting my girlfriend so cam same for the room HyperX backpack that’s me I’m ready my friend this thing ready I bought this to make a message from you tackle one or fits like that why I have that idol Oh taco where is the check if you’re gonna give your message so this is my perfume check that it’s fancy see this is who I wanted to be but I never achieve it it aku see imagine me like this anything next slide I want to buy like a table I need a desk for my computer but my girlfriend’s coming she’s gonna help me I can’t do it alone and right here you have Fernando’s room so come inside alright I why it made a goal so guys come inside I’m gonna check you the biggest place in the house right here I think it’s Fernando closet keep his clothes and there is a security computer here I think very news but this is the most amazing place on this house it’s for another bathroom so as you can see we could put some five beds here and live here if you wanted and there’s actually a fridge here Brenda’s not using it what a shame there are papers again please Littlefoot leave them cut I think you lock it in be honest taco you lock today I call you ahh let’s have a prayer Godzilla the da pedra furada what’s the cause my friend that was the clone that was a cold taco first time again because you’ll never let me come in here in this room such a nice room code zero nice TV tables for computer nice bad man that’s bad country up calls your head Jeb Hollow I remember that simple what’s up lovey what’s up now Navi oh this is a gift I bought for him this is for when kojirou wants to go for a ride and want to take the cell phone you can just connect here and use the cell phone here you know look it’s broken out actually it’s real broken code zero now you don’t need to pay because they broke it so as you see every single room has a bathroom which is good what because here was this is mine this is actually mine be saving Brazilian money Oh Brazilian money the bathroom he’s totally for me chicky listen to music bathroom what else what else does this guy’s doing the bathroom let’s get let’s go out dinner room where we have our meals together and for us it’s very important to eat together so every time the food’s ready why to say taco to food through the table yeah so everyone gets out of computer come here and have some news together and as you can see by this portrait we like blink-182 Camille is actually a big fan of them kind of sing musical integral I took her out it was a Friday night you look alone to get the feeling I don’t know if I like the view right so don’t say it let’s go outside it’s a beautiful day every day here is beautiful alright so we have a television here so most of the times before all match we play you come here watch demos of our opponents we check their strats we check everything they like to do so you can counter it we have a pool and a jacuzzi there we haven’t been using it three oftenly both of the nights after the match we got it to warmed water and use it it’s pretty good until body is angry this is for the fish taco I dare you to jump here 100 thousand million dollars if you jump here no way alright so that’s it guys thanks HyperX for coming in thank you guys for watching the video I hope you guys had a good time watching it and checking our game houses so now we just chew up a bit thank you guys see you guys later beautiful song pebbles

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