SMG’s are CRAZY common in Vikendi – Uzi

Woah, what are you doing? This is my house – get out, there’s not going to be enough loot
Did you see how many people landed out there? It’s crazy
This is Vikendi, there’s enough loot in every house for everyone
There’s a spare UZI in here if anyone wants one? Alan?
Nah man now I think I think I’m good… Hey Ben, do you need an UZI?
Mother of God…
Hey guys, thanks very much for watching and thanks to PUBG Corp for sponsoring that video
Now Vikendi is finally available for PUBG on PS4. So check it out.
Yeah and don’t forget to subscribe, its super UZI…
It’s… it’s UZIIII to…
Like, easy…
But with UZI because it was featured in…
– Yuck
It’s not bad… it’s not your best though

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