Snowboarder vs Fitness YouTuber – Susana Yábar faces Olympic Training | Hitting the Wall

Hi, my name is Susana.
I’m going to meet Alex. He won a bronze medal in 2014. My name’s Alex Deibold. We’re here in my hometown
of Boulder, Colorado. I’m going to take Susana through a day in the life
of my training. (HITTING THE WALL) Boardercross is a discipline
in snowboarding where you have
six men or six women that race through
an obstacle course together. First one to cross
the finish line wins. – Hi, Alex.
– Hi, Susana. I know you are an Olympic
snowboarder, but I don’t see snow here. You know, to be honest I’m not
a very good skateboarder, so without a lot of snow around
these days, you have to get
pretty creative, so the more you skate, the more you progress,
the faster and faster I can go. The reason I’ve been
coming every day is this coming winter, the
skills will translate over, but it’s just a great way to sort of get going in the
morning, get my heart rate up. I have a brother
who is also a skater. Yeah. And maybe that’s why
I can surprise you. I’ll see if you can
try and keep up. This is the first step. – This is easy.
– Yeah. All right, so… Ready… Whoo! You always want to
bend your knees. – That’s the thing.
– Just like in snowboarding. You want to keep your weight
right in the middle. I don’t want him to feel he
lost his day training with me, and I know for them
it’s very important not to lose their rhythm. I was really impressed she gave
it a couple of solid efforts. It was cool to see her step
out of her comfort zone. Forward… Look at that –
you’re a natural. Oh, thank you. So, why don’t we
go to the gym? Maybe I can be…better. More on an even playing field? Yeah. Ooh, wow. OK, so this is one
of the places that I come and train. I’m impressed. Yeah, it’s a really cool space. I go straight from the skate
park right into the gym. I’m warmed up, my muscles
are ready to go. Well, let’s go, let’s go.
I don’t want to lose your time. Perfect. All right, we’re going to start with
some jump rope activities. So now we’re going to go
into some dynamic warm-up. So we’re going to start with
down dog into spider, it’s a good hip opener. Mobility is really important
in snowboarding to help prevent injury. Quad stretch lateral lunge. Again, stretching, mobility. Having a really strong,
powerful base allows you to move quickly,
generate speed. Hands above your head,
and then stand up… Yeah. So you have a routine. Every day you know what
you’re going to do? I have a different plan
for every Monday. And it’s progressive
throughout the summer. So it’s pretty complex
and dynamic. So you have to be there
every Monday, otherwise the next level
will be difficult if you – didn’t do the other one.
– Exactly. Last sort of activation. I like when you do like…
“Come on! “Come on!” He said, “Every day
I do what I have to do. “No matter if I’m tired, no
matter if I am lazy one day, “I do everything.” – Now that we’re warmed up…
– Mm-hm. ..some of the meat and potatoes
of the workout. You ready? – How do you call it?
– The meat and potatoes. – Carne y patatas.
– Carne y patatas. – OK, I’m ready.
– The main part of the workout. (POWER CLEANS) – Like this, no?
– Yeah. Exactly. It’s heavy! A well-rounded athlete
in boardercross, you have to have so much
strength and power to react. We take a lot
of high-impact landings. You stand up and you use
all the power in your hips. Doing Olympic lifting
is really dynamic. It takes a lot of strength,
it takes a lot of power, it takes a lot
of balance and coordination, quad/glute activation. But also it’s really,
really strong core. You want the bar to be
right on the meat… Yeah, there you go. – OK.
– So stand up. – OK, I did it?
– Yeah. – And now?
– Now take a step back. I’m going to supply you,
there you go. There you go… Now come back up. There you go!
You’re a natural. – It’s heavy for me, uh?
– It’s just four reps. It was fun to see what kind
of workout they do. I was not expecting
this kind of… I mean, the training that he does, lower body that we did
in the gym. So you do first weight
and then cardio? – Then cardio. Exactly.
– Why this order? If I went for a three-hour
bike ride and I came in here tired, I’d be much more likely
to get hurt and I wouldn’t get as much
out of my performance. Snowboarders can have
a pretty big imbalance in between their two legs. So we do a lot of these
individual leg exercises to balance out the strength
and make sure it’s even. Oh… We’re getting there. Almost done. – This is a surfer…
– Snowboarder, yeah, skateboard thing. OK. I thought it was
more like… Moving on to supine
barbell hip extensions. It’s all posterior chain,
hamstrings and glutes. Vamos! Having strong glute muscles will actually help protect
your knees. Ah! The last exercise
we’re going to do is some hamstring curls. We, as snowboarders,
try and do extra work to strengthen our hamstrings because our quads get
very overdeveloped, and if you have
a big imbalance, that’s what puts
your knees at risk. And knee injuries are
very common in skiing and snowboarding. Core, we’ve talked about
focusing on all day, it’s one of the more
important aspects. We’re just going to do
pass-offs. So start in a V… Come up. Pass the ball
to your feet, go down. Squeezing
the ball between your legs you’re using your adductors, which attach to your
hip flexors. You’re using your lats, which
connect down to your core. Shall we have
a little competition to end things off
before we head out? Friendly competition
sounds good. OK. We should have a plank…
plank-off, if you will. Plank-off… Plank-off – see who can hold
a plank longer. I want to know how much
advantage you have. I don’t do these enough,
I’ll tell you that much. – I don’t believe you.
– Yeah… – Are you ready?
– Of course. Set… If I see you go down
I’m going to tell you, and if you go too high
I’m going to tell you. – OK.
– One, two, three… – Arms up.
– Arms up? – Open your arms.
– OK. Is it cheating
when you put them together? – Yes, I think so.
– Oh, man. Oh, man. They always start out
really easy… Yeah. Then they get
harder and harder and harder. My body is burning
everywhere – but, you know, when you really
want to do it, I suppose it’s the same as
when he’s in the competition. – How do you feel?
– I feel tired. – I don’t believe you.
– No. But…I am a competitor,
so I want to beat you. I mean…friendly competition’s
always good. Ohhh… I was almost going
to go down… OK. You win. Yes! Si! – You did it on purpose?
– No. I… I, like –
“But he went down?” Uh… I don’t know if I’d
call that a low point. She’s a fitness…model. – Nice work.
– Yes. Let’s take a quick break,
and go get on the bikes and go out for a little ride
here in Boulder. I don’t know if I’m
going to hate you. This is Boulder Canyon. It’s really pretty, there’s
lots of rock climbing up here. I’m nervous of what is going
to happen now, cycling, because I have ridden
a normal bicycle, not this kind of bicycle. Please, this is my last step.
I don’t want to fall down. I’m going to do my best. (MOUNTAIN BIKE TRAIL RIDING) What we did today
is not normal for me. All the things that we did,
I never did it before. This is a new experience
for me, to be with such an amazing
person as him, as Alex. Everything is beautiful here. All the different spots
that he lives in and his day-by-day is like,
for me, like a fairy tale. You see how happy
he is today, how much energy he has. So he reflects this on me. So when I’m with him,
and then now when we ride with the bicycle, I know I’m going to have
the same energy again. I have respect for him.

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